Tuesday, April 21, 2015

UPDATED: Academi (formerly Blackwater) troops spotted in Ukraine

UPDATE:  April 22, 2015 Again I am grateful to The Saker for providing this excellent geopolitical analysis of the Ukraine situation vis a vis global political implications.  As The Saker says...it is a "must read". Spoiler alert:  the summation is that the Ukraine (as a whole) will reject the Kiev Junta and rejoin Russia.

Breaking News:  Academi (formerly Blackwater) troops spotted in Ukraine

Please view this video (I am unable to upload directly).

The leaders of the Donbass are requesting that the International Community immediately investigate the presence of employees of the disgraced private mercenary company, Academi, in Ukraine. This company, which is contracted by the US State Department, was recently found guilty of killing innocent civilians in Iraq...including women and children.  It has changed its name several times.

This infusion of foreign fighters into Ukraine is in direct contravention of the Minsk 2 Agreement. Thanks to The Saker for this heads up. 

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