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Possible Geostrategic Reasons behind Catalonia's Independence Movement from Spain

Crowd Waving the Catalonian Flag

In all the recent crisis-laden controversy surrounding the Paris and Turkish false flags...lost in the shuffle is the growing crisis in Spain. Two weeks ago, the regional parliament of Catalonia, which includes the city of Barcelona, voted to work towards gaining independence from Spain. Here's a summary of the issues involved.

From the blog Hang the Bankers:
Catalonia’s regional parliament has backed a declaration on Monday to start a formal secession process from Spain. The region plans to establish autonomous rule by 2017.The declaration on secession, which launches a so-called roadmap towards independence, was backed by a majority in the regional parliament. The motion was passed by 72 votes to 63, AP reported.
“There is a growing cry for Catalonia to not merely be a country, but to be a state with everything that entails,” Raul Romeva, head of Together for Yes, said ahead of the session. “Today we don’t only open a new parliament, this marks a before and after.”

Despite being home to only 16 percent of Spain’s population, Catalonia remains its wealthiest region, producing 20 percent of national GDP. Many Catalonians consider the rest of Spain as an economic burden on them. The longstanding independence drive has intensified in recent years due to the economic crisis.
Here is a report from the same time from RT: 

Madrid authorities have warned that Spain’s government will go straight to the Constitutional Court within a week if the vote succeeds.
"If on Monday [the resolution] is approved... we will immediately go to court," Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said, as cited by AFP. She added that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy would also gather for emergency talks.
Rajoy has repeatedly said independence referendums as well as other secessionist steps are unconstitutional and therefore are illegal.
“The state may use any available judicial and political mechanism contained in the constitution and in the laws to defend the sovereignty of the Spanish people and of the general interest of Spain,” he said earlier. “Those who want to divide and split Catalonia from Spain must know that they will not succeed.”Despite being home to only 16 percent of Spain’s population, Catalonia remains its wealthiest region, producing 20 percent of national GDP. Many Catalonians consider the rest of Spain as an economic burden on them. The longstanding independence drive has intensified in recent years due to the economic crisis.

I spent three days in Barcelona as a tourist in early October. It's a beautiful and vibrant, if crowded, city. We had a young Catalonian as our guide.  Ironically, he was also a pro-independence political activist. While we were a "captive audience" in his ten passenger tourist van...travelling to the stunning Montsserat in the Spanish countryside...and many other locales, he regaled us with Spanish politics and, in particular, the independence movement. He was excited about the prospect of Catalonia becoming independent from Spain.  As we weaved our way along the crowded boulevards in Barcelona, he proudly pointed out the numerous Catalonian Independence flags waving from the rooftops. Our guide insisted the main reason for the movement towards independence was the "rotten economic deal" that the Catalonians were getting from their Spanish overlords in Madrid. Catalonia produces a lot of tax revenue from its booming economy (mainly tourism) that he claimed were being siphoned off to support the dirt poor rest of the country.  I felt like commenting "Helloooo...isn't that what Federalism is all about?" (that's the way it works in Canada) But it's true that it's always a matter of degree.

Well, as a Canadian...I had heard all this independence stuff before. It sounded very familiar...just like the Quebec Independence Movement of the 70's and 80's in Canada. In that constitutional crisis...Quebec also felt it was getting a 'raw deal" (even though the rest of Canada subsidized the province heavily). I believed at the time and still do believe that the Quebec Independence crisis was fomented from outside the Washington and New York City to be precise. Montreal, Quebec has a large Jewish population and I believe there was a deep state connection where the very well-funded separatist politicians were being subsidized by US neocon globalists in an effort to divide and conquer order to to separate out one little area or fiefdom in Quebec. In other words, the usual suspects doing the usual number on the goyim. I will admit there were other elements in a very complicated dynamic...but divide and conquer was unmistakably a major element.

Spanish Warrant out for Netanyahu's Arrest

Now here's a very interesting development shoehorned into the Spanish Independence dynamic.

Press TV report:  Netanyahu will be arrested if he ever goes to Spain due to the Mavi Marmara incident

A judge in Spain has issued arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and seven other former and current Israeli officials over a 2010 fatal raid by the Tel Aviv regime forces on a Gaza-bound aid ship.According to reports by Spanish media, the group could be arrested if they set foot on Spanish soil, the Jerusalem Post reported on Saturday.
On May 31, 2010, Israeli commandos attacked the Turkish-flagged MV Mavi Marmara that was part of the Freedom Flotilla in the high seas in the Mediterranean Sea, killing nine Turkish citizens and injuring about 50 other people who were part of the team on the six-ship convoy. A 10th died after four years in a coma.

