Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bill C-51 gave CSIS power to disrupt "radical" website(s)

CSIS makes Canada one of the Five Eyes
States of Surveillance, Repression and Tyranny--by the Globalist Cabal

According to a recent report in the CBC, CSIS (Canadian Security and Intelligence Service...aka Canada's CIA) has "already used" the excessive powers it acquired after bill C-51 passed Parliament.  You will remember how parliament was reticent to pass the bill until after the Ottawa False Flag last fall....where two individuals were killed in a phony, hamfisted effort to bamboozle the public and the government. You will remember how, during the terror event, Stephen Harper holed himself up in a closet off the Parliament....barricaded the door with upended chairs....and afterwards grabbed Justin Trudeau in an emotional embrace after they were "saved" by the SWAT team response. Anyhoooooooo.... here's the report. I have highlighted certain phrases and added my thoughts in red and will make more comments at the end of the quote:

Michel Coulombe, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told a Commons committee today that Canada's spy agency has used new disruption powers it was granted when Bill C-51 became law this past summer.  Wonder if the powers are CSIS can finally register the conviction over the two poor, addicted vulnerable souls who were entrapped out here in BC in the Canada Day Terror Plot (aka 'Terror Patsies' case).
This marks the first time CSIS has publicly acknowledged the use of its new powers under the Anti-terrorism Act to disrupt suspected plots rather than just relay information about those plots to the federal government and the RCMP. Perhaps the RCMP was beginning to balk at having to tie up so much manpower (240 officers in the Terror Patsies case) to facilitate the hair-brained, expensive/high tech and exploitive schemes dreamed up by the CSIS desk jockies.
As an intelligence agency, CSIS does not have powers to enforce the law. Its role has been to relay intelligence to other branches of government. That changed when Bill C-51 became law, giving the spy agency power to actively interfere with suspected terrorists if it has reasonable grounds to think a security threat exists.  More Spy vs Spy nonsense shoved down the throats of the gullible Canadian sheeple coming right up!
The disruption powers allow CSIS to interfere with, telephone calls, travel plans and bank or financial transactions. The agency can also disrupt radical websites and Twitter accounts of groups or people inside and outside of Canada. No wonder there has been some disruption on my  If they have to surveil my tiny blog they ARE in trouble!  Radical websites?  Does that mean anyone the Ziofascist Globalists don't like? They're going to have to set up special jails to house all the grandmas and grandpa keyboard warriors out there.
This provision in the act has garnered criticism from the outset, because there is no clear definition of what "disrupt" means in the legislation, causing some to be concerned the power would be abused by police and intelligence services. And, more importantly, there's no clear definition of "radical website".
Increased powers 
The Anti-Terrorism Act became law in June 2015. The new law was opposed by the NDP but supported by the Liberals. Under the law it is a criminal offence to encourage someone to carry out a terror attack even if the attack never happens. Again, is this an attempt to retroactively convict the BC Terror Patsies?
Police were also given the power to arrest suspects without a warrant by widening the definition of whom police can arrest on suspicion. If a person is arrested over fears related to national security their information can be shared with more arms of government than previously permitted.   Let's face it...the only real security risk this country has had to face since CSIS was foisted on the country by the globalists...are the false flags concocted by CSIS itself! 
Proposed changes 
The Liberals have vowed to overhaul the law's more troubling elements, including provisions that allow CSIS to disrupt terror plots, if the tactics used breach the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said he could not provide any statistics as to how many times or how the power to disrupt had been used by CSIS, but affirmed the federal government's commitment to provide oversight for the law. That pesky Charter of Rights and Freedoms is soooooooo inconvenient! 
"We are proposing to strengthen the review process very substantially by a parliamentary committee as well as various other techniques," Goodale said.
NDP Leader Tom Mulcair criticized the Liberals for promising to make changes to the Anti-Terrorism Act during the election campaign but not following up. 
"We know that there are problems with C-51, we voted against it," Mulcair said. "We wanted to withdraw that law. We thought it was a bad law for Canadians' freedoms."

In my opinion, the C-51 legislation was put in place to "harmonize" Canada's surveillance/repression with that of the US under the "patriot act" as we move inexorably towards a "North American Union". You will recall that the US deep state had the Patriot Act all ready to go prior to 9/11 and brought it into law without the legislators even so much as reading it...well...this was virtually the same scenario that took place in Canada last Fall. C-51 was already drafted and before Parliament...all that was needed was a "terror event" to pressurize Parliament to pass the legislation.

I posted about an interesting legal case last year where the feds sued a BC businessman and his daughter for selling prohibited weaponry abroad. It appeared upon investigation, that this family was set up by the government to prove to the US military industrial complex that Canada would be compliant with US laws.  Eventually, good lawyering got the family off...but not without the usual high financial, emotional/relational and social costs. It cost the Canadian taxpayer millions of dollars but in the end the government spokesperson said the case was simply "the cost of doing business".

There is an enormous push in all government bureaucracy to "harmonize". This is just another way of control and centralize power. You can bet the "centralization" will not be in Canada.  The CIA (and it's "mini me" CSIS) does not want Canadians having the freedom of expression to run web sites critical of the globalist neocon, warmongering, military/industrial hegemony. Nosireeeeee. Everything needs to be "harmonized"....under the all-seeing glare of the Five Eyes Panopticon.

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