Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Second Presidential Debate - Thoughts off the Top

Second Clinton/Trump Debate - Following in Real Time...and Thoughts off the Top

Setting the Stage

What a debacle this election campaign is turning out to be.  What damage is being done to all concerned. What nobody in the United States seems to realize is that there is a whole world out side of the US looking at what is going on and appalled at how little respect all the actors (and I say this in every meaning of that word) have for the nation itself.  They are fighting over it like pittbulls in a drug dealer's chain link back yard fight over a bone.  In the court system, in Canada at least, there are special advocates appointed to look after children in a messy, contested divorce.  These advocates are called guardian ad litem...if memory serves.  Well, in future American elections...if the country survives for many years after this one...highly doubtful....a guardian ad litem should be appointed to look after the interests of the country as a whole.  A country should be entitled to survive an election.  But the combatants in this case...particularly on the side of the Clinton/Bush/Obama Regiemists feel like a jealous and rejected response to her dismal poll numbers.  They are acting as though, if they can't have control of the nation...nobody will...they will kill it.

I was anticipating all dirty tricks would be played but these are over the top and when John McCain withdrew his support for Trump was quintessential "sabotaging mole suddenly quits" scenario.  Now it looks like a stampede of "Republican" leaders are leaving the Trump camp.

The Debate

The first question is about "modelling appropriate behavior for today's youth".  Hillary is saying "we're great because we're good" she's sounding rather words, economic and education.  Her outfit is designed to make her look like a nun.  The white cowl and the black background. 

Trump sounds very subdued and I've heard two sniffs so far....mike problems again?

Now the gay interviewer is going for the jugular...asking Trump about the 11 year old sexual allegation.  Cooper is going for the jugular..."Have you ever done those things (groping).  Trump is keeping to the points about jihaddists and the wars abroad.  Now Hillary is acting like the school marm or mother she's saying that "Starting back in June I said he's not fit to be Commander in Chief".

Hillary is playing the feminist card.  It's not working for her.  Women know that men talk like this...we're married to them!  It's called Testosterone!  She's being sanctimonious and it's not working for her.  I would make mince meat of her by bringing up her cackling "We came, we saw..he died!"  Trump says "It's Just Words".  He's fighting back.  Great!  Lots of sniffing into the microphone.

Another question about the video tape...are they going to spend the whole night on this
Who cares about what he said 11 years ago.  The sniffing is very LOUD.

She has nothing to respond except to distract.  She says Donald never a war veteran...etc., it's getting very dirty..."Our Children Were Watching".... They're both right down in the gutter...talking all this small, dirty politics...Donald Trump is sniffing very loud between every three words.

"Because You'd be in Jail!"....the first point scored of the Donald Trump to Hillary's comment that everyone should be grateful he's not in charge of the judiciary system in the US.

Healthcare.  Nobody mentions the real companies and their propaganda/advertising machine that is sucking all the money out of the that would cover a real comprehensive program.  Trump condemns the Canadian system...line ups too long.  Yes it is slow.... but there is NO insulting monetary quantitative of human lives.

Anti-muslim sentiments.  Donald doesn't get or pretends not to get that the anti-muslim concocted sentiments in the US are a false flag in and of themselves.  Based on the lies of 9/11 and all the other false flags...includes the San Bernardino false flag that he mentions.  Hillary is blah blah blah.

Talking about an invasion into the US by Syrians without mentioning why the Syrians are leaving their countries.  Both Trump and Hillary positions on the Middle East are based on the foundation of 9/11 lies....a cancer deeply embedded in the governance.

Hillary goes rank Russophobia...blaming Russia for the destruction in Syria!!!! What a frigging liar!!!

Donald is gaining in strength and Hillary seems to be floundering. 

Public and Private Positions.  Hillary references the Stephen Spielberg movie "Lincoln".  Spielberg...the great Israeli propagandist in Hollywood. Hillary doesn't answer the question but does turn the topic to Russia again...blames Russia for tampering with the election.  Now she's asking for Donald to release his Tax Returns.

Donald very capably responds to the Russia/Trump so-called connection.  This was his best moment so far.  He says very believably that "I don't know Russia.  I don't have any business there."

Hillary is coming out strongly on the tax issue.  Anderson Cooper is coming out for Hillary in a follow up question...he's definitely a democratic plant in this question.  It's like a two on one pile up.
Something about "carried interest" I don't understand.

Trump says that for 30 years she's had the ability to make these changes she's talking about but she's done nothing but talk.  Now Hillary is referring back to her work as "First Lady", rather than her work as Senator from New York.

Going to "Syrian Ambulance Boy" again for the next question.  All propaganda.  Channeling the holocaust.  You know that the propaganda will be over the top.  Hillary is going full Russophobia...need "some leverage with the Russians because they're not going to come to the negotiation table without some leverage."  Hillary says:  "Russia has decided that it's "All In" in Syria." 

Trump:  "She talks tough about the rebels...she doesn't even know who the rebels are."
Trump:  They always warning the targets we're going to be attacking.  Questioner:  "There are times the government needs to do that."  Trump:  I can't think of one reason why.

