Tuesday, July 19, 2016

UPDATED: Was the Military Uprising in Turkey a False Flag? Some More Thoughts

UPDATE:  July 18, 2016 - According to Tass.ru there was a telephone conversation between Erdogan and the head of Iran, wherein Erdogan pledged future co-operation with Iran and Russia. Hmmmmmn...now, with a NATO meeting scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday) in Belgium...I wonder if they'll make any decisions re the 90 nukes at Incirlik?

Turkey in Aftermath of Failed Coup Attempt

In my previous post I noted that several alternative bloggers were saying the failed coup attempt on the Erdogan Turkish government was a "false flag" set up by Erdogan himself. Specifically, I was thinking of Wayne Madsen of the Wayne Madsen Report. This is a blog I've been subscribing to for some time now because he seems to have very good instincts and sources from his previous work at the CIA. Here is what Wayne said shortly after the coup:
Most of the coup participants were from the air force, Army armored units, and military police. It appears that in rounding up coup participants, Erdogan's government is involved in a fish net operation, using the coup as an excuse to also arrest Erdogan critics. The coup attempt was a standard "fly paper" operation, with Erdogan and his allies now seeing which officers attached themselves to the coup.
Erdogan is now operating as Hitler did in 1944 from East Prussia. Erdogan is ordering the arrests of all those involved in or suspected to have been involved in the coup that was destined to fail. And that makes Erdogan infinitely more dangerous than any actual military junta that would have taken over Turkey to restore secular rule and steer the country away from Erdogan's delusion of Ottoman grandeur.

Of course, Erdogan would react strongly against those he believed were involved in the coup. It is more difficult to extrapolate from his strong reaction that he "wanted" the coup. More evidence is needed.  To compare Erdogan to Hitler is over the top. With all we've found out about the beginnings of WWII in revisionist history...even Hitler can't be compared to Hitler anymore. Enough said.

Stephen Lendman also took the stance that the failed coup was staged by Erdogan but has more recently posted a more circumspect analysis here.
The most obvious way to oust a regime is by cutting off its head first. Erdogan was returning to Istanbul after vacationing in Marmaris at the time. 
According to Reuters, “(a)t (the) height of (the) coup bid, rebel (F-16) jets had (his) plane in their sights.”
A former Turkish military officer “with knowledge of the events” explained “(a)t least two F-16s…locked their radars on his plane and two other F-16s protecting him.”
Why didn’t they shoot him down, an obvious way to eliminate him, making the toppling of his regime easier, a new leader ready to assume power.

Why didn't the two F-16's  shoot him down? Easy. The two other "protecting" jets were probably Russian jets. The first two F-16's probably didn't want to tangle with the rooskies...and the rooskies knew that so that's why their jets were guarding Erdogan. The West just doesn't want to wrap its head around the idea of how involved the Russians were in opposing the coup.  Even though it's obvious that Russia supplied intelligence...and probably directed the entire opposition strategy...Putin's chess master's hands are all over it.
Erdogan’s dubious account, claiming coup plotters tried attacking him at his resort location, not knowing he already left strains credibility. 
They took control of state television, not CNN Turk - letting him be interviewed by cell phone, urging supporters to take to the streets and squares to “overcome” plotters against him. 
Effective coups require controlling the message through media and online, shutting out regime voices and all others besides their own.
Without enough military support at high levels, rebels in the ranks are easily overcome - the way things played out.
The coup was a one-day affair, the aftermath ongoing, thousands facing Erdogan’s wrath, anyone suspected of opposing his policies. Long knives remain out in force.
A Final Comment
After announcing it’ll release thousands of emails and documents on Erdogan’s regime, WikiLeaks said “(o)ur infrastructure is under sustained attack.”
“We are unsure of the true origin of the attack. The timing suggests a Turkish state power faction or its allies.”

More than likely the Israelis are behind the Wikileak "sustained attack"....they don't want anyone knowing about their duplicitous finagling with both Turkey and the West. They have the expertise to do the attack and it's what they dooooooooooo.
Lists were ready

The Western media is still hung up on the fact that Erdogan was able to quickly round up the mutineers...citing that he already had a list...so that's proof it was staged.  No. This is more proof of incompetence amongst the coupmeisters. If Russia had intelligence about the coup...which it did...do you not think it also assembled evidence to show Erdogan...like lists being passed about with "suitable future junta government employees to hire"? I had a link saying this in my previous post.  It seems far more likely these are the "lists" being used to round up those involved in the coup. But of course, the West can't suggest that possibility because it makes them look even more inept. (leaving lists lying around).

