Tuesday, November 1, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Is This For Real? Former US Intelligence Officer Announces "Counter Coup"

I was going to take a day off from posting today but I believe we have some BREAKING NEWS:



Hillary Gets Dumped

And this link from Paul Craig Roberts which indicates that three FBI investigations are centred on the e-mails found on Weiner's computer.

This WOULD SEEM TO BE an appropriate song...by a Canadian Band...Tragically Hip

Boots and Hearts
By Tragically Hip


james@wpc said...

But then again, no surprise.

HPrice said...

Umm .. this guy is going to be on Infowars, and was a psyop specialist (apparently).

Disinfo. Carry on nothing else to see here.

HPrice (the guy who tied Alex Jones to the Bronfmans of Canada many, many years ago ...)

Anonymous said...

This Pieczenik guy seems like a right-wing version of G.Duff - both spooks and not to be trusted. But, there is clearly a game afoot.

Duff has been selling the pitch that Trump is actually more Jew controlled than Hillary (hard to believe, but maybe). Is this just a Likudnik vs Liberal Jew dialectic? Either way Jewish power wins.

Ezra Levant: The Donald Trump video every Jew MUST watch!

This guy has a rather interesting but convoluted thesis-

I wish I could believe the in the FBI White Knights coming to the rescue, but we know the FBI is utterly corrupt, through and through!

greencrow said...

All comments above are very interesting and show the diversity of opinion swirling around recent bombshell revelations. I just finished reading Wayne Madsen's report on the connections between the Clinton Foundation and the Columbia Drug Trade. Apparently all the offices of the Clinton Foundation and the supposed drug gonnections are in the same building in Bogata, Columbia. This could blow the drug bidness sky high....and complete a full circle back to Bill Clinton's days in Little Rock with drug planes landing at night at the Mena Arkansas air field.

IMO, what's going on at the moment is a threat and counter threat situation between the two forces at war within the letter agencies and institutions of the US. Each side wants to minimize the damage while getting their way. One side insists Clinton be president as that is the ONLY choice that will ensure the ongoing 9/11 and corruption cover up. The other side wants to end the cabal dynasty, while not destroying the entire government and revealing their own corruption and collusion over the years.

Each side is circling the other...landing punches and counter punches...daring the other side to back down.

Of course, there is a third, higher power, the globalist international banksters who want to control no matter who wins...they will come down on one side or the other prior to November 8th...

Ed(itor) said...

I think the Hegelian dialectic has been turned against itself. This is classic aikido. While I appreciate the need to question the pay-op nature of the report and await further revelations about multiple intel agencies, what it creates for those of us out in the cheap seats is the opportunity to pick up and examine the debris and fallout when the left fights with the right. Both sides at the top are very guilty of drug trafficking and worse (the pedophilia angle is all-important because of how high it goes up the ladder of power and control) and when they fight against each other, all manner of stuff gets exposed. The more exposure, the more the people will wake up. If awakening happens, people will take care of themselves first and then hopefully learn to take care of others, and their home, and they will start tightening restrictions on those who add decay and degradation.