Friday, July 24, 2015

Japan is an occupied country

Mutant Fukushima Daisies
This is what's going to happen to your children's DNA

I have posted in the past about how Japan (and Germany) have both been occupied by the US, ever since WWII.  In fact, the argument has rationally been made that this was one of the main reasons for occupy and neutralize both these (former economic powerhouse) countries on an indefinite basis.  The US uses these countries as military bases for military and economic global hegemony. Every decade or so...when a new generation comes to power in these countries...there are efforts to struggle free of the occupation. The US uses fear and bullying to keep both countries under its boot.  Germany has not been much of a problem in the past because of the "Hologuilt" factor. Japan, on the other hand, has been the victim of some serious threats and attacks.  The nuclear industry, in particular, has been used to terrorize the people. Benjamin Fulford, a truth blogger based in Japan, recounted in a video how he interviewed a former Japanese politician who said that he (the politician) had been threatened with a devastating earthquake/tsunami if the Japanese government opposed the US hegemony. This was YEARS before the Fukushima disaster.

Nuclear Industry in Japan is killing the people - of Japan and the world

The insane hegemonists weren't bluffing.  In March of 2011, when there was a serious effort to close a large US military base, there was an earthquake off the coast of Japan and/or they did eventually set off an underwater nuclear explosion. This caused an unprecedented tsunami and, at the same time, the perps blew up some nuclear reactors in Fukushima...a stone's throw from Tokyo, one of the biggest population centres in the world. The US/Israeli devised Stuxnet computer virus did it's work, preventing automatic shut down of the nuclear facilities...and the world is still reeling from this insane, diabolical attack on humanity. 

Today, Japan remains firmly under globalist, ziofascist control and the people are little more than hard-working self-destructive robots.  Watch this interview, as We Are Change interviews Tokyo resident about effects of US colonization of Japan.  Go to 6.19 to see the gist of what he's saying. The retention of the US military base at Okinawa is not negotiable for the US.  It is essential to control Asia and China. They have made it crystal clear that they will sacrifice the entire country of Japan...and endanger the world...rather than give it up.

The problem with Japan is that it doesn't have the natural (fossil fuel) energy resources on its islands to support it's highly industrialized economy. So it's easily bullied and blackmailed by threats to cut off energy supplies. Japan would do well to develop solar power energy--and free itself from its deadly addiction to nuclear energy. I have often said that there is only one true purpose for nuclear a weapon of war. Otherwise, nuclear energy, due to its cost, risk and destruction of the environment through water contamination--is not economically self-sustaining. The government has to heavily subsidize it to the point where it drains the economy. According to the above video...Japan's Tepco is being sued for hundreds of billions of dollar$ for the damage caused by Fukushima. Is that a sustainable energy source? Japan will be in bondage until it develops a sustainable energy source. You would think, with Japan's technological ingenuity, that would not be such a problem.

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