Trump says Aleppo has already fallen.

Hillary says she would use "Special forces, enablers and trainers" this the ISIS that everyone is talking about?

Hillary wants to signal the Kurdish fighters that they need to be in this...Hmmmm.  Arming the kurds.  The Kurds have been our best partners in Syria and Iraq.  This is the principle way.

Question about whether the candidate would represent ALL the people.

Trump...very good response.  She's all talk, she doesn't get it done.

Hillary:  She sounds like she's scripted to a response to a question she was advised was going to be asked in advance.  She's very "thoughtful" in her response.  "The Trump effect...Bullying is up"...blaming Trump as for "bullying"?

Cooper is asking Hillary another staged question about the "basket of deplorables". She calls Trumps comments "brutal".

Cooper asks Trump yet another staged question about the tweets....Trump responds adequately yet he should just forget about Twitter.

Cooper asks Hillary whether Trump would be a good president...She says "No".  Trump says "I'm shocked"  the audience laughs.

last question about nominating Supreme Court Justices.
Hillary expands the question to voting rights, abortion rights  and marriage equality.  She says that Trump's candidates for the SC would reverse the above rights. 

Trump mentions Justice Scalia and says he will nominate someone who thinks like him.  Important point he's making now..,.someone who will support the constitution and the right to bear arms.
Asks Hillary why she's not putting her own money into her own campaign....since she's made so much money as Secretary of State and while in public life.

Last Question on energy needs:

Trump:   EPA is too restrictive and is putting our energy companies out of business.  Obama is destroying our energy business.  Clean coal is the answer to our national debt.  We need to bring back our workers.  In Steel workers.  We need to guard our energy companies.

Hillary.  China is dumping steel in America and Donald Trump is using that steel to build his buildings.  She's now talking about energy independence.  She doesn't want to "worry about what's going on in the Middle East".  She supports moving towards renewable energy.  She's being given a lot of time to meander around answering this question.

Last, Last question.  What would you respect about the other:

Hillary respects Trump's children.  "This is not an ordinary time and this is not an ordinary election" true!

Trump has agreed about her compliment about his children.  He respects her determination and refusal to quit.  He thinks that a very good trait.


Last debate on October 19th.  I will give an analysis of this one after I've had a break and a moment to think about what transpired.


Analysis:  I think Trump won this...not by a large margin but he did win it.  His whole attitude was different than from the last debate.  Was this planned?  Come in low and build?  Well, he didn't sit back and take it in this debate...he injected pithy side comments.  He went for the she did...and as the media monitors did...or tried to do.

They set Hillary up with some good lead questions but she didn't maximize on them.  Too much school marm...too much mother superior.  Her worst efforts were to refer to her years as "First Lady" as reference to be president and to her husband's success with the economy (during boom years) as reference to how she will do.  These are none starters.

Perhaps the worst is past for Trump but perhaps not.  I heard a rumour today that there's a tape out there somewhere with him using the "N" word.  Perhaps that will come out next week.  Definitely Karl Rove is holed up somewhere with all his honchos and pizza deliveries every few hours.  It's going to get nastier, folks.

But, in the final analysis, although I believe Trump won this debate and will likely carry over to the last the end they will defraud the American people via the electronic "voting" machines and the electoral college.  That's why Hillary had that smug smile on her face throughout.  In her mind this was all just a charade for the benefit of the deplorables. 


Ed(itor) said...


RickB said...

I think Trump destroyed Clinton... with substance. She was the polished, professional (acting) politician. The sniffling wasn't a distraction... controlling it shouldn't be an overwhelming concern. That would be a distraction for him. He enemies would want him to be caught up in that. Focusing on substance was and should remain his concern.

He mentioned NAFTA and TPP. He's serious about doing right for American workers. Hillary isn't. Trump was scaring Clinton with his truth telling... wondering how far is he going to go. In that regard, I loved his "poor Bernie, he didn't stand a chance" truth telling.

Whether Trump can really help American workers depends on whether they are first or Israel is.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow...Your analysis is pretty good.
Killary was indeed a smug bitch in this charade and gave away the truth by saying "Even if you don't vote for me, I will be President". THAT statement was a dead giveaway that this "election" has already been stolen.

RickB said...

Oh, and Trump's female campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, was awesome, incredible last night.

wallflower said...

Ms. Greencrow...How will you heal watching this crap? This is total gutter trash. I just want to remind everyone of the insanity of this utter puke.
["Under a Trump presidency, the United States will “finally accept the longstanding congressional mandate to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel,” according to his campaign’s description of the meeting, which was closed to the press.

Israeli officials said that Netanyahu thanked Trump for his friendship and support of the Jewish state."]

["The only other world leader who has met with both Clinton and Trump during the week of the UN General Assembly – at a time when dozens of world leaders were in New York – was Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi."]

["Though the decision to meet with Trump was criticized by some as giving legitimacy to the Republican candidate, who in addition to Sisi has only met with one other foreign leader during the campaign – Mexico’s Enrique Peña Nieto – the meeting was arranged only after it was clear that one would also be set up with Clinton.

