Wednesday, August 24, 2016

UPDATED: Biden Assures Turkey that the US "knew nothing" about the Failed Turkish Coup

UPDATEAugust 28, 2016 in the interest of accurate News Reporting, it appears that US Vice President Biden did meet with Erdogan after all.  The body language of Erdogan in the photo that accompanies the CBC link...says it all 

Vice President Biden with Turkish Prime Minister Yildirim

"The People of Turkey have no greater friend than the United States...and do you want to buy this gently used Chevy, Cheap?!"

Biden flashes his best used car salesman grin for the cameras as he shakes the hand and presumably slaps the back of the latest "regime change" target du jour....the leader of Turkey.  Please note that Obama didn't go...even Kerry didn't go....Biden went for the touted big August 24th meeting between Turkey and the US.  And also please note that Erdogan didn't meet with Biden....Yildirim (second in command) did.  Erdogan is going to meet with Putin (again) in Ankara on August 31st dontchaknow.

I can't see Erdogan ever trusting the US again...He knows what happened to Saddam, Gadhafi, et al.  He can easily compare their fates with the current status of the beleaguered but still breathing Assad. There is a new world order emerging in the middle east and, by extrapolation, all over the world.  The US is still nominally trying to play high stakes poker with a hand of jokers.  The best the West can do is take on the Russian Paralympian team and win.  Even then, they lose at the real game of soft power. All Putin has to do is convince Erdogan to attack the Kurds whether by air or by land in the northern part of Syria.  The US has threatened to shoot down any plane that flies over its illegally installed "advisers".  If it shoots down the Turkish will not only end the NATO alliance...but it will be irony incarnate...Russia behind getting....the perps shooting down a Turkish jet...instead of the perps getting the Turks to shoot down a Russian jet.   Oh! this is giving me a headache : [

Mission Accomplished?

And, what's going on with the attack on the American university in Afghanistan this morning?  The university is surrounded, bombs going off and under attack?  What is the University anyway?  Is it another Gulen black ops?  Apparently, those have been set up throughout the middle east and Asia.
The US government has warned all American citizens to leave Afghanistan.  No word on helicopters hovering over embassy roofs.

Everything that's going to happen geopolitically seems to happen in September...all the regime changes...if you check back...and big false flags like 9/11.   So it's good to be able to hunker down and enjoy these last few "dog days" of summer. 

Over and out from Ganges Marina on Saltspring Island, BC off the coast of Vancouver Island.

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INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Hi gc, Biden AHHH Biden. Like Windows, a dead weight to achievement. I suppose that Barry has dug hisself's heals in and refused to go out in case the relatives of the millions that the USASSR have killed these passed decades take him down with hypervelocity fruit salad.

I cannot think of a POTUS that had to flee the country but if ever there was one Barry is the lad. Batavia should be safe, in a Chabad House most likely.

BTW did you guys in Canada get to compare and contrast the rescuing of minors from building collapse and immediate care, such a hot button issue these days? I refer of course to the earth quake in and around Amatrice.

No plonkers there.

greencrow said...

There's lots of time left for past and presidents to flee the country, INCOMING!!!!!
Dubya, as I understand, has a nice "but out" ranch in Paraguay. I'm sure Michael and Barry have something similar somewhere.

Re Amatrice, Italy and the earthquake. They're always saying on those home reno channels how cheap housing is in American ex-pats can buy a nice ancient condo in one of those picturesque Italian mountain villages for only $10,000...or so. All you have to do is patch up those huge cracks in the walls and ceilings. Nobody ever asks how the cracks got there.

greencrow said...

that would be "bug out" ranch in Paraguay.