Thursday, November 24, 2016

US soldier dies due to ISIS booby trap in northern Syria

US advisors and special forces present alongside the
US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
in Syria where, according to this report,
the US has already built a military base
on sovereign Syrian soil without permission
of the legitimate and elected government of Syria

Boots on the Ground

After years of claiming that the United States would never put "boots on the ground" of the sovereign nation of Syria...the Obama Regime appears to have done just that.  According to this report, indeed an American Soldier lost his life today in Syria as a result of stepping on an ISIS land mine.  Here is the report in its entirety and I will have my reaction in comments to follow:

On Thursday evening, the U.S. Central Command confirmed that an American soldier had succumbed to injuries substained by an Islamic State IED (improvised explosive device) in the northern part of Raqqa province, near Ain Issa.

Previously, Al-Masdar News has published photos of US advisors and special forces present alongside the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the region. At Tall Abyad further north, US troops have also built an American military base.

On November 6, the predominately Kurdish SDF began a large-scale offensive, dubbed operation 'Euphrates Wrath', to liberate Raqqa, the functioning Islamic State capital.

Kurdish forces advanced 13 kilometers in the first two weeks of the offensive; however, since reaching positions 25 kilometers north of Raqqa five days ago, the SDF has been unable unable to breach the Islamic State's next defensive line.

My reaction to this report?  If it is true, then Obama is the biggest liar and fraud in modern history.  And an American has lost his life as a result.  The bottom line here is that the United States is nothing more than a battering ram in the Middle East for the tiny, borderless entity called Israel.  Yes, I call Israel a "borderless entity" because it still refuses to officially define its borders to the United is still a "work in progress"....wanting as it does, to snap up the territory of its neighbours in the Middle East.  That long-held wet dream of Ersatz Israel has become stuck between a rock, Russia--under Vladimir Putin and a hard place--Syria under President Dr. Bashar al Assad.

Now, with a Trump presidency looming on the horizon and the uncertainty of whether the "battering ram" will still be a tool at the predators disposal...there is a palpable sense of urgency in Syria.  Will the thieves be able to steal the land in Syria and Iraq before the January 20th deadline?  Will Trump extend the deadline?  There is a lot of uncertainty.  Bombs are exploding all over Iraq...killing primarily Shite civilians.  Everybody is pretending they don't know who is doing the bombing.

But one thing is certain.  The land belongs to the sovereign state of Syria.  Stealing land from one sovereign state...creates a dangerous precedent for stealing land from ANY sovereign state.  Countries like Canada...with lots of territory but a small non-nuclear military...are sitting ducks in the predators' eyes.

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