Monday, May 25, 2015

CawRANT Events #6

Caw RANT Events #6

It's a miserable, cold and rainy Monday on the Wet Coast....time for a RANT!  As I've previously observed, there never seems to be a shortage of rantable (or rantacious) topics.  The first one is about my erstwhile democratic homeland, CANADA.  Canada again voted in the UN along with the Marshall Islands (it has about the same amount of sovereignty) against something it used to hold dear...nuclear non-proliferation. Canada gets told how to vote by foreign powers and that's how it votes.  The idea of representing the views of Canadians never even crosses Stephen Harper's tiny MK Ultra pea brain.

It really makes you disgusted with politicians. Speaking of which... Hillary and Jeb...why are they even still in the running for president of the United States? Nobody wants these re-cycled mobsters from longstanding crime families. Neither has any significant following. The fact these two are still front runners is proof positive that the United States of America political farce is running on fumes. There is no gas left in the democratic tank. In days gone by there were only two options when a nation bottomed out like this...revolution and/or dissolution.  It would be karma to see the US dissolved into tiny Balkan-style statelets....all fighting with one they and their Ziomasters have been creating elsewhere, all over the globe.

I wouldn't count them out just yet however. Just when you think there are no vertebrates left in the halls of US political find a video like the one below...where a politician named Dan Burton cross-examines the purveyors of the Big Pharma vaccination hoax.  He asks just one simple question..."Have they ever been tested?"  I won't give the answer....I'll leave it as a teaser....

Yes, the US/UK, it's military vassal NATO and it's Ziofascist masters have been up to their usual stunts all over the globe. France was recently assigned the "Assassinate Assad" project. Regime change via hell with democracy! France wants to assassinate Assad? For some reason, France always gets the sh!t jobs in NATO. Remember when they were assigned to blow up the Greenpeace ship that was protesting nuclear proliferation in the South Seas? Nuclear power only has one real purpose on a diabolical weapon of war and global destruction. Nuclear energy has always been heavily subsidized by governments (aka, unknowing taxpayers) is not a cost-effective energy source and never has been.

Case in point...the ancient dilapidated nuclear power plants in Ukraine. Remember Chernobyl? According to recent news reports, nuclear waste in Ukraine being mishandled...what a coinkydynk! close to the Russian border too! Apparently, the US has also stepped up the building of biological warfare laboratories in Ukraine.  The rest of the country is in a war-torn shambles...but Ukraine gets spanking new biological warfare laboratories.  Sometimes it makes you want to bang your head against a wall.

So, I'm going to close this RANT with something completely different. I'm watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs on TV....and an old yearning has been resurrected in my heart (as it does every year at this time : {.  I would love to see a hockey league (CHL) with only Canadian teams...from coast to coast and in the northern territories.  Just like the CFL (Canadian Football League). I have always asked the question:

"Why is Canada not allowed to have a national league for its own national sport?

...but there is no satisfactory answer. Right now the "National" Hockey League Stanley Cup is being fought over by Chicago, Anaheim, New York and Florida.  I say, give the US the Stanley Cup and the NHL. Canadian teams will never be able to thrive economically in that market...thus we will rarely attract the kind of players needed to win the cup.  Let them have that league...and let Canada form a new league with teams from small centres like St. Johns, Newfoundland and Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Hey, we could even have a team from my hometown, Sudbury, Ontario! Think about it... The Sudbury Wolves gone national!

The best part about such a League is that we would get rid of that slimy little weasel, Gary Bettman. We would never have to look at his little rat face again!

That's it for this Rant....until the next time.....

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