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BBC launches "BIG LIE" attack on Russia over Syria

Syria after NATO "intervention" via proxy "civil" war

Regular readers know how much I hate the BBC.  I consider it a nest of viper-like liars who are responsible for most of the evil in this world.  It was not a mistake that the BBC reported that WTC7 collapsed 20 minutes before it did on 9/11.  This was them giving the finger to the world...saying we can lie all you like...but our lies will go unchallenged by the authorities and our lies will destroy the world!  Below, I have copied their latest "Big Lie" attack...this time on the "enemy du jour", Russia. Who was it who said that the Bigger the Lie...the more the sheeple will believe it? I can't remember. Anyway, I have written the truth in red between the lines so that this big lie will not go unchallenged.

Syria conflict: Pressure grows on Russia over civilian bomb deaths

Pressure is increasing on Russia over civilian deaths in Syria, with France and the US urging greater caution. French PM Manuel Valls and US Secretary of State John Kerry said civilians were dying in Russian air strikes.

Actually, pressure is increasing on USrael/NATO....due to Russia winning the war and allowing the Syrian army to liberate cities long held captive by throat slitting, liver-eating terror proxies of the USrael/NATO.

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev said there was "no evidence of our bombing civilians, even though everyone is accusing us of this". One observers' group says at least 1,015 civilians have been killed in Russian air strikes. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said late last month that close to a quarter of those killed were under the age of 18.

LOL, "UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" LOL....sounds very officious, but is it an objective group...coming from one of the terrorist sponsors...the UK?  Where are the UN figures and evidence for these allegations???

Russia, an ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has consistently denied hitting civilian targets and insists it is battling terrorists. Mr Valls said his government "respects Russia and Russia's interests" but "that to re-discover the path to peace, to discussion, the Russian bombing of civilians has to stop".

Look at the drone photos of the Homs cityscape that were uploaded a few weeks ago.

City of Homs after destructive bombing
by Western Supported Proxy Terrorists
(who now have the gall to accuse Russia!)

City of Aleppo...formerly a bustling metropolis with business
tourism and manufacturing....until the "rebels" came,
bombed the infrastructure and stole the machinery
 right out of the factories taking it to sell in Turkey!

This video captures the true horrors of who is destroying Syrian civilian infrastructure. Where was the outcry when American planes were bombing Damascus suburbs and then not fighting ISIS...instead dropping those bombs in the Jordan desert!  Russia has no need to bomb civilian is concentrating on the supply lines to the terrorists that lead to Turkey!

Mr Kerry again accused Russia of using so-called 'dumb bombs' in Syria that do not hit precise targets. Last week, he said women and children were being killed "in large numbers" by Russian raids.

Did Mr. Kerry have any evidence of this?  No.  Of course not. Where are the photos...where is the evidence.  The US has not relied on evidence for many years...including the laws of physics evidence re the buildings of 9/11. They rely, instead, on the stupidity and gullibility of Americans.

Mr Medvedev said Russia was "not trying to achieve some secret goals in Syria", adding that "we are trying to protect our national interests".

Russia is not allowed to defend its interests (or any other countries' interests for that matter). It has had a naval base in Tartus, Syria since 1971. That's one of the main reasons why NATO launched the covert, cowardly, destructive and catastrophic attack on get rid of Russia's naval base. 

Their comments were made at a security conference in Munich, days after world powers agreed a deal to push for a cessation of hostilities in Syria within a week. Under the plan, efforts will be made to try to make urgent aid deliveries to besieged and hard-to-reach areas in Syria. Steps will also be taken to work towards an eventual ceasefire and implementation of a UN-backed plan for political transition in Syria. The halt will not apply to the battle against jihadist groups Islamic State (IS) and al-Nusra Front.

Russia and the Syrian Army are winning the war hands down...they have the terrorists on the run back to their bases in Turkey. The USrael is caught in the embarrassing position of having to overtly (instead of its usual covert cowardly methodology) support its proxies. If it does, it will be revealed to the whole world who's behind the throat-slitters. So, it did what it usually does...launch a media volley of lies against the only viable opposition in the world---to its planned world-wide chaos and catastrophe.

Assad 'deluded' (deluded?  i.e., anyone who opposes the cabal is a "crazy")

However, the metaphorical ink was barely dry on the deal before the obstacles to a Syrian ceasefire popped up, one after another, the BBC's security correspondent Frank Gardner reports.

