Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Truth and Lies

Truth and Lies

As reported on this blog over the weekend, the BBC has gone into overdrive, lying about Russia. It has launched a major dysinfo campaign and has ordered all its lying supplicant media subcontractors like the CBC to join in...which they're all too happy to do.

Amongst various and sundry other lies, the BBC reported that Russia bombed nine civilian targets in Syria and in particular a MSF hospital. With the sheeple loaded up with lies...the BBC and its subsidiaries now make a strategic retreat from all the lies. Now they've dropped the factoid that MSF has accused Russia of bombing the hospitals.

Russia, for its part, did not rise to the bait initially....it knows that the JM$M has little or no credibility anymore and so it is not imperative to immediately confront the tide of lies. A few days after the volley of lies accompanied the (Turkish) missiles to their Syrian targets...Russia laconically reported that there was no Russian ship in the Caspian capable to firing the said missiles...and that the only source they would rely on that civilian targets had been hit/destroyed was Syrian sources. Since there was no report from Syrian sources that Russians had hit Syrian targets...there's no proof.

Logic would dictate that after a while, there would be no need to even comment on the western lies. The only problem with that is the sheeple have been totally zombiefied and do believe the anti-Russian lies.  I know that.. because I'm related to some of the sheeple. Humanity for the most part is very stupid. We do not deserve this planet and we'll be swept off it in a heartbeat unless the Sheeple somehow grow a few brain cells.

Most of the time, the sheeple are brainwashed with lies...but sometimes what happens is that the truth is never pursued or investigated. This is what happens to a distressing degree in the country I post from, Canada. Lately, I have become keenly aware of at least three big stories that have simply been buried under a mountain of pop culture/celebrity garbage that serves for news on the CBCNNBCBSBBCABCFAUX. Here are three such stories that started out as very intriguing mysteries that begged for journalist investigation. Now these stories are mouldering in a journalist attic somewhere and the PTB hope they never surface again.

1.  The Canadian CSIS Terror Patsies trial. This trial was being reported on in the Vancouver Sun. It had reached a point where the Sun journalist had suggested in his reporting that fundamental principles of Canadian jurisprudence were on the line here. CSIS was demanding the court conceal evidence that could decide whether the defendants were criminals...or, more likely, the victims of CSIS/RCMP exploitation. After he made that astounding assertion, the story simply evaporated from the news. This case is linked, in my mind at least, to the false flag that took place at the Parliament buildings in Ottawa last year in order to facilitate the passing of the draconian C-51 "Patriot Act" security legislation. Connections between the personnel behind both cases should be explored.

2.  The Capsizing of the "Leviathan" Whale-Watching Ship off Vancouver Island. Several tourists lost their lives.  What caused the vessel to capsize should have been an open and shut case. The media should have interviewed the captain and the surviving passengers. If this had happened, there is more than a 90% chance they would have revealed what caused the disaster. No interviews were done/or allowed by authorities.  This deepens the mystery.  But, according to the current "styles" in investigative journalism...the docile media now waits for the authorities to do the interviewing and then simply regurgitates those findings. Since no findings have been reported to date...we just have to accept that a "rogue wave" rose from the calm waters that surrounded the vessel and flipped it over. I suggested in my posts on this mystery months ago that the possibility of a military submarine rising and capsizing the vessel (as has happened elsewhere) should have been considered.

3. The Highway of Tears/Missing Women in BC case. Hundreds (new numbers suggest that the number of missing and murdered women could be as high as 4,000!) of women, primarily First Nations Women, have gone missing over the past several decades in northern BC and throughout Canada. Investigations have taken place but, with a few exceptions, the truth of what happened to these women is still hidden. I have thought for a long time that there might be a "gang" element to these disappearances.  Just like in the infamous Pickton Pig Farm case here in Coquitlam, BC, there seems to be a pattern of cover-up and negligent investigation by the police. Knowing what we now know about where and by who North American police forces are being trained and the systemic corruption and violence that is being drilled into them...I would suggest there is a possibility at least that there is "law enforcement" behind these crimes.  I know that for criminal gangs...it is a tradition to prove loyalty by killing someone, thus "becoming a made man". Could these women have been killed by wanna-be government-supported gang members or, worse, corrupt police forces themselves??? We have the example of the CIA supporting ruthless and violent Mexican gangs...could this also be happening in Canada?

These are just three examples of serious Criminal cases that the JM$M has dropped the ball on. They are like festering boils on the fabric of Canadian society. Canadians are entitled to the Truth! But the truth, like Canada's dollar, has very low currency value in our country these days.

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