Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Third Presidential Debate - Thoughts off the Top

Final Debate

So Clinton showed up for the debate contrary to some rumours.  But will this debate even matter?
Hopefully, moderator Chris Wallace can keep the debaters from sliding into the muck.

First Question to Clinton about the Supreme Court

She's "standing up for women's rights LGTB communities"..."dark unaccountable money"  She sounds like she's reading from cue cards or a teleprompter. They're letting her go around and around.  It's not a speech it's supposed to be a debate.

Trump mentions Judge Ginsburg recently had to apologize for an inappropriate remark made about him.  He has already mentioned over 20 nominees he's put forward. "It's all about the constitution...the way it was meant to be."

Second amendment second question.  Clinton was upset re recent Judge Scalia decision according to Trump.  Clinton says that Trump has gun lobby on his side buying ads.

Trump says he's going to appoint "pro life justices"...and if they overturn Roe v. Wade (pro abortion law) then it will "go back to the states to make their own decisions".

Clinton says she's pro women's rights.  She's winning this point hands down.  The issue of abortion has been decided...over forty years ago...women don't want to revisit this issue...unless men want to face the issue of castration in the cases of rape. 

IMO, Trump just lost the debate when he talked about "ripping the baby out of the womb" just prior to birth.


Now they're talking about the borders, drugs and walls.  Trump gets on his usual hobby horse about border security and's a stupid idea.

Clinton talks much more rationally.  She talks about a comprehensive border security.  She makes point after point about the overwhelming bureaucracy that would have to be created to enforce his plans.  She hits Donald's businesses for threatening to deport his workers who complain about working conditions.

Trump says Obama has deported "millions and millions" of people.

North American Union - The Question is to Clinton about "open borders".  Clinton quickly switched the entire question about the North American Union to WikiLeaks having the Russians "espionage" against the US.  She's back on the anti-Russian thing. She says that "Putin is trying to sabotage the US election through WikiLeaks cyber espionage".

She calls Trump "Putin's Puppet"  Says US has never had a foreign government interfere in the US Election - WHAT ABOUT ISRAEL????  Trump says Putin has outsmarted Clinton in the ME and everywhere else.  Denies he even knows Putin.

Clinton gets the last word.  Says some 20 or so employees in the US military nuclear facilities refuse to work for Trump.  The US has "kept the peace through our alliances"  Hmmmmmm

Question about the Economy Clinton goes first.  Blah blah blah.  "Can compete with high wage countries. Do more to help small businesses....raise the minimum wage.  Women get equal and apprenticeship.  College should be debt free (pie in the sky)."  She is being allowed to go on and on.  Trump is never allowed to blather like this.

Trump - "Her economic plan re taxes is a disaster.  We will have a massive tax increase under her plan."  He talks about NATO having to pay up.  We have to tell them they have to pay up.  Under Obama they have tripled the national debate.  NAFTA was the worst deal...all the jobs fled the country. was not great for Canada either.  I would like to get rid of it too!  He ends up by saying "The country is dying on 1% GDP".

Clinton is again being allowed to blah blah blah.  Chris Wallace says "Obama's plan has led to the lowest GDP in history."  Trump thanks him for this.  Wallace scores a point for Trump?! She's again allowed to blah blah blah.

Trump talks about other countries' growing GDP percentages.  India at 8%  China at 7% and the US is 1%.

"Our country is stagnant we've lost our jobs...products pouring in from China, etc."  Keeps talking about how NAFTA and the TTPP are the worst trade agreements ever.

He mentions 6 billions went missing from the Hillary Clinton State Department She says it was debunked.  She's going on and on about her "career" vs. his ...But now she's successfully baited him into talking about his career...a real pitfall.  He starts but is cut off thankfully. Nobody cares about his company(s).

Now Chris Wallace has asked the big "pig mud wrestling question"....about Trump groping women.  He successfully turns it around into calling it another Clinton Campaign "fiction" which according to revelations just this past week include paying people to cause violence at Trump rallies. Point for Trump.  Then Hillary gets a lot of time to blah blah blah about Donald's treatment of women while she would "celebrate our diversity to make America great...because America is good" and does not answer question about the promotion of violence at Trump rallies by her campaign.
Trump gets in a good point about Clinton's e-mail debacle and her lying to the FBI.  He gives a very good litany about Clinton's criminal culpability.  But she slides through the net Trump set like a slippery eel.  She brings up her own long litany of old allegations against Trump.  NOBODY EVER GETS HILLARY TO DIRECTLY CONFRONT ANY OF THE CRIMINAL ALLEGATIONS MADE AGAINST HER...SHE ALWAYS SLITHERS OUT AND TWISTS THE CONVERSATION BACK INTO AN ATTACK.

Trump says what happened to Haiti at the hands of the Clinton Foundation was a disgrace. 

