Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Unintended humour and bbl

Comedy and Tragedy Masks

One of the reasons geopolitics is so fascinating is it allows the devotee the opportunity of watching the drama of humanity being played out...the tragedies and comedies. As a truther, you have to get your humour (mostly black comedy) where you can...tragedies being predominant.

As an example, here is a recent news story about Obama.  He went on one of his "farewell tours', this time to Africa. Obama visited his supposed ancestral homeland, Kenya, and said goodbye to all his relatives. Of course, many people living in his childhood home of Hawaii (including Mike Rivero) believe his father was an African-American communist activist named Frank Marshall Davis...who lived in Hawaii...but, no matter.

Obama went to Kenya and proceeded to publicly lecture the leader Uhuru Kenyatta, on "corruption" http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-33656895. He did this with a straight face.

Obama lectures Kenyan leader on justice and "visible trials"
...The US president has urged Kenya to hold "visible" trials to tackle corruption, which he said could be the "biggest impediment" to further growth. After talks in Nairobi, President Obama and Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta said they were "united against terrorism" and efforts to deal with it.But the two leaders differed sharply in their positions on gay rights.While Mr Obama spoke strongly against discrimination, Mr Kenyatta said Kenya did not share the same values...
...Barack Obama said he was encouraged by statements President Kenyatta had made about the need to root out corruption.People were being "consistently sapped by corruption at a high level and at a low level" and there was a need for "visible prosecutions," Mr Obama said, to show Kenyans that action was being taken."They don't have to be a forensic accountant to know what is going on."Police officers and civil servants had to be paid properly to help curb corruption, but sometimes it just required "breaking the habit".

Read with even the most rudimentary awareness of the corruption behind, say as an example, the "put options" on the airlines, missing steel from the crime scene...and stolen gold from the WTC towers...this is high comedy...albeit black comedy. The whole world knows that 9/11 was an inside job. It must have been hard for President Kenyatta and his audience not to burst out in loud guffaws during Obama's speech.  The dichotomy of hypocrisy has always been fodder for comedy on the stage.

A list of the dichotomy between what the US preaches and what the US/West does appeared recently on the blog Club Orlov:
1. How can they talk of the inviolability of private property while confiscating the savings of depositors in Cypriot banks?
2. How can they talk of safeguarding the territorial integrity of countries while destroying, in turn, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine?
3. How can they talk of free enterprise and then sign contracts to build ships but refuse to deliver them because of pressure from Washington, as happened with Mistral ships which Russia ordered from France?
4. How can they talk of democracy and then use naked threats against the premier of Greece—the birthplace of European democracy—forcing him to ignore the unprofitable results of the Greek national referendum?
5. How can they talk about fighting racism while in the US they are constantly shooting mass quantities of unarmed Negros, all the while forbidding people to call them Negros.
6. How can they accuse the Serbs of genocide while refusing to acknowledge what they did to supposedly “independent” Kosovo, which has been turned into a European criminal enclave specializing in the production and distribution of narcotics?
7. How can they claim to oppose extremism and terrorism while training, arming and financing ISIS and the Ukrainian Neo-nazis?
8. How can they talk about justice while the US maintains the largest prison population in the history of the world and has executed many people subsequently discovered to have been innocent?
9. How can they talk about freedom of religion after the US federal government exterminated the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, and then imprisoned the survivors, even though the government's allegations against the sect have subsequently been proven to be false?
10. How can they accuse others of corruption after the colossal financial embarrassment of 2008, in the run-up to which obvious financial bubbles that were ready to bust were assigned the highest ratings?

Admittedly, the above list is NOT comedy...but it does serve to show how quickly comedy can morph to tragedy on the global stage. There's a super fine line between comedy and tragedy. Here's a video of some motorcycle drivers in Russia. The sharp contrast between their ludicrous driving habits and the tragic results makes for high drama on the highways.

Speaking of driving...I will be on the road for a week or so...hopefully a lot safer that what you will view below....so, bye for now and....bbl.

Russian Motorcycle Drivers

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