Thursday, July 16, 2015

UPDATED: Who is this man, anyway?

UPDATED:  January 6, 2016 I am adding this important link to a video:  "Dreams of my Real Father" to this post.

As Barack Obama's two term presidency draws to a close in the next year or so...the question still persists...Who is this man?  I see from the latest headlines he's going to be the 1st sitting president to visit a US federal prison.  As is customary when Presidents reach the end of their term, Obama is commuting the sentences of some prisoners.  Why hasn't he granted clemency to and freed Leonard Peltier yet?  One can only wait and hope.  I would submit that if Obama freed long imprisoned First Nations activist, Leonard might just be the one constructive thing he has done during his presidency.

I was never fooled by Obama.  When he first entered the US political "theatre" more than a decade ago now...I wrote him off as a poseur...a puppet and a completely false personality.  He never looks comfortable in his skin.  His eyes have an unnatural, shifty stare. Obama looks like he was dropped by parachute into the role of President.  He has never said anything remotely authentic or memorable. On the contrary, he's a facile liar. His lies are so outrageous and blatant they grate like fingernails on a chalk board. Remember his two speeches last year?  One, in his "State of the Union' address to the US government and the other at the UN he listed as the three greatest enemies of the order--Ebola, Russia and ISIS. The first, is a man-made false flag terror disease...the third is a US/Israeli
-concocted terrorist militia.  The second--Russia, to be sure, is an enemy of the US...but Russia is not the danger. The truth is in the reverse.

Astonishing, but little known, even though Obama, when a law student, was editor of the Harvard Law Review, during his entire time in that role, he never published a single article in the Review. The only true thing I ever read that Obama wrote was his high school poem "Pop". You need to read this poem in order to understand the true Obama.  It is a homosexual cri de coeur--cry from the teen-aged heart. One of his female former classmates at his highschool in Hawaii came forward a few years ago and said Barry was part of her social group--and known by his peers for two characteristics...he was a homosexual, attracted to older, white and rich men...and he was a chronic liar. For proof of his ability to him read from his (phony, ghost-written) autobiography "Dreams of my Father" for the fake tears near the end.

Two weeks before she suddenly died, Joan Rivers came out and said that Obama was the 'first gay president' and that his wife Michelle "is a tranny". I believe this is true, and I think that's why the whoring US main$tream media is relentlessly pushing and dinning the public with how great transsexualism is. I believe one of the perks that motivated Obama to accept the puppet position of US President was the promise by his ziofascist handlers that, by the end of his tenure, he could (by coming out) radically and forever change the social culture of the US--and the world--to accept openly homosexuals in high government positions (many high government positions are now filled by closeted homosexuals) and that Michelle ("Michael", as he once called his partner) could also come out as a transsexual. Together, they would start a "new era" in civilization. This "new era" was going to be Obama's legacy. Somewhere, along the line, the grand plan got derailed.

I believe the grand plan got derailed because Obama's handlers came to understand that they had mis-read the mood of humanity. Vladimir Putin came to power in Russia--and presented humanity with an alternative, diametrically opposed cultural morality. Putin's machismo, his religious leanings, his open opposition to the homosexual agenda, combined with his overwhelming world-wide popularity rendered the putative Obama "coming out party" fraught with political risk. The comparison would have been "odious" as the old saying goes. So, I believe the puppet masters shelved the open homosexual agenda, for now.  I do believe the passage of the gay marriage legislation in the US was a sop to Obama for not allowing the great "revelation".  One reason I've never written on this subject previously is because I don't ride any hobby horses against homosexuality.  I regard it as a natural tendency in humanity and it does serve a useful role in evolution. Like heterosexuality, it's a private and personal preference.  I just can't abide the "homosexual agenda" as it is constantly being used for political blackmail and control.

In conclusion, denied his ambition to be the "First Gay President", Obama has been left a man without a legacy. The achievements that took place during his tenure, like the Iran nuclear treaty, are fundamentally due to Putin laying the groundwork and maintaining the focus (not allowing the US to have it's wars in Syria, etc.) on negotiations. Obama is and always has been an "empty suit"--almost a cyborg or a drone.  So far as I have observed, because he has no genuine loyalties....Obama is hated by both the right and the left in the US. "Texas", the US soldier fighting in the Donbass...said on video recently that he didn't think there could be a worse president than George Bush...but Obama proved him wrong.

I have a suggestion for Obama: Free Leonard Peltier! --and get yourself a real legacy!

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