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UPDATED: Police blame Canadian Terror Patsies Fiasco on Poor Techniques

UPDATED:  August 10, 2016 - Global Research has printed an excellent summary and analysis of the facts and implications of the Terror Patsies Trial of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody.  There are a few facts that even I did not know although I was following the trial for over a year.  Excellent Read.

Grim Reaper with Crows

Police blame Canadian Terror Patsies Fiasco on Poor Techniques - officers were "Out of their League"

Incapable of performing the most elementary self-reflection on the fiasco that was the $900,000.00 in overtime for 240 police officers on the undercover project to exploit the vulnerabilities of two of British Columbia's most vulnerable citizens...the Vancouver Police resort instead to comparing apples ("Mr. Big" sting operations, to capture murderers and thieves) and oranges ("intelligence" agency attempts to develop a product for their "services").  This is (pardon the pun) a "fruitless" task but does serve as a distraction and an evasion of responsibility and avoidance of necessary follow-up reform to personnel and policies.

You see, the Police can't objectively analyse the catastrophe because they were also (as Justice Catherine Bruce called the defendants Nuttall and Korody in her verdict) "foot soldiers" in the "farcical" project. The Police were just following orders from up above...from an entity that clearly had no understanding nor respect for the Canadian Criminal Code. As I've suggested in earlier posts...the Canadian Terror Patsies caper was most probably hatched in Langley, stinks to high heaven of CIA scofflaw--expensive and relentless incompetence.  Bruce says that high level local police had misgivings about the project and warned against continuing it.  Why weren't these warnings heeded?  Because it was over their heads--that's why.

Now that the $h!t has hit the fan, all the real perps have sunk into the sunset. They've simply evaporated. We'll never even know the names of who was behind the massive squandering of taxpayer funds. This is the way they operate. This is why they're called the "Deep State".  But looking towards the horizon--you can see them operating in the wider forum of global geopolitics...three more of their projects are blowing up in their faces and these projects have implications for continued human existence on this planet. 

The first of these projects are the US Presidential (s)election...where we have the farce of the empty seat DNC for Hillary's "victory" speech...Where her own husband fell asleep and the majority in the audience were paid $50 per night to sit and clap.  Yet, this individual MUST win in November...there is NO alternative, if the perps are to continue to avoid justice for 9/11 and all their other crimes.

The second is the Syrian debacle...where Russia, Iran and Syrian forces have surrounded the ISIS (USreal's proxy terror army) mercenaries in Aleppo and are moving in for the kill...the final denouement of a four year systematic destruction of of a half-dozen countries the USrael deep state has destroyed in the past 15 years.

The third and last is the failed attempted coup of Turkey.  This crisis is ongoing and there's a stand-off of sorts outside NATO Incirlik Air Base, where up to 95 nuclear bombs are stored.  The Turks have publicly declared that USrael was responsible for the coup and want the base closed and the bombs gone.  The global hegemony plans of USrael, predicated as they are on Turkey's unique geopolitical location right on Russia's in tatters.

But, no matter how many of their projects, big and small, end up the same way...all the perps do is double down and roll the dice yet one more time.  They have no other option.  They are incapable of self-reflection and reform.  That's why the Vancouver Police, without naming names or citing criminal code violations...never mind...bringing the police officers and CSIS agents behind the Terror Patsy debacle to justice...just blame it on "over-reach"...and "They were out of their league".  Presumably "next time we'll do better" the only message they and the presstitute media feel the public deserves.  No doubt the front line functionaries who are behind Hillary's election campaign, the war in Syria and the failed coup attempt in Turkey are also "Out of Their League".  But that's no reason to call a halt.

It's a one-way ticket to Hell.

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