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Vaccinations, Autism....and whaaaaa?! Retro-Viruses!!!!????

Robert Kennedy Jr on the connection
between vaccinations and autism
(BTW don't call it "child autism"
It lasts your whole life and never goes away
it is responsible for destroying whole generations
of families with grief, expense, stress,
and lost potential!)

The truth about the vaccine/autism connection is coming out of the woodwork.  Now even some official reports have been allowed to slip through the ziofascist media filter...that support the longstanding claim that mercury (thimersol) in vaccinations causes autism...DUH!

So much anecdotal evidence supports this...that the PTB mind controllers had to degrade the concept of "anecdotal evidence" (people saying it either happened to them or to people they knew) and render it unusable in studies and reports. Now, the only "evidence" that is acceptable to Big Pharma and their mass JM$M handmaidens are "scientific studies" preferably done in the labs of Big Pharma itself.

Robert Kennedy Jr has been speaking out on this for decades. While he has been a political/environmental activist all of his adult life, of course he could never run for public office....because there's a permanent contract out on all Kennedy's who fly above the political radar. The reason the connection between autism and vaccinations can never be formally accepted by the powers that be is simple. Mass lawsuits would bankrupt all pharmaceutical companies in the West. And, as we are well aware...Big the banksters and the military industrial complex are all "too big to fail". So our children will continue to this little boy in a story that appeared in today's news:

Mississauga mother Melanie Palaypayon has been trying to get IBI autism treatment for her 6-year-old son, Xavier.   (Lucas Oleniuk / Toronto Star)

Melanie Palaypayon had her Friday planned out. The Mississauga mother intended to park herself outside her MPP’s constituency office, hand out flyers and hold a solo protest against new provincial autism rules that mean her 6-year-old son is no longer eligible for intensive behavioral intervention.
She’d even told staff in Liberal Bob Delaney’s office she was coming.
Until Peel Regional Police banged on her front door at 8:30 that morning.
“I ran downstairs and saw two police officers and opened the door. I asked, ‘What happened?’” Palaypayon told the Star.
Turns out they were there to talk about what she would be up to at Delaney’s office that day, she says.
Article Continued Below
“I told the police, ‘Really? They are scared of me?’ ” said Palaypayon, who is 5-foot-4 and a part-time nurse at an Oakville hospital. “I felt intimidated. It was surprise and shock, and I felt like I’m being threatened.”
The officers listened politely and the brief conversation ended pleasantly after they confirmed she could stand outside the office and hand out flyers, but not touch the door, she said.
The episode — reflecting how fraught the battle over recent changes to children’s autism services has become across the province — followed Palaypayon’s repeated calls to Delaney’s office. She had been requesting a meeting, including two calls on Thursday, so she could explain how new rules would affect her son Xavier.

As I've said in previous posts on the topic of autism, the risks of vaccinations came up close and personal to me when my son acquired ADD shortly after receiving a MMR shot when he was about 3. After he became an adult...he disclosed to me that he could not feel his legs for a brief period when he woke up the day after receiving the shot.  Also, as a Social Worker here in the Vancouver lower mainland prior to my retirement, I worked with families with children with special needs for a year. During that period, I did the contracts for the autism funding which is referred to above. What it amounted to was $20,000 (or less) given to the families to purchase their own therapeutic interventions for the autism that afflicted their child. These interventions are rare and hard to qualify for...sometimes with long waiting lists.  It's debatable how effective they are (probably a specialized diet would have more beneficial effect).  I always felt (but never expressed aloud) that it was a 'bandaid" solution and more or less hush money so the families would quietly accept their lot in life and not go seeking answers about what (and who) was behind the devastating diagnosis.  Instead of the million$ these parents deserve by way of a lawsuit for medical malpractise....they have to go begging for thousands of dollars as a "one time" settlement.

But have even more disturbing news.  A scientist has come out and said that the vaccinations we lined up since infancy to the docile sheeple that we are....contain something called 'retro viruses" which could become activated or triggered at any time during our lifetimes...causing more devastating diseases.  Here is the video interview 

Richie Allen Interview with Doctor
about Vaccines and Retro-viruses

File under the Heading:  "You'll Never Work In This Town Again"

Finally, on this sad topic...we have some prominent celebrities putting their careers on the line by coming out and declaring in media reports that their children and grandchildrens' autism was caused by vaccinations. From Jon Rappoport:

The roof is beginning to cave in on the vaccine empire.
Now, in the wake of the unsuccessful attempt to censor the film Vaxxed (trailer), we have Bob Wright, the former CEO of media giant, NBC Universal, authoring a new book, “The Wright Stuff: From NBC to Autism Speaks.”In its review of the bookAccuracy in Media provides a devastating quote from Wright about his autistic grandson:
“Right after he got the standard one-year vaccinations, he developed a very high fever and screamed for hours. Katie [Wright’s daughter] was so frightened she called her husband to come home from work and they put the baby in an ice bath to bring down the fever. When they called the doctor they were told the reaction was completely normal.”

Here we have actor Aidan Quinn saying his daughter's autism was cause by vaccines.  If you ever see Mr. Quinn in another major movie in the future...let me know.

Regardless of the personal risk...more and more people are standing up and speaking out about this unnecessary blight and risk affecting our children...supposedly our most precious resource.  I ask you the common sense question...what would the health fall out be of stopping vaccinations completely for 10 years while they were thoroughly investigated for dangerous mercury and other (retro viruses?) are called?  Throughout human history people have contracted measles and mumps and survived. Perhaps these diseases are natural to our evolution. I would rather get the measles or mumps than have a "retro-virus" pumped into my lie dormant for decades and then spring to life causing death. I'm sick to death of this micro-managing of the human population.  We're becoming little more than gerbils in the labs of Big Pharma. Here's the latest double down by the Big Pharma merchants of vaccination death -

New Vaccines will permanently alter human DNA

Blogger Jon Rappoport is reporting that the new generations of vaccines will permanently alter Human DNA.  Well, didn't you just know that's where the Satanists were going with this vaccination ploy?  Their "success" at causing millions of human vegetables (humans living with autism) has encouraged them to continue on their dark, secret path to destroy the entire human species as we know it. They truly are evil. Will parents have the courage to protect their children? Stay tuned.

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