Wednesday, June 8, 2016

UPDATED: The Internet is in the Process of Becoming a "Tower of Babel"

UPDATE: June 8, 2016 Again, the greencrow appears to be prescient. Leaks from the upcoming "Bilderberg Meeting" indicate the PTB plan to "eviscerate anonymity on the Internet". It's depressing to out thumpk them all the time...

Tower of Babel

The Internet, a significant part of which has slowly been separated off and known as "social media", is slowly and deliberately being morphed into a contemporary "Tower of Babel". More and more you have to join the communication silos called "Facebook", "Twitter", "Instagram" etc. in order to access forums to speak out about public issues. These silos are more often (like Facebook) insisting that you "out" yourself by using your first name and last. They are no longer allowing the anonymity of pseudonyms (like 'greencrow') which I have been using since about 2003.) The controllers of society like to "harmonize" all the systems...which is just another way of saying "plug all the loop holes" in their ever more intrusive systems of global control.

Here is an e-mail I recently received from the CBC about their new "platform" as they call their comments forums:

Changes coming to commenting on

This email has been sent to all registered members of who use a social media address to sign-in to our platform.We’d like to share some important news about a move first announced in March and that we hope will have a positive effect on the conversations happening in our online spaces. Starting next week, all community members will be asked to use their real names when contributing to our sites.We’re starting over fresh, asking everyone who signs-in with an email address to create a new account. For community members like you who sign in to our platform through a social media account, you won’t need to create a new account, but there are other things you need to know.
How it’ll workStarting on June 13 at 10 a.m. ET, we will only accept comments for publication if they’re signed by a name that looks real. Your name will be moderated, just as your comments are.
If you use a pseudonym now, you’ll need to change your name directly within the social media site you use to log on. Here’s your fair warning: if you change your name in this way, all the past comments you made on our site will now be linked to your new name. If that’s not something you’re comfortable with, you can create an entirely new account for commenting on, using your email address.
A fresh start and a work in progressThis is just another step as we continue to evolve our digital communities; we welcome your constructive thoughts, ideas and feedback. Most importantly, we hope you’ll help lead and shape our new community. You can read more on how we’re building a better community on our blog and please check out the FAQs for more details.
Finally, we recognize that some of you won’t be pleased with our move to real names, but we’re hoping that the majority of you will see the value in promoting transparency within our online communities.
Welcome to your new community (starting June 13).
Alex Johnston
Vice-President, Strategy and Public Affairs
and the Community Team
[emphasis is mine]

All I can say is, good luck to the CBC.  The comments forums are, IMO, going to die a quick and nasty death.  As I said in an earlier post...this is a juvenile and short-sighted decision and smacks of the Dauphin Prime Minister. He probably woke up one morning and decided to make a 'real" decision...and this was the only one his handlers would let him make, lol.

The CBC doesn't care a whit about the abuse, harassment and threats posters could endure when they post about unpopular "hot button" topics or voice an unpopular/minority viewpoint. You see...the PTB want to stifle and silence those posters entirely. That's the purpose of the whole exercise.

Here's a blogger (an excellent one, in fact) who does post opinions under his own name. Read what Paul Craig Roberts alludes to experiencing by not using a pseudonym.

Dear Readers:
This is your website. It will stay up as long as you support it.
The website has far more readers than donors.
I receive many appreciative comments from readers such as these: 
Dr. Roberts, I find all your articles so thoughtful and always on target. I just had to write tonight after reading this current one to tell you I found it exceptional. You have a way of laying out these moments of the trials of our existence in these horrible times clearly and carefully so that we can share what you say with those few souls left who can still face what our leaders are up to and wish to inform others. This piece brought tears and yet I will always want to know rather than not know no matter how miserable the news. Thank you, thank you for your great website. Diane 
Sir, Thank you for what you do. You offer a unique perspective to geopolitical analysis, you take seemingly complex situations and make them simple to understand. After watching enough of your interviews over the years, I’ve caught on to your way of thinking. I’m now able to sort through rhetoric and use current trends to predict future events accurately. God bless you and your family, hope to see you on the other side of whatever comes next. Sincerely, Derek 
..this is fabulous…and important I believe. It’s not just that you help people understand, you act as a catalyst for other writers and proponents for a radical course correction – your work paves the way for those hungry to add themselves to the frontline for truth telling… And some day, something will crack somewhere… Gunnar 
I also receive a lot of abuse.Writing for you requires much work, commitment and energy, and the costs are high in terms of alternative uses of my time. Show me your financial support. 
Paul Craig Roberts 

Now, why should Paul Craig Roberts receive abuse for exercising his Constitutional Right to Free Speech? The truth is that the Internet has always been a breeding ground for trolls, shills, phishers and spammers. The companies that run monopolies that support the Internet apparently can do nothing to stop those who really want to silence and harass free speech.  In fact, certain nations employ young people and pay them to troll and spam and phish the Internet. The spammers, trolls and shills who plague the CBC forums--and provide the ostensible excuse to get rid of pseudonyms--will not be deterred at all. They have hundreds of accounts and post under multiple names anyway. The ONLY posters who will be affected are the true alternate and "truther" posters....who risk being punished socially (at the very least) when they are identified. Anonymous speech has always been the final bastion in the fight to maintain the right to voice unpopular truths and opinions. [someone in Canada should launch a lawsuit against the CBC under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms....wait for it!]

But incrementally the Internet becomes more funneled towards the final advertising, moneymaking propaganda television has become...and like the movies always were.  More ominously, there will be a new surveillance component that the other two media lacked.

On a daily basis I get badgered to download (or is it upload?) Windows 10 onto my laptop. At first I got "invitations"...but now they're sounding more and more like threats. I've heard enough horror stories to doubt whether my old device can handle all the memory that will be sucked into the Windows 10 Vortex. Here's a warning about a....

Windows 10 bandwidth-hogging feature

Once they get everyone on Windows 10...then the real repression/surveillance will begin. Every keystroke will be tracked. All Bloggers will have to use their real names....transparency, dontchaknow.  They'll start creating even smaller communication silos...and charging to access them. You'll only be able to access certain "platforms" for a Like, who would want to pay! But most repressive all...and I'm already suspecting this is going on...Google is going to isolate certain alternative websites and direct traffic away from them....Bloggers will exist in some kind of ether, matrix or "Truman's World" where they "think" they have a geopolitical blog (as an example) but in fact they're not even really on the Internet...just a mirage, pseudo Internet.  If you think that's wierd, read on....

Does anyone know why spammers post on blogs? Here is a random example of a recent piece of spam I received on my blog? What could be the purpose of doing something like this? It must serve SOME purpose.  Can anyone please tell me?

Spam from yesterday:
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Yes, before long, the Internet will become so controlled they'll have us all separated into harmless little Internet Potemkin Villages....blogging and babbling away like caged budgies...into a virtual mirror. We'll become as powerless as the workers in the biblical Tower of Babel after they all started speaking different languages:

Tower of Babel workers were made to speak different languages
so the building would stop. 


Anonymous said...

There was a time when i thought the uk government wanted me to stop smoking for the good of my health,what fuxxing planet was i on.

greencrow said...

That universal health care don't come cheap. Now, it's all about "wellness".