James, at Winter Patriot has an excellent analysis of the failed coup that I completely support. He uses logic and common sense...two essential tools to get at the truth.

Update on Current Status of Turkey in Aftermath of Coup Attempt

RT is reporting that Turkish ships and helicopters, soldiers still missing. There are indications that this equipment may have been used by coupmeisters to flee Turkey. Greece is supposed to be keeping an eye out for any mutineers who sail or fly into their borders. No further mention has been made of the "42 missing helicopters".

The US is running on backup generators at Turkey's key air base

Most significantly, recent reports indicate that US quarters at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey still running on backup generators. How long they can maintain "normal" operations under such conditions is unknown.  IMO, the cut off of the power to Incirlik is proof positive that Erdogan did not stage the coup. Why would Erdogan endanger Turkey's status as a member in good standing of NATO if it were just a ruse to round up miscreants? Kerry is threatening to kick Turkey out of NATO if Turkey doesn't soften its response to the coup. There have been repeated efforts in the Main$tream Media to give the impression that all is back to normal at Incirlik. I discount these reports. I will only believe Incirlik is back to normal with the power restored when I hear it from the Turkish Government. To that end, I keep checking the Turkish government website for updates:

As I've said practically from the beginning...the situation at the NATO base Incirlik with the vault containing as many as 90 nuclear bombs is unprecedented in history. If we were living in a reality-based world...such incompetence on the part of the US/NATO military would have caused massive self-reflection and, consequently, heads to roll...including general's heads and even president's heads. What is the US going to do about this dire situation (of their own making)? THAT is the question!


Anonymous said...

Your doing a great job covering this coup attempt. To be sure there are few alt blogs that are run by individuals that can be trusted at voicing the truth. They can be counted on one hand. There are a few bigger blogs that post their own and other peoples analysis that are also doing a good job as well but again the numbers are few. So would like to thank you. Rachel

greencrow said...

You're welcome Rachel. It is readers like you pressing for the truth that keep me inspired and motivated.

james@wpc said...

Thanks for the link over, Greencrow.

"IMO, the cut off of the power to Incirlik is proof positive that Erdogan did not stage the coup."

Exactly! Apart from your good reasons, is the military going to agree to go to war with itself and look like chumps?
I don't know how the false flaggers would account for the helicopter escaping to Greece and the missing 42 helicopters.

But the main reason in my mind why it was not a false flag is because the US would not have allowed the massive loss of face involved in the 'besieging' of Incirlik airbase. And they would have known about it one way or another if it had been part of a false flag op involving such a large part of the Turkish military.

You've been doing great work on this coup, Greencrow

greencrow said...

Hi James:

You're welcome for the cross-linking. Re the US loss of face...I should do a post about this all on its own...it's such a major factor in the persistent criminality and evil coming out of that place. The reality is, unfortunately, they only consider an event such as this as a loss of face if their own dupes (i.e. the US sheeple) a) find out about it; and b) comprehend the enormity of losing control of 90 of your own nuclear bombs is. So long as they can prevent those two events from happening, they're laffin'.

So, they keep droning (no pun intended) on about internal false flags and bogus news stories...like Milania Trump's speech. Meanwhile, the shop is burning down around them.

james@wpc said...

All good points, Greencrow. There is hardly any news about Turkey, never mind about Incirlik, in the Oz media. Most people wouldn't know it is happening, I'm sure. That's a big tell-tale in itself.

There is also the aspect of the US's loss of face with the Turkish military. Erdogan surrounds the Incirlik base which also houses Turkish military and says to these Turks, "Who's your daddy now?" And that must give the Turkish high command pause because the US is doing nothing about it (yet) which means they are flummoxed.

The lesson has not been lost on Azerbaijan, either, if we can go by the commentary on the latest UK Column podcast. Lots of other good info on it, too. Highly recommended

UK Column News - 19th July 2016

So, yeah, I think a whole post on the Incirlik base and its implications would be a great idea. It would also be a good way to summarise all the info in your posts since Saturday.

Isn't it telling how all these big names in the alt media have missed the implications of Erdogan having the Incirlik base surrounded with its power cut off? you and Penny have been streets ahead of these guys

james@wpc said...

This might be useful, Greencrow. From the ever insightful Andrew Korybko

"The concurrent de-facto neutralization of the US airbase in Incirlik through the imposition of a no-fly zone (though not formally stated as such), the cutting off of power to all of its facilities, and the arrest of its commander General Bekir Ercan Van on the base's premises for his coup involvement all very strongly suggest that this isn't just a stage-crafted melodramatic power grab by Erdogan, but the opening stages of a serious geopolitical reorientation away from the US. "

Why The Failed Turkish Coup Attempt Wasn't A "False Flag" Power Grab By Erdogan

Penny said...

