Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Tale of Two Murders UPDATED

UPDATED:  April 29, 2015 RT has lots of videos of the heavy military presence now on the streets of Baltimore...makes you wonder if this was the point of it all...or at least...was Freddie Gray's death seen as a "window of opportunity" not to be missed? Black activist tears a strip off Wolf Blitzer.

Boris Nemtsov

                                                       Freddie Gray

Two men were murdered in public.  There the similarities end.  In the case of Russian opposition politician, Boris Nemtsov...the state moved in immediately, recognizing that this was a "crime against the state".  Investigation was conducted at the highest levels.  Those who committed the murder of Boris Nemtsov were arrested within the week and are now in jail facing trial. Putin himself has said the individual(s) who contracted the contract killing may never be identified. A large public demonstration was allowed and ended up being peaceful and respectful.

In the case of Freddie....all hell has broken loose. The case was mishandled from the moment the police had Freddie on the ground. The US government of Barack Obama failed to recognize (or pretended to fail to recognize the national implications of this crime).  Surely, after the recent similar murders of young black men...the government should have understood that Blacks have had it up to here with the systemic, endemic racism. This is as much of a threat to the US state as the murder of the Russian opposition politician was to Russia.  But nary a word was heard from Obama...until today, when things are out of control. The most shameful aspect, and the one which sticks in the craw of every black in the US (with the exception, I guess, of Obama) is how the "investigation" stalled in red tape right at the beginning.  Setting everything up nicely for the dismissal of charges that will certainly follow.  Surely the medical authorities must know exactly what killed Freddie and what kind of force it took.  Surely they can deduce from the medical facts and the details of the crime which one of the cops was responsible.  Since this is not the first time a young black man has died in Baltimore of a spinal injury while riding without a seatbelt in a van in police custody....the officials who did not crack down on this breach should be held responsible.  Justice should have been swift and severe.  At this point...there should be a policeman in custody and charged. THE FACT THAT NO ONE HAS BEEN HELD RESPONSIBLE HAS LED DIRECTLY TO THE VIOLENCE.

Compare the way the two crimes were dealt with.... by the national governments in question and ask yourself which country has the most just leadership.

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