Friday, November 6, 2015

UPDATED: BBC lies, reverse engineered, point finger at Mossad

UPDATED:  November 13, 2015  Here's a good commentary by Giza Death Star that supports what I've been saying so far about this crime.  It refers to Russian jamming technology in Syria and a possible missile to missile hit...which is where I'm leaning at this point in time.  It also says that Putin will "downplay" it, if it's determined to be a sabotage.

UPDATE: November 6, 2015 I was leaning towards the theory that the Russian passenger jet was brought down by an on-board bomb. Then the BBC reported I knew it must not be true...I had to go back to the reverse-engineering drawing board.

As I've said many times before, the BBC is the "official liar" of the cabal.  It lies for two spread evil around the world communicate by code to the cabalists what's really going on. I merely reverse-engineer the lies to get at the truth. Here's an excellent example from today's BBC.  I have put my comments in red in square brackets []

Russian plane crash: UK suspects bomb was in hold

UK investigators [are there any actual UK investigators at the site?  I doubt it. These are no doubt no more than troll dysinfo agents working out of the bowels of the BBC in London] looking at what caused a Russian airliner to crash in Egypt believe a bomb was put in the hold prior to take-off, the BBC has learned. [this is a disinfo operation--aimed at diverting attention away from the most likely suspect...Israel...who has a major computer intelligence (hacking) and spy network located no more than 100 km from the crash site in the Sinai]
The British government suspended all flights to and from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh two days ago.  [An effort to punish Egypt economically for several recent transgressions]
It had received intelligence based on intercepted communications between militants in the Sinai Peninsula  [This blaming of ISIS is another diversion...everybody in the world knows by now that ISIS/ISIL/DAESH/whatever IS  USrael.]  ...

Anger in Moscow and Cairo: Jonathan Marcus, BBC diplomatic correspondent

The speed with which the British government pointed to terrorism as the possible cause of the downing of the Russian Airbus over the Sinai Peninsula has not gone down well in either Cairo or Moscow.[the BBC says...rubbing its reptilian claws with glee...then the BBC lists all the benefits of the Mossad atrocity for the cabal:]
For the Egyptians the stakes are obvious: Sharm el-Sheikh and the wider tourism industry are crucial elements of its economy. [Egypt needed to be punished for several injudicious agreements it made lately] This episode has punctured the long-held Egyptian narrative that Sharm el-Sheikh is insulated from the wider chaos in the Sinai.
For the Russians, an attack linked to so-called IS is also problematic. IS is the declared target of its air operations in Syria, but in reality Russian warplanes have largely been striking other rebel groups. ["other rebel groups"?  As all groups are created, funded and operated by USrael...the BBC is saying that Russia is attacking "our guys"]
IS may now find itself in Russia's sights. [only if Russia is stupid enough to fall for the deception...highly doubtful] But if IS did bring down the airliner, this could exacerbate concerns amongst Russian public opinion that their country's engagement in Syria is provoking some unpleasant blow-back. [again, the BBC chortles and rubs its hands together with glee...thinking about possible destabilization in Russia]

So you see, folks, getting down and dirty, parsing the BBC lies is a nasty and disgusting job...but somebody has to do it.  In summary, what the BBC is really saying is that USrael is behind the take-down, perpetrated by Israeli computer hackers located nearby the plane's flight route in the Sinai...and the cabal is thoroughly pleased with the outcome so far--setting Putin and Russia back on its heels.  To hell with humanity, to hell with the world...they are on a roll...towards WWIII...which they NEED offset their planned financial collapse coming shortly...and progress towards their ultimate goal--world wide domination.

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