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CawRANT Events #13

CawRANT Events #13

It's another sullen, grey morning on the West Coast. Time for a RANT! There was so much rain over the weekend, minor flooding was caused by leaves clogging street drains. The salmon streams are swollen and full of rapids. When I last checked our local salmon stream, it only had two large chum salmon in it. I can remember when it was full of salmon. One wonders whether Fukushima is the cause for the piddling amounts of returning fish.

Before I get started on the many serious issues that will be covered in this Rant...time for a bit of housekeeping. Some readers may note that this is the second CawRANT Events #13. Unlucky 13....hmmmm....I made a mistake last time and skipped #12 which I had saved as a draft. So I've corrected my error and moved the last RANT to 12th place. The video below was the first item in the draft rant #12. It's some good news to enjoy...before a lot of "not so good news":

Australia Researchers can now print off solar cells

I've insisted for a lot of years that solar power is the energy source of the future. Above is a video about how some Australian researchers have invented a way of printing off solar panels by means of  3-D printing. Don't ask me how 3-D printing boggles the mind. But imagine if cars could be covered by this material...and run on solar power! It would put those demons in the Middle East out of bidness...but more about that later. 

Leviathan II sinking update

Last week I was a very busy blogger...covering a lot of emergent stories as viewed through my unique alternative lens. The first was the sinking of the Leviathan II in the waters off Tofino on the north west coast of Vancouver Island.  Five whale-watching tourists lost their lives in that sinking. I said I had my doubts about the quickly morphing "official story". First it was caused by "hitting rocks", then it was a "monster wave" that caused the large, heavy vessel to capsize and sink. The boat's been transferred to a secure site and is being guarded by RCMP while an investigation takes place. No interviews with any of the crew or passengers was ever published.  Now, the story has been effectively buried...except for this: A report in The Province that pretends to interview the captain of the boat (which should have been a priority for any legitimate news source) but really only prints a press release of him offering his condolences to the families. The way the article is set looks like the captain has said the vessel was sunk by a "monster wave"...but a careful reading indicates that only the newspaper is saying that...based on anonymous "official" sources. I say, Bunkum!

More Israeli Gore 

The alternative press (check my blogroll to the right) has been full of stories of a brutal escalation of raw gore in Israel---launched by the IDF against the open air prison inmates of Palestine's Gaza and the West Bank. Apparently, Israeli soldiers are randomly killing Palestinians in the streets and then planting knives by their bodies. Here is a photo of an Israeli soldier casually having a cup of coffee while the body of the teenage girl he just killed is lying nearby:

Is Israel ready for the Mad House?

Yes, international tensions are reaching a climax of sorts. Remember last September I had a very ominous vibe that something was going to happen? I was relieved when all that happened was Russia's Putin laid down the law (and threw down the gauntlet) during a speech at the United Nations in New York on September 28, 2015.

Now, I fear the event that I dreaded has occurred, albeit slightly over a month late.  That's the downing of the Russian passenger plane over the Sinai Desert on October 31, 2015. After reviewing the evidence coming out on the mainstream and alternate media...I, and many others, have reached the conclusion that it was most likely the "usual suspects"...which coinkadinkally...were part of an international contingent doing air force drills in the desert at the time.

Has Russia finally reached a "Franz Ferdinand" moment with Israel?

If it does come out that Israel took the plane down, either by a bomb or by a missile, then we are at a very grave point in history indeed.  I would say that this incident could be the final "Franz Ferdinand" moment before the non-cabal world declares war on Israel.

Here's a report that IDF was had "intelligence assets" in the region at the time of the crash:
"...'Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered his own team of experts to the crash site to determine the cause of the disaster. He has also declared a day of national mourning. He has already sent five aircraft to Egypt to assist with the investigation. The first of his team arrived in Cairo last night before heading to the crash scene today.The Israeli Defence Forces confirmed they had intelligence assets in the region at the time of the crash. According to a statement: 'Since this morning the IDF assisted with aerial surveillance in the efforts to locate the Russian airplane that lost contact over the Sinai Peninsula. 

Yes, Israel was holding a large international air force exercise at the time. Israel must be seriously contemplating it's much threatened "Samson Option" if it did, in fact, commit the blatant act of war in bringing the Russian Jet down. Unlike all the cabal's criminal acts over the decades...against weak and defenseless neighbours and countries throughout the world...Russia will not forego justice. It has already unequivocally stated that the United States special forces must not go into Syria without the express permission of the State of Syria. This has already forced the situation in Syria to a "high noon" showdown --- between Russia and Israel's "Wag the Dog" lapdog, the US.

Alas, just when peace was threatening to break out in the Middle East.  But it was never to be. Can you imagine how furious Israel must have been, not to have been invited to the Vienna international gathering of leaders/diplomats last week?  This meeting was convened to find a peaceful solution to the war in Syria? Even Iran attended...a sovereign state which they've been trying to wipe off the face of the earth for decades.

"..Who's the fairest of them all?....IRAN, you say???!!!"

An Act of War???

This morning, even the main$ream media is reporting that, according to experts, the plane was likely brought down by external means.  External means? This would indicate it was hit by a missile--rather than a bomb having been placed inside. If this is the case, then it's a direct threat to all Russian aircraft flying outside the electromagnetic protective dome that Russia has placed over Syria. Benjamin Fulford is making some interesting prognostications about this over on his blog. Benjamin is at the far end of the prognostication spectrum...even further out than the greencrow (gulp!) but he DID accurately predict the resignation of the first Catholic Pope in 500 years.

Folks, it appears that the boil is about to be lanced....or....

That's it for this RANT....until next time!

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