Thursday, August 4, 2016

Like a Child

Developmentally Delayed Youth targeted by FBI to be another Terror Patsy

From The Intercept

18-Year-Old Arrested on Terrorism Charges Is Mentally “Like a Child”

Yep, they're coming out of the woodwork...all the cultivated crop of Terror Patsies that the corrupt North American police and letter agencies (like the RCMP, CSIS, CIA and FBI) have coddled and brainwashed with YOUR tax dollars. The above 18 year old, Mahin Khan, was arrested in Arizona July 1 on charges of plotting to support the Taliban as well as the militant group the Islamic State and commit acts of terrorism in the local community.  Prior to his arrest, including when he was legally a child, he was cultivated for years by the FBI...supplied with a phone by the FBI...when even his family didn't trust him with one.
...At an initial hearing, a Joint Terrorism Task Force agent reportedly confirmed that authorities had provided Khan with a prepaid cellphone so that he could communicate with a government informant. In the course of his conversations with that informant, Khan is alleged to have indicated his willingness to kill hundreds of people, while also musing about attacking a local motor vehicle registration office or a Jewish community center..."

Hmmmm...sound familiar?  Sounds just like the Canadian Terror Patsies who were recently set free by a Vancouver BC Supreme Court Judge who delivered a scathing "Reasons for Judgment" accusing the RCMP and CSIS handlers of "creating terrorists". 

Nuttall and Korody after the verdict in the
Canadian Terror Patsies case

As I've said in numerous posts....this is a worldwide network of corrupt law enforcement agencies we're dealing with here.  Rogue cops are giving themselves big salaries and are using million$ of taxpayer dollars to create patsies to use in Gladio-style "strategy of tension" false flag terror and false flag hoaxes throughout the Ziofascist Atlanticist Empire.  It is despicable and disgusting... and one would think that with all the bad press and keystone cops farcical behavior on the public dime.... SOMEONE...say, this dufus here...

Le Dauphin Prime Ministre

Or this phake here:

Drone Commander-in-Chief

would be forced to address the issue...say at a press conference about something else.  I'll even suggest a question to be asked by a member of the press who isn't of the same mental capacity as the child-brained patsies...

"Sir....there have been quite a few arrests, on suspicion of being terrorists, of simple minded young, male citizens with dark hair and dark skin. When these arrests are investigated by the alternative is discovered that they have been mentored by the police and/or security agencies. Are tax dollars being spent to create terrorists? If not, what is going on here? If so, when are you going to put a stop to it?"

Paging Matt the white telephone in the Lobby please....

Journalist Matt of the few journalists
with cahones in today's corrupt media empire

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