Monday, February 29, 2016

CawRANT Events #19

CawRANT Events #19

It's a grey but mild day on the West Coast. The daffodils are beginning to bloom and Spring is in the we post on this Leap Year Day. Happy Leap Year, everyone. I hope some females will get up the gumption and ask their male partners to marry them. It's the one day every four years that this is acceptable : ) Time for a RANT!

Bank of Canada rips up own charter and 'spreads em' for international Bankster Cabal

First on the Agenda is the sad news that the Canadian Supreme Court is indeed bought by the cabal. The evidence of this is the recent decision to ignore the Bank of Canada's charter and throw out the "Comer case" re disbursement of Canadian Revenue that is based on the Charter.
The COMER case has been ongoing for several years and it was one which was looking to return the Bank of Canada to its pre-1974 mandate of offering interest-free loans. In their case, COMER argued that there has been an extensive breach of the Constitution, when it comes to the current monetary system in Canada. Galati, on behalf of COMER, was arguing that there has been an abdication of executive and parliamentary duty when it comes to the Canadian budget, and that the actual revenues are not presented to Parliament. 
You won't find any reports about this landmark legal decision in the JM$M (including the taxpayer funded CBC).  That's not their job. Their job is to disseminate disinformation at the direction of the international cabal. IMO, this decision, like every other federal legal decision coming from the Canadian courts has the purpose of "harmonizing" our institutions and policies with those of the US. Period.

Carrot or Stick?  What leverage did Putin use to get Syrian Agreement?

The Russian/American Syria Peace Agreement agreed to on February 22, 2016 and effective as of February 27, 2016 still appears to be holding. I said in my previous post about this Agreement that it is yet another example of the superlative (running out of adjectives here) diplomatic victories of the Grand Chess Master, Vladimir Putin.  The obvious question that arises is: (although you will never see this question posed in the JM$M) What leverage did Putin use against the West to get this deal? What was the carrot and what was the stick? I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest (because we may never find out) that the leverage was Iraq. I read some months ago that the "independent" government of Iraq (that has arisen from the ashes of the war perpetrated on it by the US) had asked Russia to do the same thing in Iraq as it was doing in Syria...i.e., bomb the bejesus out of the foreign-backed mercenaries "Terrorists" that were attempting to hive the northern half of Iraq (and Syria) off in order to create a whole lot of tiny balkanized states to give to Israel-friendly minorities...such as the Kurds.

So...according to my theory...Iraq formally requested assistance from Russia.  Russia decided that confronting the Western-backed "Terrorists" in Iraq was a bridge too this point in time at least.  So what Russia/Putin did was say to the West, "Look, we've been asked by Iraq to formally come into their country and bomb your proxies. We could do this......or, you might just want to back off Syria and formalize that in a Peace Agreement. In other words, we will leave Iraq with you to continue long as you leave Syria. Facing the humiliation of having Iraq go to the UN to formally request Russia come in...the ZioAtlantacists may have decided to back off Syria...for now. Of course, we know that the Ziofascists never back off permanently. This is because, as I keep repeating...they literally have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to achieve their global dominance.

Speaking of secret leverage

I keep wondering what leverage the man pictured below has with the Canadian (and foreign?) government(s).  Victor Li (now calling himself Will Baker) was convicted of the hideous crime of stabbing a young male stranger seatmate to death on a Greyhound Bus travelling through the Canadian North a few years ago.

Killer Vince Li who has changed his name to Will Baker

Not only did Victor Li kill the 20-something young man but he decapitated him, castrated him and began to cannibalize him. What went on was so traumatizing for the other passengers and first responders, that a police officer who was first on the scene later committed suicide due to PTSD. Well, the killer not only did not spend a lot of time in jail...but he was diverted to a psychiatric hospital and then to a half way house. Now he's almost free...according to the story linked above. What a remarkable recovery! When the story first broke in the CBC...I kept asking the same questions on the Comments Forums. There have never been any answers to the following fundamental questions:

1.  What was this man's background?  Where was he born and raised?  What was his training?  Was he ever associated with any military group and/or large corporation(s)?

2.  Why was he travelling on the Greyhound bus? (which company, "coincidentally" was forced to beef up its "$ecurity" as a result of this incident).

3.   What was his psychiatric history from his early days?  Was he ever in any mind-altering program such as MKultra?  In that regard, we need to know every place he lived in his life prior to the crime...Did he ever live near a military base?

4.  What are his family connections?  Where are his parents living?  Is he connected with any religious/military/political groups?

As you can see, these are not rarefied questions I'm asking...they're fundamental questions...that the media should have provided the public with answers to. As it stands...this crime and its aftermath seems to indicate that this guy had good connections, at the very least. It also shows how pathetic the "investigative journalism" is in this country and how easily we can be led to accept the most preposterous of legal outcomes....based on little or no information.

Switching gears...or maybe not...

The Assassination Threats against Donald Trump are coming in fast and furious

Nearly every day there are new reports of some individual or media source making thinly-veiled assassination threats against Trump. Tomorrow is supposed to be "Super Tuesday"...a whole lotta primaries where Trumps' likelihood of winning the GOP nomination will either be raised or lowered. Every time it is raised, the threats increase exponentially. Some readers may think that I am Pro-Trump. I'm not. Overall, I am absolutely repulsed by the lack of quality candidates in this race. All the candidates are, IMO, unfit for office. Some of them should even be in jail.

Regards Trump, all I am saying is that he's scaring the dickens out of the secret cabal that grabbed power in the coup of 9/11. This group of murderers is terrified that the Trump "Bull in a China Shop" will careen around, once elected, and break all their carefully arranged lies and liars...their fixed court system and corrupt prosecutors, their secret jails, their paid off Pentagon Generals...their corrupt financial systems (particularly the Department of the Treasury) etc. Not because Trump would want to clean up the augean stables of the US Government...but because he doesn't know where the skeletons are buried...and he can't be blackmailed into keeping the skeletons in the closet.  I must admit getting a perverse satisfaction out of seeing the perps out there, twisting in the wind...wondering "What to do...what to DO!?

And finally,

Some Good News from the world of birds

Robin revives other Robin after it flew into a window

Here is an amazing video that shows how one bird (a Robin) has enough empathy for another bird to revive it after it flew into a window. Birds are direct descendants of the dinosaurs. They have been around for millions of years and are one of the most intelligent species on earth. Hopefully, birds will be around after we've destroyed the world for humanity. Birds give hope for this planet!

That's it for now......Until my next RANT!


Anonymous said...

Great rant miss crow, especially that deranged killer.can I ask why you are so anti donald wig trump,I feel he may be the start, of a last chance at awakening masses of people up to the bolshavick takeover of the USA, maybe a chance to stop the inevitable coming revolution,which may go either way,God forbid a mirror of last century's Russian coup.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment, Miss Batt. Coincidentally, my post tomorrow will deal with Donald Trump and the recent developments in the "Let's all choose a puppet" American presidential race. Stay tuned ;)