Thanks james! :)

Greencrow: For what ever it is worth- I don't trust Wayne Madsen at all- That's just me- What can I say. Good job on the post I'm glad you covered Incirlik, I couldn't do it :(

greencrow said...

Hi James:

Thanks for the comments and the links. I loved the UK Column report...gonna watch that program more often. Those guys were just my kind of people. I would love to meet them at the "George" pub they talked about after a show and talk geopolitics. There's nobody here I can talk geopolitics with.

Re Incirlik. When there are more developments I will write about it again. Waiting for the outcome of today's NATO meeting.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Wayne's reaction was a real shock to me. It was literally the first time he and I didn't agree on something. It was almost like someone else took over his blog. Don't laugh...that has actually happened (Rigorous Intuition).

Stephen Lendmen and a few others also towed the official line. It's not like I think people have to agree with me all the time...but this was pure globalist propaganda. Erdogan is not a savory person, to be sure and if I were Russia I would not trust him one iota. But there were so many indications that this was a real coup effort. And for them to not even mention Incirlik in their analyses. Actually, very few American bloggers have mentioned Incirlik...and no wonder...such a blunder!!!

Penny said...

Hey GC and james

I noticed that too... Turkey's coup just went away
We have the Yazidi ?? actress here though? So Canada can assist in the making way for Israel 2.0

I had a post at my place, kurdish news, no truth to the media claims of Yazidis being held by ISIS- including going so far as taking exception to reports all the way to the UN... I wonder if the woman at the Parliament building was hired by some PR firm?

greencrow said...


I forgot to mention about the writer of this analysis:


He mentions 9/11 and appears to subscribe to the Official version (18 hijackers and OBL). Unfortunately, that means he fails the 9/11 litmus test for truthers in the alternate media...and it cast a shadow over everything else he said. Too bad because it was otherwise a good analysis.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

I'm unaware of this:

"...media claims of Yazidis being held by ISIS- including going so far as taking exception to reports all the way to the UN... I wonder if the woman at the Parliament building was hired by some PR firm?"

Can you give us a link? Thanks


james@wpc said...

Hi Greencrow,
I take it that you are referring to this comment of Korybko's-

"This would in a way resemble the situation around Pearl Harbor and some would even say 9/11, where the US knew that an attack was coming but had a deep-seated grand strategic interest in letting it happen regardless."

He's not actually endorsing that view. I know it can be used as a rhetoric device in propaganda but I've never found Andrew Korybko indulging in propaganda so I'm granting him leeway on this one.

Besides I've used this sort of thing myself. Not with 9/11 but with other subjects to argue a case from within the mindset or orthodoxy of differing factions on a particular subject. This looks to me what Korybko is doing here.

greencrow said...

"....where the US knew that an attack was coming but had a deep-seated grand strategic interest in letting it happen regardless."

Letting it happen and making it happen are the two of the most fundamental questions surrounding the false flag atrocity. Korybko should have clarified himself. IMO, 9/11 is the keystone (to use one of Penny's words) of all that has happened since.

It's not a major flaw in his analysis. Perhaps, being Russian, Korybko's not aware of how raw the nerves are in the truth community over the yet unsolved atrocity.

Penny said...

GC: not sure which item you want links for so here are links for

Yazidi woman at Parliament


I had seen another with an image of her- dark haired

re: the sex slave narrative which I think is completely bogus- but sex sells
like some bad porn ya know what I mean?

apologies regarding alleged sex slaves burnt in cages with left behind orphans

link to what I had up:


-No sources to confirm the burned caged sex slaves- definitely lurid and tantalizing if your a sicko, but, not true
-NO sources to confirm the mass killings and subsequent left behind orphans either.
-A harsh message sent to Ban Ki Moon regarding his statements

Like I said, I don't believe that narrative at all- not a word of it

greencrow said...

Thanks for the link, Penny. Now, if we could find the names of the American general and the Turkish general who met in Turkey a month or more ago, bypassing Erdogan. You mentioned it in one of your posts at the time. I believe I also mentioned it. Haven't had the time to check. But if we both went back and had a look to see what those two names were...we might get a clue or two and some evidence re US involvement in the failed coup.

And that would be a "coup" for us, n'est pas?


Penny said...

Hey GC
I took some time to try to find that post and had zero luck-
between trying to keep on top of things (blog and coup wise) and suffering dental misery.. (yup I broke a tooth!) looking forward to a root canal tomorrow- hahaha-
haven't got back to it
I'll try

greencrow said...

