Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Brief followup to yesterday's RANT

Crow on Skull

Folks, just a couple of comments on the issues covered in yesterday's rant.  First, I went to the CBC website last night to see if there was any coverage on the Jade Helm "Drill" that's supposed to be taking place in Canada and the US beginning April 20 and going into late MayJust as I suspected...there was no mention of this upcoming drill on the CBC and there's a total media blackout in Canada (as of last night at least) on this drill.  Given the issues with drills in the past...how so many of them (9/11 and 7/7 and the Boston Marathon Bombing, just to mention three) have "gone live"...you would think the media would be closely monitoring these drills. Nah!  In fact, according the above link...the military thinks it's supposed to be kept a secret from the public.  We're tired of drills....drills are nothing but an opportunity for the evil ones to get their foot in the door of peace, order and good government in law-abiding societies and create their evil havoc.

The second item is the video I posted about the Clintons...."The Clinton Chronicles". Well, I had an opportunity to sit down and watch the whole thing yesterday. It's well over an hour long.  It dates back to the 1990's and deals with the corruption that went on in Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas and Hillary was a partner in the prominent "Rose, Law Firm." According to many witnesses...it was non-stop corruption and crime. Money laundering and CIA drug smuggling through the Menas, Arkansas airfield garnered the Clinton's and their crime cronies hundreds of millions of dollars. Bill and Hillary had one of those "Development Banks" and gave out "loans" to friends and influential people who could help them get ahead. It was laundered drug money. Bill okay'd the "loans" (which were never paid back) and they were drawn up and processed by Hillary's law firm. OMG...the crime that went on! And there was more...two young men had the bad luck to witness one of the night time drug drops and then were killed on the spot. Their bodies were laid on railway tracks and run over by a train. The verdict? Accidental death. All the evidence in the world (and there was a lot of it...and a lot of witnesses who later met untimely deaths themselves) couldn't bring justice to the grieving parents of those boys. Disappeared, jailed or beaten up witnesses were the order of the day in Arkansas back in the 1990's.

The many witnesses in the video predicted back then that, if Bill and Hillary got to the White House, they would bring their criminal cohorts with them and the country would be at risk. Well, that's exactly what happened. I've always been aware that the 9/11 atrocity was planned during the Clinton years. It was a time bomb set to go off under Dubya (who, BTW, was also connected to Bill's cocaine smuggling enterprise in Arkansas back in the day).

I highly recommend watching this video...it's absolutely shocking that these two have the audacity to raise their heads in society again and attempt to grasp power!

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