In addition to meeting Sisi and her planned meeting with Netanyahu, Clinton also spoke last week with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko. Neither of them met with Trump.

Netanyahu has taken pains to maintain a perception of strict impartiality in this election, apparently having learned a lesson from 2012, when he was widely perceived and criticized for favoring Republican Mitt Romney over the incumbent President Barack Obama."]


I only wish a drone could have flown home to that debate and then make a final turn to destroy DC and gut it completely.

Thanks GC and your strength in withstanding a true hurricane that will hopefully die from within.

wallflower said...

Also I want to share this...

[ Editor’s Note: This was a war crime on steroids. It has the classic “target of opportunity” fingerprint of a large number of government people attending the funeral of the father of the Interior Minister Jalal al-Roweishan, estimated at 1500.]

greencrow said...

Hi all:

Apologies again for having to make a group response. I have to save my energy. I do appreciate each and every comment on my stream-of-consciousness following of the second debate. I have a bit of a hangover, I must say, wallflower from dipping into the sewer of all the slimy, dirty politics. All your comments above were very astute assessments of what's going on in Washington. Wallflower, I like your idea of a drone destroy the entire political hub. Starting over and fresh would be a blessing to Americans. There is no group of people I respect more than American truth bloggers...these are fighters at the very front lines of evil. Occurrences EDitor has posted some links where he is willing to take up the idea of having a Truther Blogger Union of some sort. Great! I tried to comment on your post, Ed, but Wordpress wouldn't let me log in. I will try again later when I have another burst of energy and will cut and paste this post. Although I haven't the energy right now to spearhead such a movement, I will co-operate and support any other(s) who do so. We will need a Union webpage were all members can post their profiles...I will certainly be one of the first to submit mine.

RickB didn't catch Trump's female campaign manager last night. How did she stand out? Please elaborate.

Northerntruthseeker: Yes, I caught that line of Hillary's. She's just going through the motions. And for a potential future head of state make so many slanderously untrue accusations against there were no questions on Russia...she was most unprofessional...and harmful to the Nation of America...which most people throughout the world are really feeling sorry for (the people, not the government) at this ominous point in history.


Ed(itor) said...

GC and others:

Take your rest. I've recovered from a motor stroke and heart problems; time will put you back on your feet quickly. A long time ago, I shut off comments at my blog because I was getting bombarded with spam and other political crap. But you can use the contact mechanism which sends an e-mail directly to me. I've also posted ny e-mail address on the pages "inpu please" or you can respond to this one. It's a Google-owned device and I am searching and seeking information on owning an e-mail addie that is free form interference. For $3 a month through Word Press, we can own a personal web site with its own e-mail system. There are other alternatives.


RickB said...

GC, I merely meant to say that Kellyanne Conway was superb handling the press, especially the MSNBC talking heads, in the after-debate spin sessions.

Ed(itor) said...

I'll look into creating an open thread (with comments enabled) in the next several days.

Ed(itor) said...

Ladies and gentlemen, stare your keyboards:

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Again I tried to leave a comment on the above link without success. It says I have to log in while you say that's not necessary. ASAP I will leave a comment and my profile and encourage all other Truth Bloggers to do so as well.

I'm wondering if you would consider Blogger as a platform for this group site. It's easy to use and it's FREE!

Ed(itor) said...


Well, I went into my dashboard to make those changes and I will try to do so again. I don't need to own or control the mechanism, so if you or someone else wants to set something up at Blogger, feel free. I used to be at Blogger a very long time ago but left when I could see the tide turning in terms of their rules. Now, they keep you permanently signed in. Their rules say they own and control the content, and their recent changes integrate one's participation across the board into many platforms.

I consider functioning under Blogger to be akin to working in the belly of the beast, but I had no choice in terms of my e-mail since I switched my ISP from Comcast to Verizon and was going to have a Verizon e-mail account only to find out that Verizon dropped its e-mail service just as I arrived and bought out Yahoo, the company that makes all your e-mail available to the Feds for scanning. I continue to look for a good solid e-mail service that won't interfere and more, even if I have to pay for it.

Where Google is actively suppressing information that does not meet with the favor of the powers that be, that leaves us in the territory of typing three-copy samizdat. The key to what we do its search engine optimization but that's a joke when you don't own or control the search engines.

Half the issue in front of us is which hosting site works best for our purposes (freedom of expression, press, thought, etc.) I tried BlueHost because Cryptogon uses its and they use Word Press as one of their platforms. You pay for it, but it's not that expensive. I agree for our little discussion that free works best. If the discussion goes somewhere, people can choose to opt in to something else (or not). There are also free discussion boards if someone can host and set them up.

More later,


Ed(itor) said...

Okay, so try again. I re-visited the page after I realized that I probably did not scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page so I could hit the "save" button. Doh!

Ed(itor) said...

Hey, so THIS time, I finally got it right. Now you can see why I am looking for technical assistance (lol). But it's fixed, and I added a comment AFTER I logged out to insure that it works. People who comment will be given a window that will allow them to identify themselves, leave a blog site address, and an e-mail address, but if I did it right, this is not necessary. There will be a simple CAPTCHA window to insure that you are a human.