Friday, November 27, 2015

The Bitchslaps will continue after a brief word from our Sponsor

Doctors Without Borders

The US Military has come out with a report of its investigation into the horrific bombing of a MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan which killed at least 17 medical staff and patients.

As expected, the report concludes that the bombing was just a 'tragic mistake" and that no one is to blame.  As I have said numerous times on this blog, this type of criminal and cowardly behaviour is part and parcel of the toolkit of the US to keep its vassal states in line....just as a pimp keeps its whores in line by regularly beating/bitchslapping them.  There is absolutely NO difference.  This latest episode was to keep France in line (MSF is France's standard-bearing NGO) due to France's waffling on whether it is firmly in the NATO camp or not.  Many previous incidents of this nature include the "Lone Nut" downing of the Germanwings aircraft and the bombing of the Canadian Soldiers doing live fire night drills in Kandahar, Afghanistan in April of 2002 (the Tarnak Farm Incident).  The Tarnak Farm incident is where I first realized the uncontrolled mendacity of the US towards it's "allies" and got me going as a keyboard warrior (on the New York Times forums). I posted my first comment the very night of the bombing.  My forum tagline for years afterwards was: "You're cleared, self defense"...which is what the ground control said to the US Reserve pilots seconds after the bombing.

So, folks...I will say it again.  Unless the world bands together and takes these out-of-control military murderers and criminals to the International Criminal Court...the bitchslaps WILL continue. That's a promise!


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