Clinton says the Clinton Foundation raised 30 million dollars raised....for Haiti. Clinton scores points again by accusing Trump of not paying any taxes.  He responds that Hillary had a chance to change the tax laws when she was a senator but didn't. 

Trump attacks the media anti Trump stance...saying it's a pile-on.  He says Hillary should not be allowed to run for president because of her e-mail transgressions, etc. Trump scores a point (finally) by bringing up the obstruction of justice allegation against Bill Clinton for meeting with the US Attorney General on the airport tarmack just before Hillary got a pass from the FBI.  Audience cheers.  Good sign.

Foreign affairs.  Mosul Hillary blah blah blah and lies about ISIS in Mosul and in Syria.  Hillary is still going to push for a "no fly zone" in Syria.  Good luck with that one Billary!

Trump - re Mosul..."What ever happened to the element of surprise?" : )  "All the ISIS leaders have left because they were warned.  Who will be the big winner?  Iran.  Another stupid deal." Now he's still going on about the nuclear deal with Iran.

Clinton re-tells the lie about "getting bin Laden".  Hopefully, most Americans don't believe that comic book story.  A lot of cross talk...nobody can hear.

Aleppo in Syria.  -  Chris Wallace tells the BIG lie about Russia and Syria killing civilians in Aleppo...while RT has shown with recent several reports that it is the rebels who are shelling civilians.  Trump responds but does not really know what's going on either.  "Assad is a bad guy".  This is what's caused the great migration.

Wallace brings up the "no fly zone" again with Clinton.  Would President Clinton shoot the Russian plane down?  Clinton responds:  "This would not be done on the first day ....but after we make it clear to the Russians and Syrians.  We need to strike a deal and make it clear to the Russians and the Syrians."  Brings up "ambulance boy" again.  What about the little fellow born with no arms.... who lost his legs recently when he stepped on a land mine set by the rebels???

Trump talks about the recently broken cease fire in Syria which everyone knows was broken by the Americans when they fired on Syria soldiers "by mistake".  Trump, unfortunately, totally misconstrues this incident and says Russia ended the cease fire because they wanted to "land grab".  My GAWD!  Both these individuals are hopeless.  Neither should be president!  Gawd help us all!!

Last question about the economy...Make America great again.

Trump is going on about his views on trade and the economy.  Clinton goes on about Trump saying "He puts himself in the middle of every situation and says he's the only one who can fix it".  But she never has any real ideas herself.  "We've got to get back to growing the middle class".  With her dependence on the 1%?  She never says how she's going to keep them happy.

Wallace correctly says that neither has a good plan to fix medicare.  Trump says he's going to reduce taxes, repeal and replace Obamacare.  "Premiums are going up 60, 70 80%.  Will die of its own weight."

Clinton...says we "need to put more money into social security".  She says she's going to raise taxes on the wealthy?!  After Clinton makes another snide comment about Trump and taxes...Donald says in a very inappropriate aside "Such a nasty woman!".  She's allowed again to blah blah blah.

Final question:

Why should the people elect you?

Hillary makes a very effective closing statement saying her priority will be women, children and families.

Trump is all over the unified theme. "Make America great".  Final sentence.  "We cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama and that's what you'll get if you vote for her."

A very disappointing and frustrating debate for Trump supporters IMO.  I will take a while to reflect and then come back with an analysis.


Analysis and Summary.  After a few moments of reflection, I must say that my initial feelings of disappointment, depression and frustration were probably because I had unrealistically high expectations for Trump.  The guy is a very flawed and limited personality.  He's got by all his life on inherited wealth and a big ego.  He doesn't have to do the deep thinking or analysis.  He has "people for that".

I was again amazed at how slippery Hillary is.  She has become a genius at sliding the argument from defense to attack mode.  It's like a magician's trick she plays.  Both characters are a disaster in the making for the US and for the world.

I kept thinking about what blogger Kevin Barrett said during a recent PressTV interview.  He said something to the effect that Trump CAN'T tell the truth.  If he does tell the real truth then he could be eliminated from the race or even killed.  I can only hope that's what Trump was doing when he told blatant and obvious lies about what has been going on in Syria.  But that might be giving him too much credit.

Frankly, I've thrown up my hands on this one.  It is a very, very worrisome situation.  The United States has wound its way through a very complicated political maze and has ended up in a cul de sac with not one, but two dead ends ahead of them.  Gawd Help Us All!!


RickB said...

Trump won it again on substance. Clinton wins on style.

Again, great that Trump mentioned NAFTA and TPP. He wants to turn the country around... reverse its direction on betraying American workers. Clinton doesn't. Clinton doesn't represent the interests of American workers at all.

