Saturday, March 7, 2015

Redacted = Occupation/Tyranny + Nemtsov Murder Update

UPDATE:  March 8, 2015 - This definitive theory on who was behind the Nemtsov assassination appeared on FortRuss blog tonight.  It dovetails nicely with the (obvious) theory that I have had since the was a plot concocted by Americans (via their private military contractors) to destabilize Russia.

March 7, 2015  Four men from the Caucasus have been arrested in the assassination of Boris Nemtsov.  Right about now, I think there are some urgent visits to the john going on in the US Embassy of John Tefft.

X-Ray of a Tumour

Suppose you went to a doctor to disclose serious symptoms...s/he did a complete work up on you but then refused to give or tell you the most important findings? This is what happened to American citizens after 9/11.

After September 11, 2001, as is customary, a Government Commission was appointed to analyse the symptoms of catastrophic breakdown in law and order--murder, in broad daylight of over 2,000 innocent civilians in the middle of New York City. The Commission members investigated and published a report...a diagnosis if you will.  To this day, 28 pages of that diagnosis have been withheld (redacted) from the American public.

Politicians who have seen the material in those 28 pages say it implicates certain countries and agencies in carrying out the mass murder.  Why is this information being kept secret?  The government says it is a National Security matter.  We must ask...what could be more of a national security risk than NOT to reveal who attacked America on 9/11?  It defies logic and reason that they continue to keep this matter a secret.  But then, we're living in the Orwellian era.

Nature abhors a vacuum so, with the lack of information about what is contained in the 28 pages, truth bloggers are doing the best they can with what snippets and snappits of information that come their way.  Here is a very interesting piece from Veterans Today.  It starts off railing against Netanyahu's rant to Congress this past week ...but then segues into an interesting supposition about what may be contained in those 28 pages.  By the time I finished reading it, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end.  That's usually a clue to me that I need to "post a link" as I call it.

The United States of America is truly being held prisoner in an alternate reality/matrix to maintain silence on this kind of information from its citizens.  Like the ominous "secret tumour" in the photo above....what they don't know could certainly kill them.


The Stark Raving Viking said...

Great Post! Thanks for posting.

rubbell said...

Many tumours die in the conflagration of the host.This is one of the grandest principles life operates on. Hey, I spent a year on the west coast, mainly looking around circa 1970. The people I knew there bailed out and headed to central Mexico about 5yrs. ago. Secretive people but had the same ethics as the sell outs that run Canada. You want contrast, spend a warm spring day on lower Hasting on Sunday and be at the B.C. Legislature on Monday. I suppose I always knew my class of white man's so called supremacy was a mirage. Those deep dark forests.

greencrow said...

Hi Stark Raving Viking

Thanks for visiting my blog. I have yours on my "favourites blogroll" too. Blogging IMO is the greatest step forward in journalism since the days of the pamphleteers.


greencrow said...

Hi rubbell

Living on the west coast is addictive if you stay too long. I was born in Sudbury, Ontario and came out here in 1974. For the first few years I missed the East and wanted to go back. I saw the mountains in a negative way as separating me and my homeland/family. Now I see them in a positive way...protecting me from the Eastern tight @sses.