Sunday, February 21, 2016

US Election Update: He's getting warm (Trump)

Donald Trump just won South Carolina Primary

The Amerian electorate is desperate.  Yes, truly desperate to hang on to the tattered vestiges of their once flourishing democracy.  In spite of the low level of personal attack and street fighting to which this slate of candidates has sunk...they're still engaged...and voting for the chief pugilist, Donald Trump.  Trump makes all sorts of erratic and dangerous questioning the governments official narrative on 911. While his concepts and beliefs about what happened and who was responsible for the deaths of over 3000 on September 11, 2001 are still wildly off the they say...he's getting warm. Apparently Trump recently threatened that if elected, he will re-investigate the crime and find out who's really responsible. My advice to the Donald? If he wins the California Primary...don't leave the Hotel via the kitchen.

Now we learn that Jeb Bush has "dropped out" after placing a distant fourth in the South Carolina primary. Wait! He didn't actually say he was dropping out...what he said was: "Today I'm suspending my campaign." 

NOTE: he's not dropping out...he's suspending...why? Likely because he believes that something will happen to Trump and he can jump back in at a later date. Exactly. By attacking the Bush crime family personally, Trump has stirred up a hornet's nest... and by threatening the secret military/industrial/globalist/neocon/bankster government to be headed by the Clinton Crime family Hillary...Trump is moving inexorably towards his Zapruder moment. As Michael Rivero says on his website this morning:
Hillary Versus The Donald -- The Fight of the Century LoomsTags:
The smoke is clearing in the presidential race in both parties and it looks like we will have the mother of all battles between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They may well be the most famous man and woman in the world at this stage, their battle would be the stuff of legend. 
Webmaster's Commentary:
Trump was the one Republican Hillary did not want to run against. Hillary would have steamrolled over the rest of the pack, but not Trump. Therefore I am predicting there will be an attempt on Trump's life.

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Watch the video at this link and see the quintessential annonymous ziofascist explain to the sheeple just why Trump is "dangerous".  This is their argument...for why Trump CANNOT be the president.


BuelahMan said...

Trump's success is no surprise to anyone really paying attention 'outside' the MSM foghorns. I called it long ago.

I have been on the record saying that trump will face Sanders in the election.

Neither are good for America.


Because Sanders WILL do the jew bidding and ALWAYS support Israel's control. And Trump will, too, do the jews' bidding and ALWAYS support Israel's control, (but is smart enough to speak in terms that bumfuzzle people into thinking he will not).

Both ways we are screwed, but with Trump it will be welcomed with high fives by the peanut gallery that can NEVER learn the lesson that anyone involved in National politics in America can only be there with the jews' ok.

For some stupid reason, people still believe.

greencrow said...

I don't agree that Sanders will defeat Hillary. She will win because she already has most of the "superdelegates" in her pocket. If you watch the video in the last link I posted in the above post, you will see the cabal "playing nice". The young jewish looking guy who's talking is patiently explaining why Trump cannot be president. He's "dangerous". If that approach doesn't work...they'll move in the jackels. It's just like the scenario depicted by John Perkins in his "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man." I keep saying over and over again...Trump may have been a fellow traveller with the Ziofascist cabal...but he does NOT have bloody hands. That fact gives him a power to control that they will simply NOT allow him to have.