Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Twitter is for Twits....continued

Twitter is for Twits

I have written previously about my absolute distain for Twitter (and all social media---Facebook, Instagram, etc.) but every once in a while the bile rises up in my throat and I have to repeat myself:

Today, this is what did it:

RT has published a report on Twitter Responses to the North Korean Hydrogen Bomb Test. As if anyone really cares what Joe Blow in Palooka, Ohio thinks about the bomb test.  Reliance on Twitter has become a crutch for crippled and stunted journalism. People who "Tweet" substitute that silly function for real activism and commentary re geopolitical events.

The Mockingbird CIA boyz in Langley, Virginia are laughing their heads off ----that they have been so successful in channeling political dissent into such easily infiltrated, manipulated and pathetic cul de sacs of communication.

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