Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Turkey....cross border shelling and arms traffiking to Syria...time for NATO to respond

Today's headlines read: "Turkish Fighters, Arms and Shelling continues to cross the border between Turkey and Syria".

Russian foreign minster warns that unless Turkey stops shelling Syrian territory and supplying weapons and fighters...the ceasefire will fail. What's wrong with this picture? The solution to the problem seems so simple a kindergarten student could come up with it...NATO needs to kick Turkey out of their military alliance if it (NATO) doesn't want to be accused of aiding the Terrorists.

NATO is supposed to be the strongest military alliance in the history of the planet. Why can't it get one of its members to abide by the Peace Agreement made between the head of NATO (the US) and Russia? You might well ask!

This is starting to look like a farce. Little Turkey is starting to look like the out-of-control-toddler kicking its parent in the shins in a super market. Russia, for its part, should stop playing along with the farce and call the situation for what it is...NATO is using Turkey as a proxy to destroy the Agreement. It all goes back to the basic premise that you cannot negotiate with megalomaniacs. The NATO member, US, does not and will not negotiate in good faith.

Unless NATO can control its minor member state, Turkey, Russia should act on the request from Iraq to come into its country legally and start bombing the Terrorists in Northern Iraq.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday his government would welcome Russian airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq.
Asked by France 24 television whether he had discussed airstrikes with Russia in his country, Abadi said: "Not yet ... It is a possibility. If we get the offer we will consider it and I would welcome it." [Oct. 2, 2015]

That, IMO, was the tit for tat underlying agreement behind the Syrian ceasefire. A month or more ago now, Iraq (informally?) requested Russia's assistance (a la Syria) in bombing and cutting the supply lines of ISIS and its ilk. Also, see my previous post.

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