Friday, July 1, 2016

Heterosexual Pride Day - Does Society Need One?

Transgender Military in the West - Note Canadian Flag

If things keep trending in the current direction, yes, we WILL need to have a "Heterosexual Pride Day".    Humanity is being spliced, diced and minced into ever smaller "interest groups" and "stakeholders".  All the better for the controllers.  Pit one side against the the makes for an interesting diversion...from real and pressing issues.

Today we hear that the US Military has removed barriers to military troops coming out as transsexuals. Well, why the hell not? Female troops have traditionally been the subject of discrimination and harassment.  Perhaps now that their numbers are being shored up by hybrid females...the climate will be more welcoming [sarc]. I'm all for this long as it applies to the most famous transsexual in the US military....whistle blower Chelsea Manning.  Chelsea has suffered so long and has been under forced imprisonment [for 35 years] as a male that this true American Hero needs a break.  

Chelsea Manning - sentenced to 35 years
for revealing US war crimes during the
(acknowledged by US) illegal invasion of Iraq

One might ask...What has brought about this dramatic turnaround in social consciousness?  Why have transsexuals been at the center of media focus during the past, say, eight years or so? Well, it might have something to do with the current president, Barack Obama.  The media has been dancing around this guy for years...flirting with the idea that he "might be gay".  Witness the most recent silliness around the "Bromance" between Obama and Canada's Dauphin Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  BTW, if I read or hear the word "bromance" one more time I'm gonna barf!

Yes, Obama has set the stage for a sexual revolution of sorts....

Michelle Obama and partner

but it has always been alluded to...never publicly disclosed....with the notable exception of the tragically deceased celebrity/comedienne the late Joan Rivers.  She did disclose that Michelle Obama was a "tranny" but suffered an untimely death just two weeks later...before she could repeat or elaborate on her shocking disclosure. 

US First Lady, Michelle Obama

So, while the transgenders come out of the shadows and enjoy some time in the will it affect heterosexuals?  Will we wilt in the shade...suffering loss of confidence at our boring "normalcy"?  Perhaps we, too, will need a parade to bolster our spirits.  

Or, perhaps humans will grow up and put sexuality where it the privacy of our homes and bedrooms.  We will show respect for all, but with an understanding of what "normal" is and an encouragement towards a "normal" society.  Lately, "normal" has taken on an almost pejorative connotation. As Camille Paglia has warned.....sexual orientation is fluid and can change....and a society moving towards open and predominant homosexuality has, historically, signalled cultural collapse.


Penny said...

I'm all for a heterosexual day! Parade and all- we can bring our multi generational families- that are biologically ours

greencrow said...

Dare we? It might be considered "oppressive" by various and sundry newly minted minorities. Perhaps with the transhumanism agenda upon us....some we don't even know about yet.

james@wpc said...

Nah, . . . it's sure to offend the offensive

greencrow said...

Hi James:

The issue here is more serious than being offended by the differences in sexual is, IMO, about the PTB laying the groundwork for a society where humans are superceded by a transhuman species....that doesn't have any sexual preference or reproductive capacity. These transhumans are seen as being preferential to current humanity...which is to a very large extent controlled [and its work capacity diminished] by reproductive biology. That is why trans-sexuals are the focus of this social engineering experiment. They don't have any reproductive capacity when they are functioning as trans-sexuals. The goal is to make this anomaly "normal"....prior to the introduction of the a-sexual robotic transhumans. Scary? You bet!

james@wpc said...

It was a flippant comment, for sure, and there is a deeper problem behind it, I agree.

I also agree with everything you are saying here. I see it all within a framework of the psychopaths seeing themselves as the next evolutionary stage with humanity dying out (with their help, of course - law of the jungle and all that) just like the Neanderthals.

Accordingly, they are waging war against us in every way they can including all the ways you mentioned and then some. All that will be left of us (they hope) is some robotic facsimile of humanity that they totally control for their own benefit.

greencrow said...

Yes, James, to them we are the Neaderthals....with our reproductive and sexual components dragging us down (in their eyes) in terms of productivity and economy. We will be phased out by A-sexual, micro-chipped drones.