Friday, April 3, 2015

Good News

Good News is--Baby Shoes
given to a little girl 
after already having been worn
 by her two little girl cousins

Today is Good Friday, Easter is on Sunday...I've decided to post just good news today. After all, inspite of everything the perps have done to this planet...It's still a paradise and we're living the lives of fortunate and blessed creatures of God.

In seeking out Good News, first I went to the blog of Zen Gardner...s/he always has a positive or at least balanced view of existence.  Here's a good post:

Humanity at the tipping point - Zen Gardner
“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a closed room with a mosquito.”

Now picture multiple swarms of truth-bearing mosquitoes, replicating as they go. Can’t you just see the  wicked minions in assumptive power fleeing their pretentious little bastions of lies and pompous superficial sandcastles as a result of such an onslaught? Absolutely glorious!
Other Good News tidbits.  Speaking of truth-bearing mosquitoes...some good news for me at least is learning that one of my faves, Jesse Ventura...recently had his show picked up by RT. Jesse Ventura to become regular on RT. This is good news because Jesse is one of the few [ex] politicians you can trust...which is why he has to broadcast from an "undisclosed location". I can hardly wait to start tuning in to Jesse's show.

Recently I watched a "rant" by an American who calls himself Dr. Commonsense:

It's too bad I'm unable to upload it directly onto this page. But watch it. This guy will renew your faith in Americans.  He's proof positive that there are some good and smart ones living down there. Love ya...Dr. Common Sense! And I agree with every single thing he says.

The pair of baby shoes photographed above were left at my home by another grandma...for my four-month-old granddaughter. Looking at the little shoes, I was struck by the joy rebirth and Spring always bring to the human spirit. Seeing trees in blossom, the daffodils and tulips in bloom lift the soul after a long dark winter. Renewal and regeneration focus humanity on the future, with hope, rather than on the past, with regret. Gathering family around to support the young and new in nature...whether it be a tender shoot pushing through the earth--or a new baby in the extended family. Nothing gives more purpose and solidarity to our lives.

Here's a short video that made me gasp with amazement at the wonder, intelligence and sacredness of nature/the animal kingdom.

Elephant giving birth

Five elephants closely and protectively circle the newborn elephant calf, yet never once step on it.

Happy Easter Everyone....I'll be back to my skeptical and pessimistic self in my next post : )

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