LOL, who's "security" does Frank Gardner report on?  The neocon, globalist, ziofascist security...that's who!

From watching the various speeches at the Munich conference, it is clear that when it comes to ending the Syrian conflict the Russian and Western positions appear to be as far apart as ever, our correspondent reports. Rebel groups in Syria have told the BBC they would not stop fighting because they do not believe that Russia will end its bombing campaign in support of the government.

Rebel groups can threaten to continue their war on Syria (and civilization) all they want...but if their supply lines are cut (by the Russian bombing campaign) they will soon have to scurry across the Turkish the rats that they are.

They also reiterated their demand that President Assad be removed from power. On Friday, the president said he wanted to retake "the whole country" from rebels.

President Dr. Bashar al Assad was elected in an internationally-monitored election. The monitors found no fault with the electoral process. All polls (even ones conducted by "the West") show him to be wildly popular amongst his people. When is USrael going to "get" that they can't remove a popular and beloved leader? They need to have this fundamental democratic principle shoved down their throats...or we're all lost! And, is it not the primary duty of a leader of a country to maintain the territorial integrity of that nation???!!!!

But US state department spokesman Mark Toner said Mr Assad was "deluded" if he thought there was a military solution to the conflict.

Actually, the Russian air force and the Syrian army are proving that there IS a military solution to the conflict...much to the chagrin of the handlers of the throat-slitters.  It's predicted that within a few weeks, the Russian/Syrian campaign will have re-taken Aleppo and cut off the terror supply lines from Turkey....unless USrael/NATO does something quick!

Syrian government forces, backed by Russian air strikes, have almost encircled rebels in parts of the northern city of Aleppo.

A tiny (but explosive) factoid of truth....inserted in the rancid jelly of BBC lies....

The horrifying statistics that define Syria
More than 250,000 people have been killed and some 11 million displaced in almost five years of fighting in Syria.

All the fault of their larger campaign to destroy and balkanize the Middle East for Israel....but, dear readers, don't ever think that this will satisfy Israel.  A psychotic megalomaniac can NEVER be satisfied.

On Saturday, Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Saudi Arabia would send war planes to the Turkish air base of Incirlik, from where they would attack militants in Syria from the so-called Islamic State. (A fictitious location, concocted by the land grabbers)
Saudi Arabia is already part of the international coalition against IS.
Mr Cavusoglu also said it was possible that troops from his country and Saudi Arabia might participate in a ground operation against IS forces. The US has so far ruled out a ground invasion. (all the while, behind the curtain, encouraging it)
Moscow has warned against any new foreign ground intervention in the country, saying such a development could even lead to a world war.

There you have it.  USrael is considering sending proxies (Turkey and Saudi Arabia) to "fight" the proxies.  The reality is...the cowards are hoping to bolster the throat-slitters against the legitimate forces of Syria.  It is a truly desperate ploy that Russia has warned against.

Syria conflict - key questions

Why is there a war in Syria?
Anti-government protests (aka throat-slitting terrorists, created, funded, trained and deployed by USrael) developed into a civil war that, five years on, has ground to a stalemate, with the Assad government, Islamic State, an array of Syrian rebels and Kurdish fighters all holding territory.
Who is fighting whom?
Government forces concentrated in Damascus and the centre and west of Syria are fighting the jihadists of Islamic State and al-Nusra Front, as well as less numerous so-called "moderate" rebel groups, who are strongest in the north and east. (these are the USrael-created terror proxies who are largely foreign.  They are not even Syrian...this is NOT a civil war!) These groups are also battling each other.
How has the world reacted?
Iran, Russia and Lebanon's Hezbollah movement are propping up the Alawite-led (which is one of the rare non-sectarian governments....USrael wants to install a radical religious government to promote perpetual conflict/chaos in the region) Assad government, while Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar back the Sunni-dominated opposition, along with the US, UK and France. Hezbollah and Iran are believed to have troops and officers on the ground, while a Western-led coalition and Russia are carrying out air strikes.

You know folks, in one way...I think it would burst the long-festering boil--(and be deeply satisfying) to have USrael/NATO put boots on the ground in Syria and get the sh!t kicked out of them.  Of course...Israel would just stand back and rub its hands together with glee....all fights between the goyim--are winning battles for the Khazarian mafia.

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