Thursday, December 3, 2015

Atlantis going belly up....soon?

Former US Defense Secretary warns of Nuclear Precipice

Folks, I had a hard time writing today.  Yesterday, I became as discouraged as I ever have been over the lemming-like race of the "Atlanticists" as the Russians call us in the West...towards nuclear Armageddon. Apparently Paul Craig Roberts feels the same way:
Former US Secretary of Defense Joins PCR In Warning Of Nuclear Armageddon Risk
i have been warning that the crazed neocons and their two-bit puppet, president obama, are leading, with the assistance of the presstitute media, the world back to the prospect of nuclear armageddon. A former Secretary of Defense [William Perry] agrees with me.
Wake up! Constrain the insane US government, or life on earth is over.
I don't know how Paul Craig Roberts keeps his head up...after all he's not only an American, but he's a former US government bureaucrat.  But he keeps plugging away.

Honestly, I haven't said this in writing before...but when I visited Russia in 2014, I didn't want to return to Canada.  If I had been younger, without family responsibilities, I would have stayed there. When I was in Russia...I felt like I was back in the land of logic and sanity.  Things are done according to reason. Buildings don't collapse into their footprints in 6.5 seconds.  They don't have mass killings at the rate of one per week...where the fact situations are are full of red flags and anomalies.  Russians don't support terrorists...they support courageous leaders who are on the ropes due to western support of terrorists.

Yesterday, as I posted, the Russians provided prima facie evidence that Turkey was smuggling stolen Syrian oil out of the country and even the Erdogan family was personally profiting off the crime. This should have meant game over for the Turkish president. The West should have vowed in future not to touch him with a ten foot pole. Erdogan had promised to resign if proof were provided. What happened?  The US government blatantly came out in Erdogan's support and....there was yet another patently false mass killing in San Bernardino, California which sucked up all the presstitute, whorespondent ma$$ media attention...and so brainwashed Americans will never know that their government is in bed with the terrorists and their enablers.

Frankly, I'm beginning to face up to the horrific realization that only a nuclear bomb will eradicate the evil that has the world in a death grip.  Just like Sodom and Gomorrah, there are very few good people left....only evil perps and imbeciles.

If I were a Russian leader...I would be sorely tempted to give in to the urge to blast the assholes off the face of the earth.  They truly deserve it.  I'm wondering about this term "Atlanticist". Are the Russians referring to the lost city of Atlantis, that mysteriously disappeared eons ago?  Perhaps that's what will happen to the new "Atlanticists".  Earth will shuck them/us a very bad case of fleas.

Atlantis - with the South Pointing North

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