Thursday, October 27, 2016

US Election Update: Don't Vote Early

Trumps Speech Re The New World Order and Globalism

Don't vote early

In the above classic speech.  Trump deftly and eloquently (at least for him) sums up what's at stake and what the core issues are in the US presidential election coming up on November 8, 2016.

How long did Americans and the world have to wait for such a speech? 15 long years since the Deep State coup on 9/11....with untold millions killed, nations destroyed, casualties and migrations, loss of priceless culture....just to finally hear the above speech?

Paul Craig Roberts warns not to vote it will give the perps an opportunity to assess what they're up against and how much black ops they need to pull on election night.  And they will need to pull off some smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand vote rigging because Trump has been moving steadily upwards in the "polls" while Teflon Hillary slogs doggedly downward...through one Wikileaks cow paddy after another.

Trump regains lead over Clinton after last debate

Astoundingly, Americans have already accepted that even if Trump wins the popular vote...he could lose the presidency due to losing the Electoral College Vote.  Why would Americans even accept such a denial of fundamental democracy.  Don't ask me.

Don't bother to vote at all

Americans, apparently...only have one chance at salvation...while the perps get TWO chances to avoid the noose of justice.  What country does this to themselves???!!!*  So many truthers and alternative bloggers are already resigning (and prepping) themselves for a most horrific fate.  They've given up even before the fight is lost. I’m noting that some “alternative bloggers” like Gilad Atzmon have said things like….”Well, even if Trump doesn’t win the election, he’s still made his mark and he will have “started” a revolution."  It is to laugh.  My thoughts are that if Trump doesn’t win the election he will immediately move out of the US. He’s finished there under Clinton. Trump could immigrate to Russia….they would appreciate his developer expertise there. When I visited Russia in 2014, it seemed there were scads of unfinished and apparently abandoned high rises and sky scrapers. They desperately need someone who knows how to get things built quickly...and up to modern building codes.  If Trump moved to Russia...I would envy him.  Believe me...if I had a choice between staying in North America under Hillary or moving to Russia...I would move to Russia...even a heartbeat!!

Shredding, Fires and Explosions

If Trump does by some miracle win, you will notice a lot of shredding and fires going on in Federal government buildings in Washington and US Embassies around the world. It even crossed my mind that the attack on Mosul could be some kind of destruction of incriminating “evidence”. This will be the main feature of the first days of a Trump presidency….massive “accidental” fires "gas explosions"…and other methods of destruction of evidence.

One way or another...this election has been and will be an election like none other.  It is either the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning.

*Only a country owned/controlled lock, stock and barrel by a criminal, warmongering, globalist, blood-dripping from the fangs Ziofascist Deep State.


wallflower said... (and that 'aide' is a Jew)

Guaranteeing enmity with Tehran

["Some 150 people, including extremist Israelis and evangelical Christians, took part in the Trump rally in on Wednesday.

Friedman echoed previous remarks by Trump, saying the real estate mogul would recognize East Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of Israel if he wins the White House in the US 2016 presidential election.

A short video message by Trump was also played at the event, in which he said, “Together we will stand up to the enemies like Iran, bent on destroying Israel and her people. Together we will make America and Israel safe again.”

According to leaked emails from March 2015 by former US secretary of state Colin Powell, the regime has pointed 200 nuclear weapons at the Iranian capital."]

greencrow said...

Yes,'re right. Trump HAS promised to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel...but as I asked previously on this blog...what's the quid pro quo? Probably that Israel gives Palestine statehood and gives the Golan Heights back to Syria. I would reluctantly agree to such a's better than interminable genocide against the Palestinians

Trump's beef with Iran is just plain stupid.

tmcfall said...

Anyone who believes anything that any political candidate says is deluding themselves. Campaign Promises (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) are scripted lies. Trump is an agent provocateur. He is an ardent supporter of israhell, which should tell you all you need to know about this psychotic POS. He is beholden to the kosher mafia and he does and will always act in their interests