Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dubya....Drunk?...or Demented...You be the Judge

George W. Bush...acting Drunk on the Stage at the
Memorial for the latest victims of False Flag Gladio
Note Michael's skirt....What's with the wierd lengths?

But, seriously, folks...wouldn't you drink if you were responsible for two illegal wars, killing millions of men, women and children.... and destroying two sovereign nations? Or, maybe he's setting the stage (no pun intended) for a legal defense of "dementia"...should he and mob partner Tony Bliar be hauled away to an international criminal court....which, in a world governed by the rule of law...would have happened years ago...before the wars took place.  I will never forget reading about George's glee when he toppled Saddam's statue in Baghdad...and his perplexity when he belatedly discovered that there were two cultures in Iraq...Sunni and Shite....he scratched his head at that one. He thought they were just all A-Rabs.

Meanwhile, back in the part of the world where George's destruction began...Russia is cleaning up the mess:

Russian Bombers strike ISIS strong holds in Syria


RickB said...

Great catch. Friggin unbelievable.

The Great Decider is losing what little, feeble mind he has... because he's living a lie and untouchable.

greencrow said...

No doubt he has trouble sleeping at night.

Sadly, the only way Americans will get their country back is by bringing to real justice those responsible for all the government-perpetrated crime since JFK (George H.W. Bush) to Obama. Judicial Sunlight is the best disinfectant.