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UPDATE: Attawapiskat declares state of emergency over spate of suicide attempts

UPDATE:  April 13, 2016 Writer Joseph Boyden writes about the people of Attawapiskat...their history of residential cultural genocide and its impact on successive generations

UPDATE:  April 12, 2016  The Globe and Mail has an update on this story which indicates there may have been a "suicide pact" amongst some of the youth of the community. More wringing hands and talk...but action is long overdue! Here the CBC reports that the House of Commons is going to have an emergency debate on the issue. Proof Positive that the international coverage of the crisis is getting to the heretofore squeaky clean Trudeau Jr. government.  The first priority is the youth who are in collective despair.  Problem is...the situation is so immense...and doesn't just cover the crisis in the Indigenous Communities...I watched a documentary on TV the other night that showed that the last remaining wood buffalo herd at Wood Buffalo National Part is in danger due to mining and oil drilling destroying the environment. Mesmerized by the globalist, warmongering agenda of our neighbours to the south....Canadians have long been terrible stewards of our North.

Attawapiskat First Nation on remote James Bay

Among the 2,000 citizens of Attawapiskat on remote James Bay, 101 people have tried to kill themselves, with one person dying, since September, according to the First Nation's chief. (CBC)  
Attawapiskat declares state of emergency over spate of suicide attempts
Chief Bruce Shisheesh desperate for mental health services after 11 attempts on Saturday night alone 
The chief and council for the Attawapiskat First Nation on remote James Bay have declared a state of emergency, saying they're overwhelmed by the number of attempted suicides in the community.
On Saturday night alone, 11 people attempted to take their own lives, Chief Bruce Shisheesh said.
Shisheesh and the council met Saturday night and unanimously voted to declare the state of emergency. That compels such agencies as the Weeneebayko Health Authority in Moose Factory, Ont., and Health Canada to bring in additional resources.
Including Saturday's spate of suicide attempts, a total of 101 people of all ages have tried to kill themselves since September, Shisheesh said, with one person dying. The youngest was 11, the oldest 71.
The Cree community — home to about 2,000 residents — saw 28 attempts in March alone.
Last September, a group of five girls overdosed and had to be medevaced out of the community, Shisheesh said..."

This is disgusting. I am ashamed to be a Canadian where such a crisis occurs and everyone is wringing their hands but nobody is doing anything.  First Nations need appropriate housing to create healthy communities to raise their children. Children are dying because of inadequate and inappropriate housing.

While Canada goes off and fights stupid and criminal wars against the indigenous people of Afghanistan and Iraq...First Nations peoples are dying at home. Why weren't all the millions of dollar$ that were spent on the stupid, criminal wars spent on housing for indigenous peoples in the north?  And they don't need crappy row "white" housing.  As I tried to say in my first post on this topic a week or more ago...First Nations need housing that is culturally appropriate for their need to live communally.  If we keep isolating large families (15 people or more) in shoddy, inadequate housing...this will keep happening. It is a long term project. It will take a generation or more to see the difference in the suicide rates. Is it worth it? I would categorically say YES! If Canadians want to be stewards of the northern part of this hemisphere we have to put absolute priority on fixing this crisis.

Trudeau...get out of the limelight and into the Northern Lights--if you want Canada to continue as a nation and as a healthy place for indigenous families to grow and thrive!!!

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