Monday, July 11, 2016

Hillary Non-Indictment Scandal - Risk for Obama Assassination????

Obama at Risk for Deep State Power Play??

First of all:  Just a notice that CawRANT events #28 will not appear until Tuesday (tomorrow) I have some family responsibilities and cannot get it posted today.  In the meantime, I have been having some intimations that something could happen to Obama to take him out of the presidency---and leave Biden as Interim President.

Hillary has been Legally mortally wounded by the non-indictment scandal.  The PTB (I could call them Deep State or whatever...but the people who really make decisions in USrael) are considering their options.  As I said in my previous post...they have already messaged a threat to Trump via the false flag in Dallas.  Since his first election, I have always thought Obama was at high risk for assassination...either if he ever took a micro-step off course or, as in this case, if an assassination was needed to promote "continuation of government".  It would be very convenient if Biden could take over "in an emergency" and then "decide to run in November" due to the crisis following an assassination.  This would eliminate the scandal swirling around Hillary....she could fade into the sunset without further damage being done to the Deep State puppet regime.

Coincidentally, this morning someone else posted a similar hypothesis.  It's on a new link I found and put on my favourites blogroll:

 Public Intelligence Blog....written by Robert Steele
Begin forwarded message:From: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel
Subject: ***Urgent before Tuesday: Concerns Obama’s Dallas visit is a setupDate: July 10, 2016 at 10:50:46 PM CDT
Greetings Gentlemen,
I am very worried that this American Gladio sniper(s) incident in Dallas is a setup for luring Obama & the U.S.  into a dangerous trap. In addition to the dangling data from the sniper(s) attack (such as the nature & identities of those in the black Mercedes w/ camo bag in trunk pulled over then released racing away from the scene), parameters are now present that are resonant w/ the assassinations of Lincoln & Kennedy. And it is possible that the 7/7 incident was just the bait for a bigger event.
There is most obviously the time & place-
Time: The sniper operation took place on 11th anniversary of 7/7/05 London Tube Terror which was followed up by a failed bombing in London on 7/21/05. Obama is coming to Dallas on a Tuesday 7/12/16 (9/11/01 & many more deep events on Tuesdays (Mars Day).
Place: Most obviously is the storyline of sniper(s) in Dallas close to Dealey Plaza. But also, Obama will be attending a  theater, like Lincoln, a symphony center named for Ross Perot’s business partner (Bush score to settle?) & structurally engineered by WTC engineering firm of Leslie Robertson, Obama is being painted in a similar fashion as the Zionist front John Birch Society & others painted John Kennedy before his fatal Dallas trip:
1) ex-SS Dan Bongino said on friday he’s “done” w/ Obama & that no one he knows at all levels of law enforcement has anything good to say about Obama William Johnson of National Association of Police Organizations just called Obama an appeaser & his administration Neville Chamberlain in the War on Cops Of course, Joe Walsh tweeted then deleted “this is now war…Watch out Obama” Sheriff David Clarke called Obama “anti-cop”
5) The committed Zionists, such as Dennis Ross, who was in the administration, have been recently painting Obama as an appeaser dangerously soft on using enough violence against Arab Muslims & Russians for them to respect the US the context of the immense generated tension now, a staged attack by an ex-cop (Mateen?) and/or disgruntled Tea Party ‘Patriot’ or veteran (Micah X, Lee H) could create incendiary destruction for the enemies of our nation and our peoples.
If any of this treason is on the table it needs to be immediately stopped & arrested.
Please let me know if I can be of any help.
Many thanks for all y’all’s work,

This is just a hypothesis at this point...but it sometimes is good to get ahead of the curve as this will sometimes derail their planning (if enough people "guess" what they're up to the "authenticity" of the caper is soiled).  In any case...IMO there WILL most likely be a plan to find a new candidate to replace Hillary and go up against Trump.


Northerntruthseeker said...

No Caw rant? I am disappointed.. LOL...

Interesting find, crow... But again I am leaning on this all being part of the ploy to deflect attention away from the evils of that demonic murderous creature....

greencrow said...

The sad part is that if you even THINK there's going to be an pretty well have to write about your concerns....if only to scare them off. So, what happens is your credibility suffers every time you predict something that doesn't happen. But, if nobody predicts or tries to pre-empt their evil behaviour...then they have carte blanche. So, they've got us coming and going : (