Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Stranger than Fiction News

Separated at birth?


Mr. Reptilian

I guess there isn't a lot of choice between USrael puppets in Brazil. Apparently, the only suitable candidate for the job is a guy who looks just like the reptile that he most likely IS.

Canada - the Supposed Land of the Free

Mysterious Information Lock-Down on Fort MacMurray in aftermath of "Forest Fire". They don't want anyone sniffing around for signs of accelerants?

Fort MacMurray - Got to Sign a Non-Disclosure
Agreement to get in.  Got something to Hide?

An interesting comment to the story.....

I am a couple of hours drive south of Ft.McMurray and have worked/visited the place many times over the past thirty years. Many people from across the country do the same thing but there are more things going on in the woods of Northern Alberta than just resource extraction.
Foreign ownership of large swaths of the tar sands is no secret but hiring only people from those foreign nations is not well publicized as you might imagine. Similarly, disputes over the land surrounding Ft.McMurray have been a hot issue for years because the land leased to producers will return many more dollars to the government than the land used to build more houses. [Link]
From the turn of last century the forests of Alberta have been home to military training camps from many allied countries and that trend continues to this day [Link] . Mossad is the first one that comes to mind because of my own personal experiences with their members here in Alberta but the U.S., Great Britain and others have large facilities tucked away up here. You don't get to see them using Google maps because you are not meant to; you have to stumble across them (which is darn near impossible but it's been done) or you pay close attention to late night conversations in area drinking spots.
Lastly, there is a lot of naturally occuring radioactive material in the ground up here; so much that people theorize that more money could be made by mining the stuff than by re-building the city of Ft. McMurray.
I cannot tell you exactly why there is such secrecy surrounding the city right now but considering all that goes on up here, both known and unknown, you can bet the fire fighters and first responders have seen some very interesting things.

9/11 footage that has never been seen

When is the United States going to solve the worst unsolved crime in American History?....before it's perpetrators and their sociopathic residue lead us all to WWIII and the end of the world as we know it?

The Mass Graves of Ireland:

One of the few countries that has actually suffered a holocaust is Ireland.  Over a period of several centuries...the Brits and their bankster ziohandlers tried to snuff out the indigenous Celtic people of Ireland. The truth is still emerging about deliberately caused "famines" and the slave trade to the new world made up of Irish men (and women) who were reduced to stealing food to survive in their homeland... and then punished by being sent off forever.

Here is information about the mass graves of Ireland.

Turkey preventing Syrian scholars from returning to Syria

Turkey has no problem sending Syrian refugees "back where they came from" or on to uncertainty and negative receptions in over-populated countries across Europe.  But Wait!  If you have a good education and/or a profession....they won't let you leave, even if you want to.  This is SOP for the NATO warlords when they're destroying a country.

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