Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Cost of Doing Business

Scrooge McDuck (aka the Canadian Federal Government with your Tax Dollars)

The other day I happened to catch a bit of investigative TV news. Normally, I don't watch anything newsworthy on TV cause it just raises my blood pressure. But I got caught up watching this CTV W5 story because it was about a BC businessman who made his money doing import and export. His adult daughter was involved in his business with him. One day a few years ago, they both got served with warrants for arrest. Apparently the Canadian Border Services Agency was charging them with exporting restricted weaponry/ammunition of some kind.  I didn't catch all the finer details about what exactly the substance was. You can watch the show at the link above to find out all the details about the hell this man and his daughter went through.

Apparently, the businessman had been deliberately set up by the Canadian government as an illegal arms smuggler in order for the Canadian Government to enter into contracts with the US Department of Defense at a "discount". Lawyers for the defense were interviewed and said it all boiled down to it being a requirement of the US DOD that the Canadian government prove that it could successfully prosecute "somebody" under Canadian law for importing/exporting restricted Defense materials. This was to show "harmonization" between the legal systems in the two countries. Since there weren't any Canadians up to this nefarious activity...the Canadian government was forced to find and then set up some innocent Canadians in order to qualify for the discount.

The man's business was ruined...his relationship with his daughter was damaged...his wife was dying of cancer at the time, and this added to her misery. It was a fiasco. The man won his case but had to absorb the expense of hiring several lawyers to go up against the taxpayer-funded Federal lawyers.

After it was all over, and in the course of preparing the TV show, a reporter telephoned the Canadian government bureaucrat who had been behind the set-up. The man has since retired. The reporter asked the man how he now felt about the morality of what he had done...and about the $10 million Canadian taxpayer funded settlement. Did he (the man) not feel that it had been a waste of time and money? The man answered "No, not at all...that's just the cost of doing business."

Yep...watching main$tream TV news shows sure raises my blood pressure.

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