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CawRANT Events #25

CawRANT Events #25

Another gorgeous day in the Pacific Northwest and here I am plunking way at my laptop keyboard. Time for my 25th CawRANT!  Coincidentally, I'm closing in on my 500th post. When that occurs I'll do a reflection post.  Looking over my CawRANT file, there are a lot of updates to post on issues covered in the last few weeks.

It's Official - There Was a Coup in Brazil

First, we have Paul Craig Roberts posting last night that certain pundits are concluding there was a recent coup (by the usual suspects) done in Brazil.  I called it a coup back on ......

Thursday, May 12, 2016 and here is the relevant post:

UPDATED: Brazil latest victim of US Economic Hitmen
UPDATED:  May 11, 2016 Geopolitical analyst and journalistPepe Escobar has a very good and detailed analysis of all the ins and outs of the USrael removal of Brazil's democratically elected President from office

Brazil President Dilma Rousseff
‘Brazilian senators have voted to put President Dilma Rousseff on trial for breaking budget laws. She is to be suspended from her post after five years in power.“Today we are trying to overcome this situation by removing an irresponsible government. We have no alternative,” said Senator Blairo Maggi, as cited by Reuters.The senate voted 55 against 22 in favor of putting the Brazilian president on trial.Vice-President Michel Temer is to become acting president during Rousseff’s trial, according to the senate.’The BRICS Post reports on the democratic takedown.
As blogger Stephen Lendman says   This is yet another parliamentary coup...Read his comments and I will have my own thoughts to follow:
"In an overnight Wednesday session, majority fascist Brazilian senators voted to impeach Rousseff without just cause - following majority lower house members in mid-April voting the same way.An 11th hour Supreme Court appeal on her behalf was denied, along with a separate appeal to bar vice president/interim president Michel Temer from replacing her ministers with ones he and other fascists usurping power choose.
Rousseff must now step down for 180 days until a Senate trial convicts or exonerates her. Removing her requires a two-thirds majority. A previous article explained no legitimate grounds for impeachment exist.She committed no crimes. Charges allege budgetary practices similar to what many government employ legally without opposition.
Her supporters held an overnight vigil. Street protests are planned. Once officially notified of suspension, she’ll address the nation on national television, making her case before the Brazilian people.
No legal basis justifies removing her. The US-manipulated scheme involves replacing social democracy with neoliberal harshness..."
John Perkins should be doing the "play by play" of this typical economic hit by the USrael Economic hitmen.  It follows all the "rules of the game".  It is similar to the Ukraine "regime change coup" in that trumped up charges against the duly elected government are followed by political shenanigans and staged (Soros?) public demonstrations.  Will Nuland be handing out cookies in the city square?
Rousseff has fought valiantly for democracy in Brazil but she'd better watch out...because the economic hitmen are just that...hitmen. IMO, Her life is in danger. This political close to the Summer Olympics, is set to ensure that a western frontman puppet leader will be greeting all the dignitaries at the opening ceremonies. The country will be rendered an unsafe place for leaders like Putin to join in the festivities.  It is also a direct hit at the heart of BRICS...the alternative trade agreement partnership to the TTIP group...led by USrael/NATO.  This coup follows months of economic and political turmoil stirred up by the expert economic hitmen. The bottom line is that democracy and economic/political sovereignty are luxuries that countries like Brazil, Ukraine and others simply cannot afford.
Once the coup perpetrators have their clutches on the reins of power...Brazil will be made into a dysfunctional, economically bankrupt state like Ukraine is now. Political chaos, economic instability, social unrest...police's what they dooooooooooooooooooo!
Will Russia and China Respond to Brazil Coup?

This coup is different from all the other coups in that it is the first one the perps have done against a BRICS member.  BRICS, as everyone knows, is the trade and security association started by Russia and China to offset all the western trade and security associations lined up against them by the West (eg., G7, NATO, EU, TTIP, etc.). It remains to be seen whether BRICS will take this attack on their association "lying down".  Of course, we all know about the "Munroe Doctrine" ....which has been in place for over a century now...which states that all the countries in the Western Hemisphere are the playthings of USrael.  So really...who's screwing who? the question here. Should Russia and China have had the temerity (lol play on words here with the puppet "Michel Temer" put in place of President Dilma Rousseff) to have horned into the US's turf in South America (according to Munroe Doctrine) to form BRICS?

