Tuesday, January 26, 2016

UPDATED: Zika virus: Worldwide Witchdoctors on Warpath again +The Shocking Truth About Aids

UPDATE:  January 28, 2016 Red Flag Alert...the WHO (World Health Organization, aka Witchdoctors' Haven Organization) is having an "emergency meeting" to discuss the alarming spread of the Ziko Virus.  WHATREALLYHAPPENED is reporting that researchers have suggested the Zika virus, which has stoked widespread panic in pregnant women in Mexico and Brazil, is likely the result of an upsurge in the mosquito population brought on by global warming. The carrier of the disease, a mosquito called the Aedes, is believed to carry other viruses, such as Dengue and Yellow fever.
Webmaster Michael Rivero's Commentary: 
"The fact that GM versions of that exact mosquito were being released into the wild at that time is, of course, not to be considered as having anything to do with the problem."
Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz3yYswyM8l
Zika virus--women in 3rd world countries
warned not to get pregnant till 2018...Qui Bono?

Nearly every year, just around this time...the worldwide witchdoctors come up with a new boogyman virus. A few years ago it was the Ebola virus. Remember that? Obama listed it in his SOTU speech as the "worst danger the world had to face....just before Russia". Now we rarely even hear about Ebola...after it was shown that the only places that were affected were places where the World Health Organization or other government "health" agencies had their "clinics".

It's not like the busy bee witchdoctors aren't still burning the midnight oil in their government-funded laboratories coming up with all sorts of bioweapons to use against humanity. No doubt, they are. I mean they have to justify their fat paycheques somehow. Remember my post last year about going down the Rabbit Hole and finding out how the AIDS virus was concocted and spread? And polio...and a host of other flu and disease epidemics. These perps do earn their salaries!

The Creation of Aids

Yes, no matter how bad the Zika virus is...it likely won't hold a candle to AIDS-the man-made virus. I believe AIDS contains the combined DNA of monkeys and pigs (or it could be cows or rats, I forget). Who knew monkeys and pigs were attracted to one another.... DUH!?

The hypocritical oath

The Worldwide cabal of witchdoctors have thrown their "hypocritical oath" aside and are now fighting on the front lines in the ongoing war on humanity conducted by the reptile subhumans.

Big Pharma has never had a money-trough like the AIDS medication industry. Wouldn't we all like to be able to create instant fortunes out of human misery! Create a virus+create a cure. Works every time...or, don't create a cure...and have deformed babies on the public purse for their lifetimes...even better! More than likely, the Zika virus deformities in the babies in Central and South America were caused by the diabolical evil vaccination industry...just like how AIDS was initially spread throughout Africa.

Vaccinations are only the beginning. The best trick is to create ailments out of natural human everyday necessities...like eating. The GMO pharmaceutical/agribusiness is making a "killing" by devastating the long-term health of humanity. 

Scientist discovers GMO's cause tumours in rats

Now that governments are aware that GMO's cause long term negative health and disease...why don't they just get rid of the GMO's in food?  Russia has promised that it will be the one remaining isolated enclave of GMO free food on the planet--yet another reason to go to war with the Rooskies.  But reptilian companies like Monsanto have more legal powers than humans...they have become monsters.

Late last year there was another rumble of rumour in the alternate press about the suspicious deaths in the US of biologists who,apparently, were onto some of the bioweapons being fabricated and imposed on humanity.  The modern health/medicine/parmaceutical industry is perhaps the worst example of corporatism gone rogue. Mass Murdering Criminals infest all areas in this world-wide web of witchdoctoring. And this "Zika virus" has all the tell-tale markers of yet another man-made plague...targeting the poor "useless-eaters" unfortunate enough to live in the resource-rich third world.

It is well past time that humanity rose up and said NO MORE! No MORE mass vaccinations....no GMO's....no taxpayer-funded or TAX SHELTER funded bioweapons laboratories...all health care should be non-profit. No one should be allowed to make a fortune off human misery. Parasiting off human misery is the lowest form of "human" behaviour...even reptiles are insulted by being compared to the entities who do this.


NOTE TO READERS:  Due to family obligations, I will be reducing my posting for the next two weeks.  I hate to say that I won't be posting...due to the possibility of "breaking news".  All I'm saying is I will be very busy and may not be posting as much.  Thanks for your patience and for your visits to greencrow as the crow flies. 



Penny said...


I've been wondering about the Zika virus- problem, reaction, solution?
All we need now is a vaccine, right?
Oh and put off having children- population control?
Or some kind of covert warfare?
That's been done on a number of occasions
It's certainly interesting

greencrow said...

Yes, Penny....they [the international "health" authorities] have absolutely NO credibility any more. They're tied into the military/industrial/globalist complex and do their bidding...i.e., come up with a terror disease about every second year. (Just around the very lucrative "flu season) Then, milk it for about two years till the terror dies down and then come up with something else. Meanwhile...real diseases like cancer, dementia and Parkinsons go begging for solutions. It's disgusting and this sicko Zika is yet another fear mongering episode.

One of my links sources the "Ziko virus" to genetically modifying mosquitoes (as bioweapons?) That certainly would be up the perps' ally.

Geraldine Batt said...

Excuse me,you have just had a break,now you are having another?what exactly will you be up to? Just saying,I wish I could have as many holidays as you miss crow,if I were just a little bit more dumb,I may just stumble back into the msm brainwashing propaganda Web of lies and deceit, is that maybe what you desire miss crow ?

Geraldine Batt said...

Good evening miss crow,I would like to say,doctors are brainwashed to treat symptoms and not the cause,this keeps the money flowing for the beastly corrupt evil drug corps,I know you know this fact,I have suffered for 15 years from atrial fibrillation, had two ablations and been on drugs for 15 years,symptoms have been getting very much worse of late,one week ago I bought some doctors best 100% chelated magnesium 200mg tablets, 7 days later I am symptom free,I take 1200mg daily,it's early days miss gc, but looking very promising,I presume the cause of my AF was lack of magnesium ? Thank you for listening to my selfish self.

Tomasina said...

I just made a comment on CBC about this, in 4-9 hours I'll see if it'll make it through the censors.

greencrow said...

Dear Geraldine:

While the mythical celtic bird Greencrow, is flattered by your devotion...he does not write the blog...it's me, gc. GC has family to attend to...that's why the off time. On the other hand, I am happy to hear that your health is taking a trend for the better. Take care of yourself and be well. See you soon.

greencrow said...

Tomasina. Yes, I doubt that the CBC would allow any doubts about the virus du jour to pass through the censors....The CBC is, more than ever, towing the witchdoctor line when it comes to health.