Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ukraine Update: Video Proof there's NO Honour Amongst Thieves

Saker provides video proof that USrael's Ukrainian
political puppets are desperate infighters

Things don't seem to be going all that well in the Kiev Junta of Western Ukraine.  The Junta recently defaulted on a long outstanding debt to Russia...which the IMF forgave them for...thus contradicting its own rules and procedures.  Saker says the gentlemen in the video, who make up the inner circle or Executive Committee of the ruling party are arguing about money (the lack of same) and corruption...i.e., who is the most corrupt.

There are other problems. Some recent investigation reports Into MH17 and Killing of Pro-Russian Protesters (indicate that the corruption is not restricted to the financial side of things.  The rules of law, evidence, Justice and due process are also taking a beating.

USrael is finding out that Ukraine....with its long history and ties with both Europe and not like the Middle Eastern states like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya....It cannot easily be chased down, cut off from the herd, and a fatted calf.  It has been shown since the Kiev coup a couple of years ago now, that the vast majority of Ukrainians are not going along with the USraelification of their country.  They do not want to be ruled by the neoNazis extreme element their fathers defeated in WWII. There have been several public demonstrations in Kiev in attempts to boot the nazis out...which have been downplayed/covered up in the Main$tream media press.

Doubtless, Ukraine was a subject of intense discussion between US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Russian Leadership during their Moscow talks yesterday.  Perhaps the above video was even referred to.  Maybe USrael is finally seeing the practical pitfalls of using Nazis and ISIS types as battering rams to impose hegemonic foreign policy.  One can always hope...and Christmas is a hopeful time of year.

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