I would suggest that Russia/China/BRICS cannot take this attack lying down.... if they want to be taken seriously as an alternative to the globalist, neocon, bankster warmongers (did I leave any pejorative adjectives out?)

Quick!  Look over there! Humans can always Travel to Mars if it gets unliveable on Earth!

Next....I want to ask the age old question....why do the elite want the rest of us to believe there is a possibility of travelling to other planets? Here's the CBC scientific "Liar in Chief" Bob MacDonald postulating about travel to Mars... Bob MacDonald is one of those CBC fossils like News Anchor Peter Mansbridge. The CBC dare not hire young broadcasters and (gawd forbid) they might deviate from the fossilized viewpoints of the CBC. I wrote Bob once and accused him of serial lies about the "Lunar" missions/hoaxes.  It was right after the crash of the Space Shuttle that blew up over Texas while attempting to land. Bob came on the CBC radio news moments after the tragedy (I heard him while I was driving home from work) and said that there was no way other than sabotage that that shuttle blew up. The next day or shortly thereafter he totally retracted what he had was all an accident...some gizmo on board the Shuttle had not functioned properly. I wrote and told him he was probably right the first time and asked why he had "sold out" his profession as a "scientist" be a propaganda mouthpiece.  It was shortly thereafter that old Bob stopped taking questions on the CBC forums....couldn't stand the heat...but never got out of the kitchen. old Bob is saying we can go to Mars. Bob never brings up the inconvenient truths about the Van Allen Radiation Belts.

My theory is that the elite need the plebians (us) to believe we can start over on some other planet so we won't wake up and stop them from destroying this one (the only one we will ever have).

Speaking of the CBC.  After tomorrow, starting June 1st, I will never again be able to comment there as "Greencrow"

After almost two decades of commenting on the CBC I will be virtually banned. The CBC, you see, has made the ridiculous decision to insist that commenters use their real names...first and last.  Who in their right minds would open themselves up to surveillance by the NSA, harrassment by the paid Ziotrolls posting from Israel with their hundreds of accounts and all the other wingnuts that habituate forums (present company excepted, of course : )  All I can add is that the decision smacks of juvenile and petty it must have been made by Justin, himself.

Hey, this is turning into a real RANT!  I'm on a rollllllllllllllllllllllll  lemmee see...who else can I go after?

Oh yes, I found this excellent video called "Love Thy Neighbour" on Uprootedpalestinian's Blog [Sorry, I linked the wrong video originally, this is the correct one]

Love Thy Neighbour
A Documentary by Patrick Rooney
Being a GOY in the State of New York

I found this on Uprootedpalestinian's Blog

It's about the deeply rooted political corruption in the USA.  The excellent documentary video tells the story of one small town's fight against unilateral annexation by an extreme religious group.  It is a primer on how the political system works at all levels....from city hall and developers right up to the Presidency.  It's all the same.

Monsanto made a "killing" off the Iraq War...supplying (war crime) phosphorus bombs

I note in today's headlines that the Iraqi Army (whoever the hell is control of that!) is poised to re-take the small suburb of Baghdad called Fallujah. This small Sunni hometown of Saddam Hussein became famous when it made a last stand against the US Army back in the early 2000's. They rained phosphorus bombs down on it and razed it to the ground...literally "melting" the last remaining inhabitants.  According to this report, Monsanto made a literal "killing" off the making of phosphorus bombs used in that war crime as well as the later attack on Gaza.  Will Iraq ever be in a position to sue the @$$ off Monsanto? If there's a Gawd in heaven...they will.

Bird News

Finally,  I will end on one of my favourite topics....birds.  I see sadly there's a decline in the world's bird population.  Not surprising, given the human obsession with planetary degradation. 
But, even in the bird population, there are rock stars and heroes.  Here's a Crow who recently made headlines in Vancouver.

My own backyard crow visitors are becoming very persistent and demanding to get their "peanut rations"....Cawing right outside my bedroom window, flying inches from my head as I leave my front door and blocking my way down the walkway....They look me right in the eye...and demand their peanuts. After all...they have a family to feed!

That's it for this Rant...bye for now.

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