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CawRANT Events #28

CawRANT Events #28

Lots to talk about after the last week

Here I am back on CawRANT Events...again a day late and a dollar short. I had some family in town over the past few days and that has taken me away from the blog.  Additionally, in the next couple of weeks, we're going on our annual sailing holiday so I will be away from my laptop. I do take my Ipad but it's virtually useless for blogging as I've found.  Window's 10 keeps harassing me to upgrade my laptop.  Finally, I've concluded that I need to buy another laptop soon with Windows 10 already installed. If I update this old laptop it will most likely crash.  So, once I've switched over to my new laptop...I will simply disconnect this one and put it on the shelf.  Wonder if I would be able to go on the Internet on it in six months time...probably not. All this need to upgrade devices is like a hidden tax on going on the Internet.  Windows 10 is, IMO, a program that will intensify the already pervasive surveillance AND will be used to exact money from Internet Users...much like the cable company charge for "packages" of cable channels. Only the wealthy will be able to access the really interesting channels...the rest of us will be fed garbage...and I mean SLOP!!!  Now...on to my RANT!

The CBC going down the swirly...

Speaking of slop...the taxpayer funded CBC is no longer a voice of Canadians...but a mouthpiece for globalist propaganda. I have been watching the public network closely for a month now, ever since I was booted off the forums for refusing to post under my real name (I post under my moniker "greencrow"). Not only are the comments now filled with tepid opinions...but the propaganda has rocketed skyward. The reason is the move by the Internet controllers to force peons to use their real names (Facebook insists you use your real names to sign up). The megaphone ziotrolls who spam the Internet have multiple Internet accounts with multiple names...it is only the intrepid truthers who are being silenced by this tactic. Don't know if I could sign onto Twitter under greencrow but Twitter is being used by the PTB and anyone who doesn't see that is an idiot. 

Twitter is encouraging a Race Riot

Rand Paul's reaction to Hillary's Skate from Justice is expressed in a "Tweetstorm"????

So, sadly, Just like on the CBC now, in the future to use any forums on the Internet we will have to belong to Face Book. Then they will come for the bloggers.  I believe there will be a seachange on the Internet after the end of this month (July, 2016) when most people are on holidays...that's when government likes to introduce unpleasant changes...so when people come back from vacation...they are surprised to see that it's a done deal....Bloggers will have to post under their real names...there will be charges for running a blog....etc., etc.

In other Canadian news:

Sputnik is reporting that Canada is wanting to buy Boeings "Super Hornets" but dare not rile US vindictive competition. You would never see this headline on the CBC. Of course, Canada is leary about buying the US lemon military aircraft.  But it ain't gonna happen. Buying aircraft is ceding a country's sovereignty to the seller....dontchaknow...what with all the agreements for repairs, replacements...and most importantly as we found out in during the crisis that developed last Spring when the Turkish air farce shot down the Russian SU34. We found out, incredibly, that if a  country is flying a US built plane...it has to ask US permission to use the plane on any given mission and to fire the airplane weaponry! So the US gave permission for the Turkish plane to shoot down the Russian plane. Incredible, but that's what I read.

Moving on to International news....Two Crooks Skated from Justice this Past Week

First, of course, Hillary...whose immunity from the "Justice" system I covered in several posts during the past week.  I will post another video later. Now we have the so-called "Chilcot Inquiry" in the UK which allowed the mass murdering Tony Bliar to avoid legal repercussions for the "Illegal" war on Iraq:

Mass Murderer Tony Bliar

How well I remember the run up to the Iraq War in the early 2000's. I was posting on the New York Times Forums back then and got into some heated running discussions with posters from the US and all over the world. It was all laid out by the anti-war folks like a neat waiter....Bush and Bliar were war criminals fomenting a war based on lies...the lack of WMD had been established by insiders who went public. David Kelly was one and was blatantly murdered by Bliar for telling the truth.  So we didn't need a retrospective Chilkot Inquiry...we knew BEFORE all the people were killed and Iraq destroyed that this was illegal...the perps should have been arrested and tried back then.  One way to stop the war carnage on a dime is to send the Media Giant CEO's to jail for failing to print the truth.

But they weren't...and the Chilkot Inquiry is yet another insult to the intelligence of humanity.  It is just another slap in the face of justice and the rule of law. It is just more proof that there is a law for the 1% and a law for the rest of us and only a revolution will change that fact.