Here also is an "Activist Post" analysis of the court decision to arrest Benjamin Netanyahu if he ever again sets foot in Spain. Now, what, if any, is the connection between the Catelonian Independence Movement and the legal decision against Netanyahu?  That would be a very interesting series of dots to connect!

This Russian analysis doesn't answer that particular question...but it does attempt to explain the European position about the proposed Catalonian independence:

From Pravda: What does Europe think of independent Catalonia?

EU officials said that Catalonia, should it become an independent state, will automatically lose the EU membership, but will be able to join the EU afterwards. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated that it was an internal affair of Catalonia that, as an autonomy, could strive for the right to self-determination in accordance with Spanish laws. US officials announced their support for united and independent Spain.
"If democracy comes into conflict with law, then laws should be changed," Artur Mas said.
"There are local industrial corporations behind the supporters of independent Catalonia. They are concerned about national stability. They are opposed to "Europe of regions" project - a policy of Western European states based on the principles of Atlantic federalism. They are opposed to the policy of open doors for transnational corporations, nor do they want to sign a secret agreement on transatlantic cooperation with the United States. I think Europe will continue falling apart, and I don't think that the European Union has a powerful tool to stop this," Yuri Solozobov, Director for international projects at the Institute of the Russian National Strategy told Pravda.Ru.
- See more at:

Although it's not clear from the above whether the Catelonians have a "black eye" or a "feather in their cap" (see the novel "Catch 22" for this reference) with the globalist cabal, as a general over-riding principle...the cabal likes loves 'divide and conquer" because it's always ready to feed off the carcass of revolution.

La Sagrada Familia - a shocking discovery

When I was in Barcelona...I did notice something that shocked me to the core. Nobody else seemed to be aware of it. We visited the stunningly beautiful Gaudi masterpiece La Sagrada Familia in central Barcelona. This yet unfinished cathedral (begun in the early 1900's) is, quite simply, the most beautiful building in the modern world. It is scheduled to be finished in 2026. I pledged that if I'm alive...I will return to Barcelona to see the completed "Wonder of the Modern World".

Here are some photos I took of La Sagrada Familia

Here is a video showing the scope of the Spanish architectural project:

La Sagrada Familia

What did I find most shocking?  Well, there are three edifices to the building...the first, already completed, is "The Nativity" this is quite well known.  The second edifice is "The Passion" of Jesus Christ, which is half complete. The third edifice has not yet been started and is called "The Resurrection".

When I looked at the partially completed "The Passion" edifice I noted it's built around a huge triangle over a crucifix above the entrance...which is at the bottom half of the triangle. The left side of the triangle reaching towards the sky has the words "Jesus of Nazareth" inscribed in big concrete letters (there is a lot of biblical writing on the walls throughout the church). The Right side of the triangle has letters already blocked out but concealed under scaffolding. When I tried to make out what these words were....the hair started to rise on the back of my neck.  I could just barely make out the words "King of the Jews".  So...Gaudi was going to lay it on the line...he was going to say the unsayable.* Those who know their Bible (being raised as a strict Catholic...I have a fairly reasonable understanding of the Bible...especially the New Testament) I know that according to the Passion story...the words on a parchment hammered by Roman soldiers to the top of the cross that Jesus died on said the words: "Behold Jesus of Nazareth (who said he was) the King of the Jews".**

Uncompleted Passion Facade (blue scaffolding conceals lettering)

Well, folks, I don't know if the Spanish are going to get away with this astounding affront to the PTB.  I told my companions that this building will never be completed with those words on the matter how beautiful the inside.  Of course, they looked at me like I had two awareness.

In summary, it would appear that the Spanish crisis is at the moment in somewhat of a geopolitical "holding pattern"--in the background of calculated world chaos.  It's like a plane circling a busy international airport...waiting to land.  When there's a break in the chaos...they will bring it down.  Keep an eye out for developments.

*The Reason this is "Unsayable" is because in modern times, society (elsewhere than in Spain, apparently) is controlled by the "Black Friday' crowd.  We live in a "culture" where Christian beliefs and values are either forbidden...or twisted and corrupted beyond recognition.  Witness the movies coming out this Christmas...I saw a trailer for one where a woman is having an abortion to the tune of "Silent Night".  

**The background to this Biblical quote: "Behold Jesus of Nazareth (who said he was) King of the Jews" is that Pontious Pilate ordered a sign be put above Jesus's cross that said: "Behold Jesus of Nazareth--King of the Jews".  The Jewish Pharisee [or Sanhedrin] objected, saying that Jesus was NOT the ``King of the Jews``. Pilate insisted...but allowed a slightly edited version...``Behold Jesus of Nazareth (who said he was) the King of the Jews`.  Gaudi, apparently, chose Pilate`s original quote.  

Now, perhaps my readers will understand why this is so shocking.

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