Friday, June 5, 2015

War Crimes - a new category on the Blog

Tarik Aziz
May he rest in Peace

"...Aziz said that taking out Saddam Hussein would open a Pandora's Box of chaos in the Middle East...I guess history proved him, not Bush, right."  From the CBC Comments

Iraqi patriot and former foreign minister, Tarik Aziz, has died in an Iraqi Prison according to the BBC.  I remember Mr. Aziz as the face of the beleaguered Saddam Hussein government on the Television News during the run up to the Illegal and Criminal US invasion of Iraq. Mr Aziz was unfailingly dignified, well spoken and courageous in the face of the total devastation of his country. He put a human face--and gave a voice--to all those innocent victims of the war. And, IMO, THAT's why he had to stay in prison for the rest of his life!
....Tariq Aziz, known as the face of Saddam Hussein's regime on the world stage for many years, has died in an Iraqi prison, officials say.
Aziz, 79, served as foreign minister and deputy prime minister and was a close adviser to the former leader.
He was sentenced to death by the Iraqi Supreme Court in 2010 for the persecution of religious parties under Saddam's rule but was never executed.
He surrendered to US troops in 2003 shortly after the fall of Baghdad.
Aziz, who was known for his black-rimmed glasses and love of cigars, first came to prominence while serving as foreign minister during the first Gulf War in 1991.
As a Christian in a mainly Sunni Muslim government, he was not considered a member of Saddam Hussein's innermost circle.
A fluent English speaker, he played a vocal role before the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, meeting Pope John Paul II in the Vatican to call for peace.
But when Baghdad fell, his lack of influence was reflected in his lowly ranking as the eight of spades in the US military's famous "deck of cards" used to identify the most-wanted players in Saddam's regime."

Tarik Aziz did nothing more nor less than any patriot would do when his country was being illegally invaded under false pretenses. He stood up and spoke out! In honour of this martyr for truth and liberty...I'm going to create a new label/category for this blog..."War Crimes." Hopefully, some day...probably not in my lifetime...Tarik Aziz will be acknowledged for being the hero of humanity that he is.

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