Police violence against blacks

In the past week there have been at least two false flags using the meme of police violence against blacks. Now, I have written several posts saying that there is deep discrimination against blacks in USrael and this dates back to the Jews bringing slaves to the US in the 16th and 17th centuries. So, while this discrimination does exist...now the demonic cabal is using the meme as a distraction to their other dastardly deeds (like allowing Hillary to skate from justice). With their factotem SOROS...they are deliberately fomenting black anger in a "divide and conquer" summer diversion from the shenanigans they're going to be pulling around the US Democratic and Republican party conventions and the November (s)election.

The reality about the police forces in the West is brilliantly encapsulated in this article:  It's all about that 15%!  The police forces have (like all government organizations) been infiltrated by moles who control the rest of the force.

NATO desperate to start WWII while they still have warmongers in the White House

Fort Russ has an analysis of the reasons behind John Kerry's four trips to Moscow already this year. NATO is playing Russian roulette, with WWIII being the bullet pointed at Russia's head.  NATO is moving missiles into Romania and Latvia.  These missile launchers can be used to fire nuclear missiles at Russian nuclear facilities with only five minutes notice. Kerry is the follow-up guy....going to Russia to issue the threat directly and see if Russia will capitulate to the globalists without a shot being fired. In other words Kerry is the guy tasked with asking Russia to commit suicide.

Most people I talk with don't have a clue how close the world is to a Nuclear Armageddon. You can't even bring the subject up. If you were so stupid as to do so...you would get a major "rolling of the eyes and big sigh" reaction.  For those who still have two brain cells to rub together...here is a must-read warning by PCR about how close NATO and the evil cabal have brought the world to imminent destruction. If I were the Kremlin...I would immediately blast Romania and Latvia off the face of the earth...before they get the missile bases...but that's moi. : [

Getting their War Princess into office is the cabal's current priority Job #1

Hillary Clinton, fresh from her "close" escape from Justice...and after getting a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card from a former Clinton bagman, current FBI Director James Comey...has just this morning received an endorsement from Clinton mole faux candidate Bernie Sanders.  Well, honestly folks...what did you think Bernie was going to do? He doesn't want to end up in Fort Marcy Park!

Robert Steel on the Clinton Foundation
$100 Billion Dollar Fraud

In the above video, blogger and ex CIA agent, Robert Steel, goes into detail about how Hillary managed to avoid the justice the rest of us would face if we used government e-mail to sell government favours and contracts for our own personal enrichment. He also talks about the Clinton "Charitable" foundation and how it has never given a shekel to charity but has amassed some say as much as $100 billion from illegal activities, including clearly treasonous activities.

Mention is made in the video of the disastrous earthquake in Haiti some years back.  This man-made earthquake was used by the Bush Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Family to raise funds purported to be used to rebuild Haiti. According to those who have been to Haiti...nothing was spent there and the place is still a disaster...as it is meant (for political reasons) to remain.

Use your imaginations...folks...to imagine what this incubus/succubus will do to the world if she is (s)elected.  Think of the worst outcome you can think of...and then double it and then think again.

Finally, back to a local story...

I saw the below headline and link on the Internet last week.  It's about an unusual cloud formation spotted in the skies over Dorset, UK.  

Waves in the sky! Extraordinary photographs taken on an iPhone show ultra-rare wavelike clouds forming over Dorset landscape 

  • Unique formation, known as Undulatus asperatus, develops when undulation in the atmosphere causes air to move
  • When wind makes contact with the base of low-lying clouds, a striking wavy motion then appears across the sky
  • Incredible shots were captured by amateur cloud photographer, Simon Hammond, in locations across Dorset
Undulatus asperatus clouds in England
Par for the course over the Vancouver Lower Mainland!

Unfortunately, I have to advise that the above cloud formation is NOT unusual. We see the above almost every second day in the Lower Mainland...and worse...much darker and bigger...looming, in fact. Thinking about it made me consider the sad fact that I haven't seen a "real, natural" cloud in more than a decade. All the clouds we see nowadays are man-made. Gawd knows what chemicals are in them...on top of the "coal ash" that they're made out of.

Well, that's it for this RANT, folks. Even though it's full of foreboding...and the past week has been particularly traumatic...we should look to our families and our pets for comfort, support and enjoyment. In spite of all "they" have done to this world...it is still a paradise.

Bye, till next time...

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