Hi Penny

I went through the likely posts on your blog and mine. Now I will look through my CawRANT events for the past month and a half. I think your post might date around the beginning of July.

In going through your posts I was amazed at how prophetic they were. You are really doing some fantastic work and someone has to acknowledge it...so I will!


james@wpc said...

If it is any help, the American guy was newly appointed to some peak military body - Joint Chiefs of Staff?

greencrow said...


Hope your dental appointment goes well.


Thanks...at least you remember what I'm referring to...so I know I'm not just imagining it : \

MMM said...

GC, you might be thinking of Gen.Joseph Votel-


perhaps also-

greencrow said...

Thanks for the links. Unfortunately, the first one says the "page is missing/removed". The second one has Votel (and that sounds like the US general involved) meeting with the kurds. If my memory serves...it was General Votel meeting with a member of the Turkish military...but significantly bypassing Erdogan. I was wanting the name of the Turkish general so I could compare it with the names of the Turkish military coupmeisters.

But thanks again. We might be half way there.


MMM said...

Found it-

MMM said...

PS did you see that the latest shooting is on-going in Munich, Olympia shopping mall, on the site of the Munich '72 Olympic shootings.

Penny said...



was it this guy? Paul J Selva
Met his Turkish counterpart..Gen. Yasar Güler

This was right before the Russian Jet was shot down
I believe there was maybe one or two other high profile meets, but, I haven't found them yet..

Vice Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Paul J. Selva starts his visit to Ankara reportedly to discuss the fight against DAESH and Turkey's border security in the region.

"Selva, an air force general and the nation's second-highest ranking military officer, is expected to commence his official talks with Turkish officials today and pay his first visit to Deputy Chief of Military General Staff Gen. Yasar Güler.

Penny said...

"In going through your posts I was amazed at how prophetic they were. You are really doing some fantastic work and someone has to acknowledge it...so I will! "

Thanks GC- I appreciate it :)

greencrow said...

Thanks MMM for this link:


Yes, I believe that's the post I was interested in. You can get your "sleuth" badge now. : )

Now, we just have to review the list of Turkish military arrested after the failed coup and see if the following gentleman is on it:

Hulsi Akar

As in THIS Hulsi Akar

From Penny's post of January 7, 2016

"....Onto the latest meeting

Top US Military Officer Arrives in Turkey

The chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford arrived in Turkey on Tuesday to hold a series of meetings.

Dunford's visit comes amid increased tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia over the execution of prominent Shia cleric Nimr Baqir al-Nimr by the Saudi authorities.

Saturday's execution prompted attacks on Saudi missions in Iran and saw the axing of diplomatic ties between Riyadh and Tehran.
Dunford was welcomed at Esenboga Airport in the capital Ankara by Turkish and U.S. officials and is scheduled to meet his local counterpart Hulusi Akar on Wednesday, according to military sources.
Dunford goes to Turkey, immediately following the Saudi executions but is not greeted by Erdogan or Davutoglu. He is greeted jointly by US & Turkish "officials”
Who are these officials?

He then was set to meet his “local counterpart” yesterday. The local counterpart is Hulusi Akar
In what context is Hulusi Akar, Dunford’s counterpart? The use of that wording got me thinking. “Local counterpart” Counterpart: a person or thing holding a position or performing a function that corresponds to that of another person- Local being locale or location. So Hulusi Akar is Dunford’s equal performing the same function in a different locale?

General Hulusi Akar is definitely part of the NATO infrastructure and he has an interesting bio...."

I really didn't think the post was that old...which was why I couldn't find it : \

January 7th.....How time flies when you're having fun : P


greencrow said...


You're welcome for the compliment. You deserve it. The post that was found, thanks to MMM is this one:


Gawd...with the benefit of 20/20 this post is jammed packed with interesting tidbits.

Now we we need to find out if HulUsi Akar (the correct spelling of his name) was involved in the coup.

Erdogan's list of coupmeisters reminds me of that song from Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado "I've got a little list"


Think I might put that video in a post : ))))))

Penny said...

Hi GC:

thanks MMM for finding that post for GC!

Yah, I went back to read it and look what I said in it:

"And finally h/t GC: There is also the coup option. Alongside the destabilization of Iran"

The coup option was for Turkey. The destabilization of Iran is progressing, it's early but it's happening

I'm home now with a swollen face- and I'm sure a night of discomfort
Looking forward to getting the crown done..
Actually it all sucks but what can I do