Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Grandmaster Putin's Trap entering Warp Time Zone

Warp Speed

Geopolitical events are going at warp speed, folks.  So much to cover...I could post all day. Unfortunately, due to other commitments I'm going to reduce my output for the rest of the week. In lieu of posting...I have provided some crucial background reading that I have come across and was going to use in posts.

The first are two excellent analyses of Putin's options and strategies in the current and future GLOBAL dynamic.  These are "must reads"

Grandmaster Putin's Trap Part I

Grandmaster Putin's Trap Part II

These two articles give the deep reasons behind Putin's public positions...based on long-term GLOBAL economic realities.

The next post is from Paul Craig Roberts.  He copies a translation of an analysis of the Paris Attacks from a German Newspaper:

Who is Pulling the Terror Strings

Here are some very intriguing quotes from the above analysis:

The attacks on Paris could lead to a massive military operation of NATO in Syria. Russia’s president Putin has consequently asked the question as to who is pulling the strings. The question is related to the Russian military successes in Syria – and with the efforts of the US-Neocons and intelligence agencies to seize the opportunity to extend the war in Syria as quickly as possible

Putin has called for close co-operation in Syria by the world community: this he is doing from a prevailing position of military strength. After a successful offensive in the south of Aleppo, the Syrians supported by Russia and Iran are now just a few kilometres outside Saraqib, the most important intersection of the motorway from Damascus and Lattakia to Aleppo

Here, [in Syria, unlike in Afghanistan where the cabal airlifted their terrorist leaders out of the country] however, there is no suitable airfield. This is why the Americans urgently need to be militarily active if the mercenaries and the advisers are not to be worn down by the Syrians and the Russians.
For this reason the US-Neocons, the US generals and NATO used the attacks on Paris within a few hours to put US President Barack Obama under pressure: Obama wants to pull out of Syria. This is interpreted by the Neocons and the generals in the light of the Paris attacks as weakness. The military analyst Jerry Hendrix from the Center for a New American Century says in Time Magazine: “The Paris attacks could be a catalysing event that will shake the international community into action.” William Kristol joins in the criticism of Obama’s Syria strategy against IS, writing in the Weekly Standard, he calls for a hard line clamp down ― that is, the intervention of ground troops. Kori Schake of the Hoover Institute writes in Politico “Obama’s strategy of containment of IS is wrong.” He calls for the extermination if IS, not just their containment. This can only be accomplished using ground troops.


The Russians are de facto the only ones, who at the moment are actually fighting against IS.  At the G20 summit in Turkey it would with some certainty come to a meeting between Putin and Obama. Ironically, Putin is the closest ally of Obama, above all against the Neocons and the generals. At the summit, the refugee crisis is also to be discussed, with which Erdogan blackmails the EU and also the German Chancellor, who is in this matter completely overwhelmed.


It must now be decisive whether Putin and Obama can agree on a common way to proceed and whether he can keep the Neocons from his throat. John McCain particularly has built up a tremendous amount of pressure and demanded on Friday that IS be “destroyed”. Secretary of State, John Kerry has only spoken in very general terms about terrorists and has not mentioned IS as the culprits in Paris, as the New York Times analyses.

So....it would appear that the final showdown is upon us....a fight to the death between sanity and insanity. Humanity has come down to this. IMO, some long hidden cards...up until now kept very close to the chest...are going to have to be laid upon the table.  By this, I'm referring to the schism in the US government, CIA and Pentagon...between the "black hats" and the "white hats."

Another element recently thrown into the mix is the interim report on who brought down the Russian jet over the Sinai. The official Russian SBU report says the plane was brought down by a "homemade bomb" planted on the airliner in the Egyptian air terminal. I don't know why...but I still doubt that thesis. There's just too much of a coinkydynk in the plane coming down within 80 km from the Israeli border...while massive air drills were going on.  At the very least, the bomb was timed to go off so that the plane could come down and be "inspected" by nearby Israeli forces (who were, apparently, first at the scene). The Russians have offered a 50 million dollar reward. This is very interesting because it will more likely result in a series of "suicides" and "heart attacks" than anyone stepping forward. The Russians will have to follow a trail of dead bodies to find their man, or men.

And, finally, here is the open sourced investigation on the Paris Terror Attacks being conducted by James Corbett of corbettreport.com.  James says that it was a False Flag and that the persons pulling the strings are the usual suspects who have created, trained, equipped and funded ISIS....the US and Israel and their coterie of puppet ally's.  NOTE:  Here also is a link to James Corbett's excellent interview on the topic with William Enghdahl, a well known geopolitical writer.

Happy reading...and see you soon.

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