Sunday, February 14, 2016

Canned Boos sabotage Trump in TV Debate

Dean Scream Redux

Bill Still is reporting in the video above that the main$tream media ghouls were up to their usual dirty tricks during last night's GOP debate.  They were rigging the crowd appear as if the audience were wildly applauding for Cruz and Rubio...and loudly booing Donald Trump.

In spite of this sabotage....Trump won the debate--according to several polls conducted afterwards. The usual stunts are just not working for the perps.  And....even worse for the Ziofascist thugs...according to some other alternate media reports...Trump has made noises of ordering another 9/11 investigation if he is elected.  This is causing a lot of murdering neocon henchmen to don adult nappies....for fear of peeing their pants.

The plot thickens. [NOTE:  if the plot got any thicker, you'd need a jackhammer to penetrate it, lol.]

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