Sunday, February 28, 2016

UPDATED: Monsanto, WHO are responsible for ZIKA virus + other vaccine concerns

UPDATE:  March 1, 2016....latest update (video) on Holistic Doctors being murdered in US. 

Holistic Doctors being murdered in US.
Medical/Scientific "Industry" gone Rogue?

World Health Organization plans vaccine for ZIKA virus

Evidence has been piling up ever since the JM$M started spouting the obvious staged lies about the ZIKA virus. The Evidence points to the usual culprits (Big Pharma/Cabal Deep State) lying behind this "Terror du Jour".

Problem, Reaction, Solution...the one trick ponies don't have a lot of arrows in their quiver...but they do use them repetitively and for the most part successfully in slaying the Sheeple. This time...the solution is yet another vaccine...another needle poke in the arms of the sheeple, injecting them with who know's what garbage...perhaps a future cancer?  Perhaps a future infertility? Who knows!

Human Guinea Pigs lined up for "Agent X" injections

About six weeks ago now, I went to my dentist of 20 years or more to get a tooth filled. He gave me a double dose of local anesthetic...because the first one was apparently not strong enough. Innocent enough. He filled the tooth/cavity and I went home...with the usual numbness in the left side of my mouth. When the anesthetic wore off...I was left with a dull pain and stiffness in my left jawbone. This did not go away. I've had to mash my food to get it in my mouth...due to a very painful "lockjaw" effect. I gave it time...weeks in fact. But it still didn't go away. When my dentist's receptionist called to confirm a "regular teeth cleaning appointment", I told her what had happened and said that, rather than make a big stink about it (which I knew would go nowhere) I was going to get a new dentist and have him/her have a look at it. The truth is, that this was the second time my dentist had caused this phenomenon. The previous time was a few years ago while filling a cavity on the right side of my jaw. I did tell my dentist about that issue and he dismissed the pain as "common stiffness....when you get older".  UPDATE:  The stiffness has lessened with time but is still there.  No doubt it will eventually go away...but six weeks? It's a worrying symptom.

So now I have an appointment in a week with a new dentist. The whole experience has made me wonder what is actually in the anesthetic the dentist uses...and what the long term effects are. I have become very leery about injections of any kind. I stopped getting "flu shots" at least 10 years ago (and have rarely had the flu since...perhaps twice).

Doctors are being killed who have

There is a big mystery currently sweeping through the Internet about a cluster of doctors/biologists in the States who have died under suspicious circumstances. They seem to have one thing in common...they were all doing research about the content of chemical agent that is known to cause cancer in humans. The conspiracy theory is that Big Pharma offed these doctors to prevent them coming out with research that would, in effect, destroy the vaccination/pharmaceutical industry. Disturbing as this is...the problem is much bigger than that. Science/Medicine has joined the team of the worldwide cabal. Or, at least, the cabal has formed it's science/medical wing...which it has tasked with degrading human health and the form of toxic vaccinations, GMO food, plastic oceans destroying the environment...etc. Humans will ignore this creeping, culling/Zombification of our species at our peril!

"Mercy" by Muse
A song about the medical/scientific industry
and its rampant power over humanity

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