Monday, October 24, 2016

Nobel Peace Prize Winning Obomber Hits Syrian Senior...while President Assad Hits another Interview Home Run

Syrian War Victim - from Latest Aleppo Shelling
of Citizens by Foreign-Backed Terrorists

It would appear that Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Barack Obomber, has given instructions to his rag-tag army of terrorist mercenary head choppers to maintain their posts in Eastern Aleppo.  Russia, besieged as it was by the Western Main$tream Media's lies about "war crimes"...ordered a recent cease fire for humanitarian reasons.  They opened six corridors from which both Syrian civilian hostages and their al Jewsra captors could leave the war torn city. 

But, instead of evacuating, the al Jewsra terrorists stepped up their mortar and sniper attacks on anyone who dared leave the city and the free area of western Aleppo.  Some say the orders were given because the West doesn't want it revealed exactly who the terrorists are.  Just like the Russian bunker bomb into the Dier Azour Hillside killed Israeli, American and Saudi soldiers...a close analysis of the "Rebels" would likely reveal the same cross section of miscreants.

Some western analysts berate Putin for again missing an opportunity to bomb eastern Aleppo into oblivion. From a short term standpoint, I have to agree...after all these months of numbing attrition on both is tempting to "kick $h!t" as I like to say.  But Putin is a lot wiser than all of us and we need to trust his judgement...there being no comparable leaders in the West.  Putin knows that all the images of suffering citizens, like the elderly lady above, will do more to solidify the ultimate ceasefire than a blanket of bombs.

Speaking of Leaders....Syrian President Dr. Bashar al Assad hit another homer out of the park the other day in his interview with Swiss TV.  Watch the Video below.

I sent my partner the link to the above video and he actually watched it all the way through.  Assad has a mesmerizing effect on people...with his rational and calm response to dumb questions and his relentless logic...logic which acts as a battering ram against Western insouciance and gullibility.

So, in summery, The West has decided to drag out their inevitable defeat in Syria...opting for maximum chaos and death (as they always do) while Russia has hunkered down for the long game.  Everything about this war is now on hold...predicated on the outcome of the US (s)election.  The US is hoping for a Clinton2 presidency....with more and bigger wars.  Russia is keeping steady to the helm...with one eye cast longingly towards the heavens...searching the horizon for a Black Swan.

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