Sunday, May 1, 2016

Secret US Civil War News...Continued

Separated at birth?

         Mark Toner

                 John Kirby

Again, apologies for confusing the two interchangeable spokespersons for the US State Department in my previous post. Not only do they look alike...they sound exactly they bob and weave...dodging the questions of Matt Lee.

Yesterday, Northern Truthseeker posted a shocking video that corroborates my contention that the United States is in a secret civil war...with factions operating on two separate and opposing tracks in Syria.  The "White Helmets", an NGO that one faction of the government is supporting to the tune of $23 million in supposed to be non-alligned and bringing peace to the war torn land...but is actually a nest of foreign agents (CIA/M16/Mossad?) supporting the foreign-backed terrorists.  This video shows the White Helmets demonstrating along with al of the terrorist groups. Worse, it shows the "White Helmets" immediately bagging a body of a man within seconds of him being summarily executed by the Terrorists. How disgusting is that? No wonder the "other faction" of the US government recently refused to allow the leader of the "White Helmets" into the US to accept an award on behalf of the group! They probably knew this shocking video was coming down the pike and ready to embarrass the entire US government...which it has.

Here is the video courtesy of NTS:

"White Helmets" are in fact a Terrorist group being
supported by one faction in the
US government secret civil war

How much more blatant can it get before Americans start to ask "Which side" (of the civil war) are YOU on"? of ALL their government representatives...including candidates standing for elective office?

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