Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Colour Purple

The Colour Purple

First thoughts this morning when I woke up were about the colour purple.  I thought back to the movie of the same name...and I thought to the strange colour that Hillary and Bill wore to her belated "concession" speech. Was it some kind of signal? Then I remembered my post last night about concerns that the transparently staged demonstrations (obsessed about by the criminally complicit Main$tream Media...including the taxpayer-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) looked very much like the "colour revolutions" the world has been subjected to in foreign countries over the past few decades.  These revolutions never end well.  They always, at the very least, destroy what fragile democratic institutions might have existed and are replete with gratuitous violence on all sides.

Then, after receiving a tip in a comment from Ed(itor) the who blogs "Occurrences", I went to the blog Wayne Madsen Report....and there it was.  Madsen had already put into writing an absolutely bang on post describing my feelings about the demonstrations!  Madsen noted that the Clinton staffers told journalists at the Hillary concession speech that the purple tie and outfit denoted the blending of blue and red...which, united, create the colour purple. How "Soros"bolic. Wayne's blog is for subscribers only but I will post the last two paragraphs that basically sum up what's going on:

The populist movement has also used the color purple as a political device. The UK Independence Party (UKIP), which supported Trump's candidacy, called the Brexit referendum the "purple revolution." However, when it comes to themed revolutions, the Sorosites have refined the art to a science.

While Mrs. Clinton called for uniting the nation in her concession speech, Soros's minions took the streets in protests, some turning violent, across the United States. Clinton, who received millions of dollars in campaign contributions from Soros, showed her real intentions by signaling the start of Soros's Purple Revolution in the United States.

When will that old man (Soros) die and leave the world in peace?  He has probably caused more trouble and chaos all around the world than anyone else in history.

How Colour Revolutions are Engineered

Colour Revolutions”,  are manipulated/engineered through the use of what are called non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) using very innocuous sounding names that the United States and European Union secretly funnels millions-of-dollars into for the purpose of fermenting rebellion—and which, in 2015, President Putin signed a law against preventing their nefarious actions in the Russian Federation.   

Heading nearly all of these Western backed and financed “Colour Revolution” NGO’s, is the Hungarian-American billionaire George Soros—who has not only fomented rebellions across the world costing thousands of innocent lives, he was, also, recently exposed as being Hillary Clinton’s puppetmaster controlling all of her actions during her failed bid to become the US president. 

 NGO's get money from CIA and funnel
it into targeted nations
It takes as long as 10 years to bear fruit
Unlike the Russian Federation that has protected itself against a George Soros led, and US-EU funded, NGO “Colour Revolution”, ...the United States government has now become the most vulnerable nation in the world to this type of “rebellion/warfare” as Soros funds hundreds of organizations violently opposed to both America and that nations core moral values.

Hopefully, Americans are too smart for this shopworn gimmick.  Hopefully, the losers will just let off a little steam and then go back to their lives and allow democracy to rule.  That's right.  Not Trump...but Democracy.


Ed(itor) said...

Yep, you're already all over it like flies on honey.

Amazing how a former President and First Lady can stoop to covert signaling through wardrobe signaling.

Shubhi Singh said...

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