Tuesday, July 14, 2015

When the truth accidentally slips out....

Vancouver MP Wai Young...inadvertent truth teller

Conservative Vancouver Member of Parliament, Wai Young, recently mis-spoke herself.  She told a church congregation in her riding that the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) knew about the "Air India Bombing" (a plane departing from Vancouver Airport on  23 June, 1985 blew up killing over 300 passengers off the Coast of Ireland) ahead of time.  According to what she said in church...CSIS knew there was a bomb on board the plane but was prevented by rules and policies governing the CSIS at the time, from telling the RCMP.  Then she made a hasty retraction of what she had said. 

IMO, this is a classic case of a neophyte public official accidentally stumbling on some huge truth and, not really understanding all the implications, blurts it out as if, well.... as if you can tell the truth anymore. The Air India Bombing police investigation was a farce from beginning to end...and a very expensive, ($130 million) farce at that.  The Vancouver trial of the putative bombers was also a huge farce. I followed the trial at the time and was almost amused (if there hadn't been so many murders involved) at the keystone cops level of performance by all the players. Truth kept leaking through all the carefully crafted lies...like blood seeping up through the floorboards, or dropping in bright red globs from the ceiling.

Once during the trial, a witness testified that a CSIS member told him that the bombing was a false flag to ensure a whopping CSIS budget in future. This piece of steaming manure is something I have always actually believed. Compare the similarities between the Air India Bombing and the recent Canadian Terrorist Patsies Trial held here in Vancouver.  There is the same "Yes, sir, No, sir...after you sir!" interplay between CSIS and the RCMP. There is the same dynamic of CSIS putting the RCMP into the humiliating position of having to investigate a false flag.. but make sure never to solve the mystery! And finally, the same haughty refusal by CSIS to co-operate with the justice system of Canada.

According to the CBC Report, Ms Young seems to have come in contact with one of the CSIS assets without being aware of who he was...and picked up some "inside" snatches of information from him. This is what she blurted out in church. Can you imagine a Canadian Member of Parliament naively re-gurgitating the nonsense that poor, benighted CSIS was aware of the terrible truth of a bomb having been loaded onto a passenger jet but then, unfortunately, due to rules and regulations...was not able to tell the RCMP?!  Think about that for a minute.  Never mind that she retracted...think about her (a sitting MP) actually mouthing the words describing such a blatant travesty of justice which renders justice (and "security") itself a cruel joke in Canada!

It was the Air India bombing that first convinced me that CSIS is what I have continually said it is. CSIS is a foreign mole burrowed deep in the bowels of the Canadian government, military, security, policing and legal institutions...a metastasized tumour if you will...eating away at the last vestiges of Canadian sovereignty. I will add to that, IMO, it is the Canadian cell of a nefarious, murderous, international criminal gang.

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