Trump can't mention NAFTA enough. It goes along with his questioning what she actually has done for Americans for all her years supposedly serving them: NAFTA, NAFTA, NAFTA. She represented big corporations and banks opposing the best interests of American workers. On this matter, Trump is a populist. He's not Republican.

On foreign policy, there is hope with Trump. There is none with Clinton. But again, Trump must actually put America first, not Israel.

greencrow said...

Hi RickB:

I am glad that you and your fellow Americans can see through the forest (flawed candidates) to the trees--what's best for the country/NOT Hillary. IMO, after this debate, Trump has made the choice even more difficult than it was before.

In my analysis above I missed the exchange about Trump accepting the verdict of a rigged election. I thought his answer was good. Why SHOULD anyone have to accept fraud? Would that be good for the Democracy? It shows how warped, stunted and corrupt the US mainstream media is that they're all crowing this morning about Trump's if not accepting a rigged election would, somehow, be anti-democratic.

wallflower said...

Hey GC...

My complete analysis from your analysis...


Blah, Blah, Blah...Jerry Springer...Ha, Ha, Ha

And that's from "refusing" to listen to total fabrication script from the most heinous clan/tribe in the world. Anyone who believes this crap is done for. (Esp. when force feeding the line: ["Says US has never had a foreign government interfere in the US Election"] When the line should truthfully say, "The US has always interfered with foreign government include the present day aggression with lies to topple President Assad of Syria."

You know when the script is Jew...hate Russia, hate Iran, hate China, hate Yemen, hate Iraq, hate Libya, hate...hate...hate. The Jew is destroying (and already has) the US. That's their goal through total collapse of the economy. And there is not one Jew I would EVER TRUST...NEVER. If Trump wants to make America great again (and sadly it never was great) the so-called money would NEVER pay back the trillions of debt...and would still be diverted to the most evil place on earth...Israel.

RickB said...

I agree with wallflower: The jews have already destroyed the US.

That is clearly seen just by going to the local mall. One doesn't know what country their in... could be Mexico, could be India...

And yes, I'm afraid that Trump's rescuing American workers will be second to supporting Israel.

As wallflower said elsewhere, America is already destroyed. It must be resurrected from the ashes... and yes, Americans are too cowardly to save it via a revolution throwing off their jewish yolk... much easier for them to pretend they're brave fighting wars for Israel than to save their own country from the jews.... that would be... heaven forbid.... ANTI-SEMITIC!!!

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower and RickB:

There is so much bloody frustration seeping up between the election platform floorboards that this coming November 8th could see the revolution that everyone has been waiting and praying turn the Titanic around at the last moment.

While the message has been conveyed quite clearly that Hillary would be catastrophic for the US and the world....what has not been conveyed is whether Trump is just pretending to be the perps won't assassinate him...or he really is. From looking at other debate reviews in the AlterNet, it appears that Trump may have survived what I thought was a dismal debate performance.

The mainstream media is collapsing in credibility and ratings as one outcome of what I've called Ziofascist occupation of the American government and all public institutions...including the press. Historically, as they themselves have admitted...they can only control via deception. When the deception has failed and their collusion is forced out in the has become apparent with the media collusion around Hillary...then the game is up. So this is a good sign.

The best sign of all is that Americans seem to finally be waking up...this is evidenced in the strong support of Trump, even after a bad night at the debate!

HPrice said...

It's all theatre, guys. Trump says things that people on the right may agree with but does he believe any of it? Nope. He's just playing you.

Does Clinton believe anything that she says? Nope, probably not either.

They're as bad as each other. Both psychotic, establishment insiders who will be no good for the US, no matter who gets in.

So forget Trump. He was there just to make Hillary look good. That was his job, and like I said on NorthernTruthSeeker's blog, he's doing a good job of it.

Clinton will get in. I've thought that since the very beginning of the election campaign, and I still think it will happen. Forget a Trump landslide. He is too much of a loose cannon for the powers that be. He could ruin years of diplomacy with countries all around the world in an instant. He changes tack on things frequently, and is not at all to be trusted (neither is Clinton, of course, but I think that Trump is far worse in this aspect).

And as for his business acumen. Well I think looking at the fine details will show that he ain't much of an entrepreneur. How many bankruptcies is it now? How many companies, and people has he not paid? The guy is a terrible businessman, and the country would die under his leadership in five minutes.

But hey, could be worse ... both could be Israel supporters. Bugger ....

Best wishes

Harvey P.

BuelahMan said...

Harvey P is spot on, except that I think Trump will win because too many people are sick of the Establishment people like Clinton. It is what got him to the dance to begin with.

greencrow said...

Hi HPrice and BuelahMan:

Thanks both of you for your comments. I threw up my hands in frustration after the last debate. Both candidates IMO are fatally flawed. The ONLY difference is that Trump does not YET have blood on his hands.